Chapter 2.4 – Off The Rails

It had been 6 days that Mackenzie was in Florence, and she was to fly back home tomorrow. Sean was on the computer, checking his email, when he received an email from Mackenzie titled; IMPORTANT !!

Sean opened up the file cautiously. It read:

To the whole Smith family,

As you all know I am in Florence right now, and the art here is great. Since I love art so much, I decided to study it in Florence. I’ve already registered in a few courses, and so I won’t be coming back home. I might come over for Thanksgiving next month, but till then you won’t be seeing me. I love you all very much, and I had to think real hard before coming up with this decision. I’ll try to call often, but I’m real busy! You guys take care,


Mackenzie ❤

Sean hated the news, but on the other hand, he was happy to see his little girl do what she loved best. He gathered everyone around the kitchen table to tell them the news. Sean hated the idea of Dallas being there. He hadn’t official moved in, but he was constantly here.

Sean: I have some news for all of you. Mackenzie will be staying in Florence, she already settled in and will be studying art. She says she’ll call us occasionally so we don’t have to worry about her.

Miley: You mean we’ll never see her again?

Amber: Is she going to visit?

Sean: Yes, she said she would try to come over for Thanksgiving, but there are no guarantees.

They kept chatting about Mackenzie. How it was nice to see becoming so succesful, but how painful it was to see her leave. The whole time they talked, Miley had one thing in mind : Should I tell them I’m pregnant? After thinking it over, she decided it was best to wait and tell her father privately.

She walked over to her father bravely.

I have to tell him…besides he’s gonna find out one way or another! My stomach is starting to show, and Dallas is always at the house. He’s slowly starting to move in, and now with Mackenzie out of the house, he can put his stuff in her room. Dad’s reaction won’t be good …

Miley: Hey, dad, I need to talk to you…

Sean: Yes, What is it?

Miley: Well, as you know, I love Dallas very much, and….Well i’m pregnant.

Sean stayed silent for a good amount of time. He couldn’t believe it.

Sean: I’m very disappointed in you young lady.

And with that, he walked away, leaving Miley alone. She was relieved with the reaction of Sean; it could have been a lot worse.

Gardening for Miley was becoming harder every day. The heat if the sun burned her skin, and the rough soil scraped her knees. If she would have an official job, she would have been on maternity leave, but she couldn’t give up on her garden. Not only did she love it, besides know one in the household was qualified to keep up, not even Dallas. Dallas was a good worker in the barn. He cleaned up, filled out paperwork, and made sure that the farm kept a profit. He was thrilled with the idea of becoming father.

Meanwhile, Sean layed in bed. He was 80 years old and couldn’t do all the things he loved. Working out was impossible, and out of the question, fishing ha become hard because of the hot sun and the strong pulling fishes.He often thought about his daughters.

It’s so nice to see Mackenzie finally becoming a woman. As for Miley, it’s too much. I can’t believe she’s pregnant with that Indian boy. He has no idea what he’s doing, he just wants her for the money. Or even worse, for the sex! He’s got something up his sleeve and it’s not a good thing let me tell you that!

Amber, had become a young woman. the whole family can still see her as a little toddler crawling around, and now, she was becoming a young adult. No party was held, Amber just grew up looking very sophisticated. (still refusing to cut her hair)

Amber was slowly forgetting Ian. She just had to keep busy and everything was going to be fine. Now that she was an adult, she was excited to jump into the work field. She didn’t want to pick out a job without knowing if she was going to enjoy it, so instead she started slow by taking a Charisma class.

She was so thrilled, with the course she had taken, that she decided to join Politics. She quickly learned that she was good talking with people, and that this career choice shouldn’t be a problem.

Amber thought quietly to herself; Now that I have a job, I need a man. Screw Ian, he’s old story! Besides if he cared about me he wouldn’t be in L.A right now! I need a man who will be by my side when I’m most in need.

She decided to go to central park to meet different people. She sat by the fountain and watched people pass by. She had taken a charisma class, yet had no idea how to interact with all these people. She tried to concentrate on finding a man, but all the people who were present were either to young or to old. She quickly gave up, and headed back home.

Another Sunday night came by quickly, and Miley was left alone with nothing to do. Her gardening work had been done, and she was exhausted. Dallas at Morgan’s house while his wife was home. Miley didn’t mind that he was with friends having fun, but she would have preferred having him by her side.

She decided to wait for him to get home. She sat at the kitchen table while everyone else was asleep. The clock was ticking and Miley waited…

10:00 pm

11:00 pm

12 : 00 pm

Miley was extremely tired, and decided to go to bed without Dallas.

The next morning, she saw him at the kitchen table.

Miley: Where have you been?

Dallas: What do you mean?

Miley: Last night? I waited until midnight and you still weren’t home. At what time did you get here?

She felt like a mother punishing her teenage boy because he came home passed curfew.

Dallas: I got home around 2 ..It was Jim’s birthday so we celebrated longer.

Jim was one of the men who visited Morgan every Sunday.

Miley trusted Dallas more than anyone else, and so their day went on just like any other day.

Miley’s stomach was really showing now. She was having back pains, and threw up regularly. She worked only half the days in the fields. She decided to work on the important things, and let Dallas do the rest.

The days passed, and one early morning, Miley was reading the paper. She was shocked when she read the headlines. She read it several times; it didn’t seem to register in her brain. After a few minutes of reading the article, she called out for Dallas.

Miley: Read this.

She gave the newspaper to Dallas and stared at him, waiting to see his reaction.

Dallas: That’s crazy!

The headline was written in big bold letters:

Morgan Keith: ASSAULTED!

Miley had a blank face, while Dallas’ eyes filled with tears.

Stay tuned to find out more on the assault of MORGAN KEITH !!!!

13 Responses to Chapter 2.4 – Off The Rails

  1. pineapple275 says:

    Dallas killed him.

  2. pineapple275 says:

    To get his wife.

  3. xcin100x says:

    Morgan is a girl, and is single xDD

  4. antsims3 says:

    oh wow, can’t wait for the baby and more drama….!!!! 😀

  5. pixxidancer says:

    NOOO caught up at the worst possible point, damn cliffhangerness. btw your going on my blogroll 🙂

  6. hushfirefly says:

    Good to see Amber doing something else besides getting attention from her family. Really, move out Amber!

    Bookmarking this to my blog roll 🙂

  7. xcin100x says:

    Haha, thank you all for the support 🙂 Pixxi ive added u to my blogroll too 🙂 and Hush, can u send me a link to your blog plz?

  8. dustydreamer says:

    Ohmigosh! I cant wait to see what is going to happen!!

  9. Gique says:

    Dallas and Morgan? more cheating? 😮


  10. zoxell says:

    I can definitely see Amber in politics. She’s got the all-about-me personality for it, hehe.
    Who’s Morgan Keith?

  11. xcin100x says:

    Morgan Keith is a wierd woman in Sunset Valley and on every sunday night a few people get together at her house to have a few drinks,party,play cards, etc.

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