Chapter 2.8 – Sunrise

Sean Smith was growing old and weak. He was 94 when his soul was taken away. It all happened so fast, one second he was fishing by the pond, and the next second he was gone from this world.

At first they held a private funeral. They kept the tombstone near the pond, as they knew that’s what Sean would have wanted. They cried for hours, and made they’re prayers. Later after supper was the time when other people in the neighborhood can come visit the grave and mourn. It broke everyone’s heart when they realized no one was coming to visit the Sean. Afterall Sean hadn’t left the house in so long, it was normal if nobody knew him anymore. His old co-workers were long gone, some moved away, while others got promoted, and some just like Sean, passed away.

After the ceremony everyone parted their own ways. Amber went out to look at the ocean view, and thought about her father.

He was a good man. He always wanted what’s best for his family, and never, ever did he let us down. Never. At least he died doing what he loved best and that would be fishing. I just can’t believe we were the only ones to see how much of a good man Sean was. Nobody came at his funeral, because no one knew how great a father and husband he was. One thing for sure, is that I’ll miss him, and I’ll pray at night, hoping that he can hear me.

Miley went in the backyard and sat by the orchards.

Wow. I can’t believe everything that’s happening. My husband is in jail, my daughter hates me and refuses to talk to me, and now my father dies. What more can go wrong!? Three years now, and still nothing good has happened. The clouds have been heavy and the skies are kept dark, just waiting for the sun to rise.

Then there was Savannah, looking out to the pond.

He was my only friend. Those stupid kids at school hate me because of whatever my dad did that no one wants to tell me, my mom is a total psycho, and Amber can’t tell me things because she’s to scared to do it. But Grandpa Sean was different, he understood me and he made me feel happy. I can’t believe I’m standing right where we had so much fun together. In fact, its right where he passed away ..

One week later, Amber was in court and it was going to be the day they decided if Dallas was getting out of jail. Miley and Savannah waited in the guest room, not speaking to each other, yet both of them were thinking the same thing. They waited for a couple of hours, and then they heard the engine of the car outside, knowing that Amber was home.

After a few minutes, Amber was walking through the guest room door. Her expression was unreadable, but she didn’t look at either one of them. She started to sit down across from them.

Amber: I tried really hard but…I’m sorry.

Still she didn’t look Savannah or Miley straight in the eyes. When Miley heard those words, she looked desperate and frail, but then…

It was at that second, Dallas walked through the door. Amber started to laugh and scream at the same time.

Amber: Gotcha! You thought I had failed you guys, ya well, look who’s here!

It was hard to see my own husband walk through the door after so much times I dreamed of this moment. He had changed, he had tattoos and his hair was a little shorter. He looked fragile. Yes, his body was bigger and more muscular than when he had left, but there was a look in his eyes, like he was a lost puppy who had gotten beaten up several times.

Savannah ran to her father, and he hugged her tight whispering the words: rakastan merkitse et mitä

Savannah: Hey I’ve heard those words before somewhere!

Miley: Your father use to whisper that when you were just a little girl. I never knew what it meant…

Dallas: It means I love you.

And with that Dallas and Miley kisses passionately near the warmth of the fire, and in the background they can hear Savannah’s scream: Ewww. At last that sounded just right, a family who was finally united.

Amber was leaving the room, when Dallas ran out following her.

Dallas: Amber! Amber! I wanted to say thank you. I know you and I have had a rough past, but still you stood up for me and I can’t thank you enough for giving me the two things I love most.

Amber: No problem, really I had to do something. But just for you know, I still dislike you.

Amber smiled at Dallas, and he gave a quiet laugh, understanding the sarcasm she used in her statement.

Woah! My dad is big! Honestly, he’s a little scary, but I don’t care because I know he won’t hurt me. I’m so happy he’s home now, and I won’t have to put up with Mom’s craziness. Me and daddy, we’re gonna do so much things together. We’re gonna go to the park, we’re gonna fly kites, go fishing, play chess, and he’s even gonna teach me how to drive ! I can’t wait!

That night, Miley and Dallas made love to each other. It had been so long, but now everything came back together, as Miley remembered what she had first seen in Dallas and the next morning as she woke up, she knew exactly what was to come, in nearly 9 months…

The next day, just as planned, Savannah took her father fishing.

Savannah: You know, its grandpa Sean that showed me how to fish!

Dallas: Pfft fishing is easy, look at me..

Savannah: No, silly, that’s not how you do it. Here’s the trick, you need to use the right bait, and you need to move it just right in the water, so that the fishes bite.

As Savannah talked endlessly, Dallas admired her. He had missed so much, yet his daughter came running to him as if nothing had ever happened.

While Savannah and Dallas were fishing, Miley had to talk to Amber.

Miley: Hi, Amber. I know your busy, but I wanted to tell you thank you.

Amber: Your welcome.

Miley: I know I’ve caused you a handful of trouble in the past years, but you still stood by my side. Thanks to you Savannah will not only grow up with both parents, but she’s happy again. And you know, it’s thanks to you if she can walk and talk!

Amber gave a smile and said: Yeah well, we’re sisters, we’re suppose to stand up for each other.

Dallas took Miley out for supper, allowing them to talk about what happened in the past few years.

Dallas: How’s Savannah doing in school?

Miley: Funny that you mention it, but she’s doing horrible. She’s not doing her homework, and she’s always late to class. She hates school itself.

Dallas: Oh, how about friends?

Miley: Nope, none of that either.

Miley could have said the kids laughed at Savannah because she was Indian, but instead she kept quiet.

Dallas: And how about you, how have you been in the past years. Your sister told me you were pretty bad.

Miley: Yeah.. Things were rough.

Dallas: She told me you were on pills?

Miley: Yeah that too.

Dallas: Did you take any today?

Miley: Only three, and I’m probably going to take to sleep too. I know I don’t need them anymore, but they’ve become a part of my routine, and of my system. It’s hard to stop.

The two talked for hours at the bistro. Telling each other their lives when the were separated from each other.

Miley was starting to show in her pregnancy, and had lots of back pains. Still, everyday she went out to the yard and watered the apple tree that was to represent Savannah.

This tree is already my height, I can’t believe how fast it’s growing, just like my little girl. Man, this baby won’t stop kicking! My back is killing me, a lot more than my first pregnancy. In fact, this pregnancy is a lot more painful than my first one!

Miley was a little uncertain about this pregnancy. Her first child had turned out to be a tom boy rebel, who she had missed a long part of her life. Dallas on the other hand was thrilled, knowing that he was going to be able to take care of this child from the start till the end.

Miley was no longer taking the pills, instead she went to get massages. It helped her relax, and it took away the back aches she was getting because of the pregnancy. Already this week she had went 5 times!

Amber had gotten promoted, and long gone was the woman who went to court for useless situations. Her boss admired her when she went to court to represent Dallas, and so he promoted her. Now she was a lawyer who worked in the criminal branch. At home she had nothing else to do, Savannah was a grown child who had her parents and no longer needed her help, and now with Dallas in the house Miley was a healthy woman. So amber decided to move to New York. My job should bring me loads of cash in a place full of criminals! I said good-bye to my family, spent a half hour to mourn at my father’s grave, and then I packed my bags. I took a quick glance back, looking at my childhood home, and I thought to myself; I’m gonna miss this place.

The same day that Amber left, Miley was giving birth. The pain was unbearable so Dallas rushed Miley to the hospital. There was a lot more pain then the first birth, and she stayed at the hospital for nearly 6 hours.

After the long and painful 6 hours, Miley came back home with a huge smile. As she walked into the house, about to tell Savannah the news, she noticed that her little girl was now a teenager. She hugged her tightly, forgetting their past. I didn’t care if I had missed out on all those years, what matters now is that I’m here for my kids whenever they need me.

Savannah still had her rebel look, but she carried a nice style. When aging into a teenage girl, she took on the traits of Workaholic. (current traits= Genius, Daredevil, Insane, Workaholic)

After celebrating Savannah’s birthday, Miley and Dallas showed the newcomers in the family. Savannah now had three younger sisters! Yes, three baby girls!

First, there was Sapphire. Sapphire was born with the traits of Easily Impressed, and Loves The Outdoors! She had the eyes of Miley, but the long black hair of Dallas.

The second child born is Suzy. She was born with the traits of Artistic, and Loves The Outdoors. She too had taken the eyes of her mother, but her hair seemed to be a mix of all her ancestors.

Last but certainly not least, is Sofia. She was born with the traits of Friendly, and Loves The Outdoors. Sofia was the total opposite of her sisters. She had taken Dallas’ blueish gray eyes, and had taken her mother’s golden hair.

And so finally, after 3 long years, there were rays of sunshine piercing through the dark, gray clouds…There was a sunrise…

Stay tuned to find out more about all theese kids!

14 Responses to Chapter 2.8 – Sunrise

  1. Tessa says:

    Yayayayayayayayay!!!!!! I love you! I’m sad to see Sean and Amber go, but I’m excited for the girls’ new lives! Savannah looks great, and the triplets are adorable!! ❤

  2. antsims3 says:

    That’s such a nice ending. After years of pain and heartache everything goes well for the Smith family. Im sad to see Sean and Amber go but live has to go on. Miley know has the family she wanted to be reunited plus three! Cute triplets!

  3. hushfirefly says:

    <3<3<3 Sapphire!

  4. carebear728 says:

    Aww Dallas is back and three more girls!!! Excited to see your next update

  5. Morbid_Mew says:

    Oh boy. Triple the girls, triple the trouble! But still, I’m glad things are looking up for Miley. It’s really amazing to see what unity can do to make a person happy again!

  6. tipix7 says:

    Hopefully the family manages to put themselves back together soon!

  7. FortA says:

    Great chapter! I’m going to have to read the previous chapters to get all the background on the family! I really hope they can work out all the “problems” they are having!

    By the way, my new legacy is the Baker Legacy, found at

    Thanks for checking mine out – can’t wait to read more of yours!


  8. dustydreamer says:

    Aww! Beautiful chapter! Im sad that Amber will leave. I hope we will hear news about her though. I really want her to find love. :3

    Im so happy that Dallas is back and that Miley is finally off those pills and back to being herself. Their family is finally being given a chance to be happy.

    Savannah grew up to be a beautiful girl!! And whoa! Triplet girls! I cant wait to see how beautiful they will be when they age up. ^^

  9. Gique says:

    I take back what I said on the last chapter.I hope it works out for them this time. I hope Miley stays off those pills and can be happy with Dallas. The new babies are so cute, especially Suzy ^_^


  10. zoxell says:

    Nicely done. I’m still not too sure what to make of Dallas, though. He seems nice enough. Maybe I missed something in the back story of his murder case. Anyhow, I’m glad Savannah was so open to giving him a second chance. BTW, those traits are going to be rather fun to explore (Genius, Daredevil, Insane, Workaholic)

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