Chapter 4 – You Know I Love You

Sean: It’s gonna be alright, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. You’re just a little sick, You’ll get better and-

Hannah: It’s not ok Sean. This lung cancer is killing me slowly. Every day i’m closer to death! You need to stop pretending like nothing is going to happen when we both know

the truth of this.

There was a silent pause that seem to last forever. Sean couldn’t stand it and so he spoke ; You need to have Hope! Think about this family, our kids-

Hannah: That’s the problem! The kids, the family, the legacy, you! How will we explain this to the kids huh!? Did you ever think of that Mr. Know-it-all! You are so naive Sean!

Sean decided to keep quiet this time. Hannah was going wild by the minute, and he knew better to speak. He knew she wouldn’t pass away, she had jst gotten back to work, and with the kids in school, Hannah had no pressure. She was going to be juuuuuust fine.

When Jason arrived after school, he was home alone, he was going to read a book that had been taking a lot of his time lately, until he heard voices down the hall. Miley was dropping her bag to the floor, while Mackenzie was talking to this boy.

The boy left, and Mackenzie happily joined her siblings to do their homework.

Miley: Ou la la Mack!Β  Was that Aaron from English class!

Mackenzie: Yaa ..

Miley: Mack and Aaron sitting in a tree-

Mackenzie: Hey! You be quiet! I don’t even like him! And what about you, your always around that guy Timmy, huh?

Miley: Yah well it’s cuz’ he lets me borrow his pencil crayons so i need to be nice and-

Jason: Both of you just stop. Really, it’s ricidulous…

The two sisters stopped right away. They looked up to their big brother and so they listened to him. Besides, the twins never had long, serious fights.

After his homework, Jason quickly headed off to his guitar. He was just about getting into it, when his mother entered the room. She was pale, and had dark bags under her eyes.

Wonder what’s up with her? Home can’t be to much of a trouble, since i’m always the one taking care of the younger kids. Guess it’s work, but even then, her job is to play guitar like what the- Jason was cut off mid-thought when he heard his mother cheer.

Hannah: Jason that was so good! You never told me you played guitar, why didn’t you tell-

Jason: Mom i’ve been playing guitar since my 10th birthday! You gave this as a birthday gift, but i guess yyou were to busy either at work, or having sex and giving birth to more kids huh?

Man, i feel bad for saying that. She seems exhausted and- Oh no, please don’t tell me she’s crying…

Jason: Mom, i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it that way it’s just-

Hannah: No, no. You’re right, i haven’t been there for you, nor the rest of your sisters.

She left the room and shut the door, leaven Jason full of regret.

They days went by, and Hannah was taking many days off from work. As for Mackenzie, she never fixed the bad habit of being late for school. Growing up, we can see the differences in the twins, how Miley was the beautiful one and the attractive one, and how Mackenzie was more quiet, the peacekeeper in the family.

It was late at night when Hannah and Sean called the kids into the bedroom.

Sean: Kids, mommy hasn’t been feeling to great theese days, you may have been wondering why. It’s nothing to serious, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You kids just have to leave mommy rest in bed ok?

The twins nodded, anxious to leave and go back to playing. But Jason stayed there with a confused look on his face. Jason was about to speak, to question the situation; he knew better then the rest of his sisters- But his father quickly acted and interrupt him.

Sean: Ok now all of you go back to what you were doing, Mommy needs to have some sleep.

Miley: Will she be ok?

Mackenzie: What’s wrong?

Sean quickly answered, trying to avoid Jason’s questions, because he knew that Jason would ask more, important questions.

Sean: She’ll be fine if you guys dont act like little monkies!

On that, Sean went chasing the girls into the other room; as if everything was ok.

Hannah: Don’t worry Jason, i’ll be fine, you just go on πŸ™‚

That family assembly seemed to change things in the Simth household. Mackenzie and Miley no longer saw they’re differences, and they were able to talk without fighting.

Miley: Do you think mommy will be ok? She looks sick?

Mackenzie: That’s because she is sick. I hope she feels better though, because she needs to teach me how to paint better.

Miley: Yeah and i want to show her my new dance.

Mackenzie: She’ll be ok. She only has a cold, remember when i had one two months ago, i had the sniffles.

The girls giggled, and easily tracked off into another topic in the conversation.

Jason went out to look at the stars, but he stayed near the house. (He wasn’t aloud out after 8 because of the last time he past curfew)

They’re such liars. Mom is obivously doing horrible. She can barely speak, and she lost so much weight. She’s always sleeping, and taking a whole bunch of pills. She’s never painting anymore, nor is she playing guitar. Things are way worse then what they say it is…

Even Amber seemed to notice things change around the house. Everyone went there seperate ways, and there were no more arguements, no more board games; Everyone in they’re own room, doing their own thing. All of them avoiding the problem.

That night was a long one. Things were horrible in the Smith household. Everyone had fallen asleep, but who knew which ones were going to wake up?

Stay tuned for the next chapter of The Smith Legacy …

18 Responses to Chapter 4 – You Know I Love You

  1. Cin says:

    I know this was a short chapter, but it’s only because i wanted to concentrate on the fact of the trouble going on. πŸ™‚

  2. carebear728 says:

    I wonder whats wrong:(

  3. seaweedy says:

    I hope their mother recovers from her illness.

  4. oh no! what will the family do if they don’t have hannah around anymore? i hope everything works out for them πŸ™‚

  5. pineapple275 says:

    Oh, suspensful! “Everyone had fallen asleep, but who knew which ones were going to wake up?” Very good! Left us hanging.

  6. theemmettlegacy says:

    Cliffhanger! Hope you post an update soon!

  7. tipix7 says:

    Nice to see the twins sorting through their differences. Shame, I hope that Hannah makes a recovery!

  8. Berry says:

    Oh no! That doesn’t sound good. On another note, the girls are all so beautiful!

  9. newspreitlerfamilylegacy says:

    i have a feeling the mother is pregnant just because i have a feeling
    keep doing great

  10. xcin100x says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚ im glad to see that the ‘suspense’ effect really worked πŸ™‚ Keep tuning in to find out how things turn out for the Smith family !! πŸ™‚

    • pineapple275 says:

      You’re awesome at the suspense effect! I can’t do that for my LIFE! I’m itching to write the next, super long chapter that reveals all the answers to the suspense in the previous chapter! It’s only been two days and I think a cliff hanger should last longer, dont you?

  11. hugzies says:

    uh oh! hope everything is ok!

  12. zoxell says:

    Well, I wasn’t expecting that! Jason picked a really bad time to get stuff off of his chest. I can’t imagine this will end well for Hannah.

  13. Oh wow I didn’t see this coming :*(

  14. Morbid_Mew says:

    I love how even though Jason dislikes the situation he’s going through (i.e. the whole legacy thing), he never loses sight of what’s important and is still concerned about his family. Excellent chapter. *keeps reading*

  15. matt1994 says:

    Great chapter. I hope everything is alright with hannah

  16. bean says:

    Great story so far! You have a lot of drama in your legacy!

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