Chapter 2.1 – Believe Me, I’m Lying

5 Years Later …..

The Smith family had picked up quiet a bit of money over the past few years. Even without Hannah, the family managed well. The money they had saved went straight into building and expanding their home.

The first floor.  (Kitchen, Living room, Bathroom, Entrance, Study)

Second floor.  (Four bedrooms, Two balconies, Hallway)

Miley, who loved the outdoors, had a small farm right outside of the house.

Sean was a total wreck after the death of his beloved wife. He had really taken on a few years. He looked way older then what he truly was, with his white, silvery hair, and the deep lines forming on his skin. He wasn’t the same man. Yes, he still loved to work out and go outside, but he was quiet. He mostly sat alone, looking out to the farm that his favorite daughter had started.

Sean was technically in charge of the house, but he never seemed connected to the world the lived in, and so Miley had officially taken the role of Heiress. She had kept the same hair that she used to carry as a young child, but you can see it in her eyes, that she was now a young woman.She woke up early before sunrise and went to bed late after the sunset, working hard in the fields.

Her twin sister, Mackenzie also grew up to become a yong and sophisticated lady. The twins had always looked different all their lives, and still they were far from being identical. Mackenzie carried her hair dark, annd short. Finally, after her mother’s death, Mackenzie picked up the paintbrush and went straight back to painting; it made her feel lighter.

The baby of the family, Amber, had grown up extremely fast. Even as a child she was the genius in the family, and still she carried on that trait. She had been on the honour roll almost every year, and once she was at home, she worked hard to keep her skills up to date. She was still in highschool, but many people thought of her as older. Her hair had grew long and thick. She refused to cut them, and said it made her look more elegant and smar

Jason had left the house a few months earlier. He had become a famous rockstar and was traveling the world. Who truly knows where he is at this exact moment?


The birds were chirping loudly in the tree just outside of Miley’s bedroom window. She woke up, and put on her favorite slippers. Entering the kitchen, she saw her father. As usual he sat there and read the paper.

Miley: Morning Dad.

Sean mumbled something under his breath.

Miley: The veggies in the yard are growing real good. I’m going to the supermarket in the afternoon, i’ll probably going to get good deals for those goodies.

That simply brought a smile to Sean’s face. He loved hearing about the success his daughter brought home. Afterall, she was still his favorite little girl!

Mackenzie was next to wake up. She was already wearing her make-up and had fixed up her hair. She sat down to watch tv, but as usual she got lost in her thoughts.

Hmm, i wonder what should i paint next. Maybe a family photo… Oh no, not without mom. Ahh, mom. I miss her. Maybe i should paint a portrait of her. No that would be to heart-breaking. Maybe a picture of Miley, afterall she is my ‘not identical’ twin. Actually no, Miley gets enough attention and i wouldn’t want to add on to it. Ugh, i don’t know what to do!

After having a good, fulfilling breakfast, Miley went out to work. She was going to work out in the fields, but instead she just admired the view. She can still remember when she was a little girl and her own mother came out here and got inspired for her next paintings.

Woah, I still can’t believe i’m the heiress. It’s not thaaaat much responsibilty. I do need to find a man though; a good man. A man who will be a great husband, and take care off my kids. And he better not mind if i go outside all day! Hmm, maybe i should get started though. Good men nowadays are hard to find! But hey, i’m not even ready to settle down and have a family. I rather play around and have fun with guys. I don’t mind a steady boyfriend, but married? house? kids!?!  I’m just going to have fun …


Amber: Did you see that!

Mackenzie: See what?

Amber: This morning! Did you see how upset dad was, and when Miley came along everything was fine for him!?!

Mackenzie: Where are you going with this Am?

Amber: I’m just saying i don’t understand why no matter what Miley does it makes his world shine. I’ve been on honour roll since forever, and he doesn’t care about that. But when Miley plants a tomato it’s almost time for a celebration!

Mackenzie: Dad does care about your school grades. He’s been upset ever since mom’s death and you know that. I guess he just feels more connected to Miley because they are so much alike. They go out together for jogs, and they wake up early to go fishing. It’s only normal…

Amber: Ugh, no matter what i do it’s not good enough. You know how many times i tried going on the treadmill! I’ve tried going fishing, but they’re discusting, besides, what’s the point of fishing!

Amber just left the room, knowing that no matter what her big sister tells her, she’ll still feel the same.

Under the bright light of the stars, Miley went fishing. It was rare that she was able to pull herself away from the farm, but tonight, she wanted time for herself. As she fished, the house passed. And as the hours passed she made her final choise.

Tomorrow, i’m going out there and i’m looking for a guy!

She had headed back home when she noticed it was nearly 5am. She had been fishing and looking at the stars for a whole night. She was going in her house, when she saw the mail man.

Hmm, i never noticed him before. He’s not bad looking, quite cute actually!

Miley was a big flirt, and had no problem talking to the guy. Turns out his name was Ian Conelli. She quickly learned about his good sense of humour, and that he was a hopless romantic.

The sun was about to rise, when Ian did the first move and leaned in to kiss Miley. She gladly accepted the offer and kissed him back. It should have been paradise; under the stars, and alone in the dark, but Miley had had theese moments many times before, with many boys, and so she found it ordinary.

As they kissed there was one person watching…Amber.

Amber ran back in thinking ; You have got to be kidding me, IAN !

Amber: Mack! Mack! Oh my goodness, it’s… it’s Ian!

Mackenzie: Ian … Oh Ian! The guy you had a highschool crush on?

Amber: Yes, duuh!

Mackenzie: What about him?

Amber: He, he’s… he’s kissing Miley right now outside! In front of the house, like right there!

Mackenzie: What? That’s impossible, i mean he’s sorta young for Miley. It’s pretty dark out, maybe it’s the wrong guy.

Amber: Oh come on Mack! I’m serious, it’s him…and he’s with her!

Mackenzie: Oh my Gosh! You still like him right?

Amber: Pfft, no.

Mackenzie: You better tell her Amber. If she knows that you like him, she would never date him and you know that.

Amber: I’m not going to tell her, besides she’s going to break up with him soon enough, she always does. And then i’m going to be the shoulder to cry on.

Mackenzie: Hey I warned you…


The hours became days, and the days became weeks. It was official now, Miley and Ian were dating. Amber no longer talked to her sister Miley, and that disturbed Miley. She had no idea why, and whenever she asked Mackenzie, Mackenzie kept replying; I can’t answer for her.

One night, Miley spent the day at the tavern. She enjoyed getting a day off work, and being able to relax and party with friends. She was dancing, when a very tall, man came up behind her. He had a very strong built, and he was darked skin too. His hair was long and black, and he had almost transparent eyes. He whispered in her ear, and quickly they were both having supper at the bistro.

His name was Dallas Raintree, and he was an indian. There was something about him that attracted Miley. Was it his leadership? His looks? Or was it simply the way he acted when he was with her? One thing was for sure, Miley didn’t want him to go away. It was actually the total opposite … She wanted him…And as usual, Miley got what she wanted…

There was only one problem. Dallas Raintree was an Indian. Miley knew that her father didn’t like Indians. Miley knew that the whole town didn’t like new comers, mostly if they were of a different colour. It was going to be hard, for Miley. Dealing with Ian, and Dallas. Mostly because nobody liked Indians, expecially not her father ….

Note from author : By the way, i have nothing against Indians! You will see later on why the Indian plays a big role in the story, and i could have picked any other culture but i figured that a Native American would be an original choice. Besides Dallas looks good with his dark skin and long hair 😉

Stay tuned…

10 Responses to Chapter 2.1 – Believe Me, I’m Lying

  1. xcin100x says:

    Once again .. i have nothing against Native Americans 🙂

  2. Tessa says:

    Whoa! A lot of hate going on in this family!

  3. tipix7 says:

    I wonder how the girls are going to get along with this new addition to Miley’s love life. The miniature farm is terribly cute, can’t wait to see it in bloom.

  4. dustydreamer says:

    Its a beautiful home they have now! ^^
    And I agree, the farm is cuuute! I love how you write, the imagery and the little details that you add make it a joy to read. I also love how you go inside their mind…awesome take! ^^

  5. xcin100x says:

    Thank you all for the support, i’m glad you enjoy my legacy 🙂 i Will keep updating !

  6. carebear728 says:

    I like Dallas for Miley since Ian is claimed for kinda

  7. zoxell says:

    It kinda leaves you wondering if the Ian thing was just a power-play to keep Amber in line. I’m not sure I’m liking Miley all that much.

  8. Morbid_Mew says:

    I was pro-Miley up until this point. She’s so… fickle!

  9. thanks for adding me to your blogroll! i’ve gotten myself almost caught up 🙂 i couldn’t remember ever reading this, but i guess i did because i saw taht i had left comments lol. adding you to my blogroll as well 🙂

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