Chapter 2.6 – Bumpy Road

I was thinking deeply to myself, and I needed a new look. I was a new woman, with new goals in life. I was a mother. I mother with a husband in jail. I tried not to think about it, but it was killing me. Without Dallas around the house things were real tough. It had already been eight long months that Dallas was in jail, and he refused to come out to see me. He came out on visits and we talked through the telephone, only seeing each other through that dirty Plexiglas. He then told me it was too hard to see me, and he hated it when I cried. I tried to stop the tears, but I couldn’t control them, and so the visits stopped. I tried going, but he refused to come out of his cell.

Miley had come up with the idea to getting a new home. The old home left memories or her mother, and of Dallas. She offered the idea to the rest of the family, and they all gladly accepted. The new house was two stories tall, and had a small pond in the front. There was space for two vehicles, and a few trees.

I went for a whole new look. Remodeling my childhood home took a long time, but it allowed me to take my mind off Dallas. I digged a pond in the front mostly for my dad. He was getting real old, nearly 92, and he barely did anything around the house. He wanted to go out for jogs, go fishing, go watch soccer games, but he had no energy for all those things. Instead I brought the fishes to my dad, it was the least I could do. In the yard,I add a few colourful trees and flowers, deciding that was going to be where my little girl was to grow up. It was a peaceful area where nature spoke for itself.

The rest of the Smith’s legacy home was fully decorated and remodeled.

Miley was asleep, and as usual, Amber was the one taking care of Savannah. She tought her to walk and she learned quickly. Amber didn’t want to take responsibility of Savannah at first, afterall it wasn’t her child. But then she realized how absent-minded Miley was, and she wanted Savannah to have someone who can care and look after her.

It was only 10am and I had already taken 3 anti-depressant pills. I hated taking them at first, but now, they were the only solution. They numbed the pain for a couple of hours. I knew it wasn’t good for me, but what was worse, a few pills, or depression? In times like these I went to sit by the orchards in the yard. The wind would blow my hair in the wind, and I can just daydream. I remember all those great memories Dallas and I had, and how he held me tight. And then it all vanished with one newspaper.

The sun was setting slowly, and Amber went to see Miley outside.

Amber: What are you doing still outside. Savannah’s hungry and I really think you should take care of it.

Miley stared blankly, revealing no expressions.

Amber: Look I get it, you miss Dallas, but you have a little girl here who needs you more than anything else and you’re not giving her any love. Forget Dallas for a second, and think about your daughter. Already she has to grow up without a dad, and now you have the chance to spend time with her but you rather stare into space!? You have to start acting NOW.

Amber was getting mad, and her voice level was rising. Miley, still revealing no expressions. Instead, the only words spinning around in her head were ; Already she has to grow up without a dad. She hadn’t necessarily thought of that. Miley always thought that this mess was temporary, kept thinking that Dallas was going to come back very soon now.

Miley: Yes. I need to act.

Amber: So…

Miley gave no respond, and so Amber stomped back in the house, having to feed Savannah, again.

That night, dressed in her fuzzy pyjamas, Amber went off to bed. She thought quietly to herself. Thinking how much she needed to act. She thought about how Miley and Dallas were true love. She had never seen it before, the way the looked into each other’s eyes, it was magic. But all that came crashing down,fast. Amber had to do something, she was in a position to change her sister’s life. At this rate, Miley was going to have severe health problems, and Savannah would grow up an orphan.


The next morning I woke up to find my father fishing. Looking at him made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He looked so peaceful and happy, and deep down I was proud of him; he had raised four wonderful children, no matter how much trouble we gave him, he remained a patient.

Miley tried taking care of Savannah but it was hard. She was putting her to sleep one afternoon, and it had just hit her suddenly that one day she would have to tell her about Dallas. She would have to either come up with a lie, or say the horrifying truth; even if she didn’t believe what the authorities claimed to be the truth. At first, she wanted to lie about it all, but then she realized how the whole town knew about this situation and that it would be impossible to hide it from Savannah.

When Miley was the one taking care of Savannah, she ended up taking twice the number of pills. Her family and friends warned her about what those pills might do to her, but she ignored them. When she took the pills, it was Amber who took care of Savannah. These days those moments were occurring often.

Savannah was growing fast, and time came to teach her how to talk. As usual, Amber took the task and quickly Savannah was a non stopping talker!

Days passed, and Miley noticed how Savannah was speaking. her vocabulary had completely changed. Long gone was the baby talk, and came on full phrases and thoughts.

I decided to show a bit of the world to Savannah. I was aware of everything I was missing, but things are just so hard for me. I decided to take things slow, just by going in the front yard and show Savannah the soothing pond. As we stood there, the sun setting over our shoulders, Savannah started to speak.

Savannah: Mommy, where daddy?

It took me a few minutes to react. I wasn’t sure what to do, nor what to say. I hadn’t been expecting it so early, so young. Instead of giving her an answer, i headed back inside, took two sleeping pills, and off I went.

In the middle of the night, Miley recieved a phonecall. She woke up, still feeling sleepy. When she heard the voice on the other side of the line, she was confused. It sounded like Dallas.

I was so sure that it was him, but then again there had been over 100 times that i keep eharing his voice. Sometimes i can still feel his arm resting around me protectively.

Miley: Who is this?

On the other line: This is Dallas. Your husband.

I stayed silent, i couldn’t believe it. This must have been a dream, or a nightmare, i couldn’t tell. Whatever it was, it wasn’t real. For so long I wanted to hear his voice, and now he was there, well I think. Suddenly i regreted taking all those pills, maybe my mind would’ve registered all this by now.

Dallas: Miley, this is important, are you there?

Miley: Yes, yes i’m here. Why are you calling me? What’s going on?

Dallas: I know this is probably going to be hard for you to hear, but it’s even harder for me to tell you. I want to get a divorce.

I stayed silent, by now, i was positive that all this was a nightmare.

Dallas: I want you to go on. Not only is tehre the legacy, but you need to move on and be and example to Savannah. Your dad told me hwo absent-minded you’ve been lately, and it has to end.

Miley: Wait, my dad talked to you?

Dallas: Yes.

Miley: And you refused to talk to me!?!

Dallas: It was for your own good, i thought you would’ve moved on by now, find another man. You were fine right before i entered your life. Ever since i came along it was problem after problem, and so it’s over. I love you,a nd this is why i’m doing this. This way you won’t have anything to do with me. The house is fully yours, and you have full custody of Savannah.

There was a pause, thing were happening so fast.

Dallas: I’ve signed the papers already.

Miley: This is insane, if you think this will make me feel better?!?

Dallas: Listen i have to go, my time on the phone is up, but i need you to remember that i love you and I alwayd will. The thing i love most obout you si that you never asked if I commited the crime. I love you, and tel Savannah i love her and that i miss her. Good-bye…

Dallas hung up before Miley could’ve answered.

By then i was sobbing and dizzy. I walked out of the room, not sure what i wanted to do next. I was unstable on my feet, and had trouble seeing. It all came crashing down on me. How horrible of a mother i was, that Dallas wasn’t come back, that i was going to be come a single mom. Everything, everything was bad…In the past year, never once was there a good thing that happened.

I kept wishing it was a nightmare, but deep down i knew this was reality. I wasn’t feeling so well, and i tried to make my way around the house, looking for some stress pills. With the new house, things weren’t so easy to go around, mostly because i was dizzy and the tears were burring my view.

Amber saw Miley, and she knew this was going to far. She hadn’t learned about the upcoming divorce, but she did know how Miley’s health was being affected. For a long time there was tension between the two, but deep down they both knew the were sisters and they had to stick together. It was for that reason, Amber jumped on the computer and started doing research. She search up a background check on Dallas, she searched more about Morgan Keith, she looked up information on the whole case, and finally, she tried to find a way to become Dallas’s new lawyer, and defend him throughout the whole process. Her main goal was getting Dallas out of jail, suddenly forgetting how much trouble he had brought into the family, and how much she hated him at first …

What do you think of the new legacy home?

How will Miley react when she learns that her sister is trying to help?

How will Savannah learn the story of her father?

Will Amber be able to prove Dallas non-guilty?

Stay tuned ..

16 Responses to Chapter 2.6 – Bumpy Road

  1. antsims3 says:

    Great new update! πŸ˜€ It’s good of Dallas to file for divorce to help Miley move on. Amber is such a great sister for wanting to help Miley get her future ex-husband out of jail. It’s going to be tough for Savannah to grow up without a dad. Love the legacy house!

  2. Tessa says:

    The house looks amazing! Miley needs to get her act back together, Dallas has the right idea, she needs to move on, she has a child to take care of now! I’m happy that Amber’s being so great though, Savannah deserves to have someone taking care of her.

  3. xcin100x says:

    Thank you ! Im glad you’ve enjoyed it πŸ™‚ More too come !! =D

  4. tipix7 says:

    I wonder how Dallas and Miley’s future will play out now that her sister is involved. Great job on the house πŸ™‚

  5. xcin100x says:

    Yeah, i was surprise to see Amber and Miley start talking again, in a friendly way. Maybe the past can be forgotten? And i’m glad you like the house! πŸ™‚

  6. pineapple275 says:

    Dallas wasn’t good enough for her anyway! Miley isn’t my favorite character either. If you’re ever stuck on ideas just go to YouTube and type in Sims 3 movie or whatever and youy might get ideas. My favorite YouTube show is Infamous Audrey.

  7. xcin100x says:

    Lol, thanks for the suggestion but ive got a few things in my mind, but i’ll check out the show! πŸ™‚

  8. Sean says:

    woow this is siick stuff!! keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  9. -- CPDude2801 -- says:

    Hey Its me

  10. xcin100x says:

    Lol, yes .. its u πŸ˜›

  11. dustydreamer says:

    The new home is lovely!!
    Im really proud of Amber! Shes finally doing the right thing and not thinking about herself, I really want her to be happy one day too.

    Miley needs to get her act together! Im so disappointed that she is relying so heavily on pills. I was hoping that the child will snap her back into reality. I really hope that things wont get too far with her pill taking and condition. T.T

  12. Morbid_Mew says:

    Your new house is lovely; I wish I could make houses like that!

    Ugh, Miley is seriously losing points with me. I would have hoped that she would slowly start to realize what a miracle and joy Savannah is instead of relying on more and more pills!

    Kudos to Dallas for calling her and wanting a divorce, but something makes me think that her well-being isn’t the only reason Dallas wants things over between them.

  13. carebear728 says:

    Wow, I love the house and this chapter was intense I feel bad for Miley and I hope Dallas comes back

  14. Gique says:

    I, too, love the new house πŸ˜€

    Miley needs to kick the pills, move on and find a new father for Savannah. I hope her and Amber can stay friendly.

    (p.s I have a new chapter up:

  15. zoxell says:

    Heh, you’re really keeping us on our toes with Amber and Miley. I’m not sure which one I should be pulling for!

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