Chapter 2.9 – Growing Up

Just like every other birthday in the Smith household, a room was remodeled. Savannah’s room kept the same style, and only had a few changes. I was so happy to redo my daughter’s room, it was such a mess ! At least now things are in its place…for a while. Me and Savannah have a better relationship. Ok, so we aren’t your typical mother daughter relationship, but at least we talk and respect each other. She would never forgive me for how I acted when she was younger, which I understand her point, afterall, I wasn’t so much of a great mom. Things are just so much better now that Dallas is home.

As for the triplets, the room was a little tight, afterall I was only expecting to have one child, instead I got three bouncing baby girls ! The three cribs took a lot of the space, but I tried to squeeze in a few toys and decoration to give the room a cozy feel.


When growing into a teenager, Savannah found a passion to collect. Every time she saw something that she thought could have a little value, she picked it up and put it into her back pack. Later in the night she would transfer everything from her backpack and would insert it in specific drawers, with a little description of every object. Where she found it, the time, and the difficulty into finding it. Personally, I don’t mind her collecting habits, but I just hope she finds something else in life that brings her more money for later in life. She tells me that every object she collects can later be worth lots of money, but really, by the time it’s worth something she’ll be old with gray hair! Besides I’ve tried getting rid of some of her collectibles, but she refuses to throw them away.

While Savannah grew up I was on pills basically all the time. Now with the triplets I was really there; I was alive. I can see them grow up, and as the days passed I saw how strong personalities they each had. Sapphire, loved her doll house. They were hard to separate, and every time Sapphire was in her room, she went straight for her dolls. She liked to dress them up, and comb their hair. Whenever she was away from her dolls, she always tried to copy her mom. She was your type of child to try on her mother’s high heels, and ask to where make-up. Really the diva in the family.

Sofia, the cute little blond who looked just like her mother, loved putting things together. She was full of imagination and creativity. Sofia loved playing with the blocks. She put them in the right holes almost every time, and so she even started making her own towers and pyramids. Every creation she did, she told her mother what it was, describing every part of it.

Then there was Suzy, who was very similar to her twin sister Sofia. She to was very creative, and loved putting pieces together. She loved to play music, and draw pictures. I’m so proud of her, every time she hits her xylophone, or when she draws a picture and we rush to put it up against the fridge.

No matter how different these girls were, they always made time to get together. They laughed and giggled and communicated in a language no one else understood.

Days passed, and time came where these adorable little girls had to learn the basics of life. Walking, talking, and of course getting potty trained! Luckily Savannah jumped in to give a hand, because three energetic toddlers aren’t always easy to teach. It took nearly three days to teach every step to every single child, but once all the teaching was down, everyone had a weight off their shoulders.

After working hard with his girls, Dallas thought quietly. He knew that his older daughter was having difficulty in school. Yes her grades had improved slightly, but still she hated school. Now that she was a teenager, she was even more aware of the other student’s comments. So it was time for him to be a good father and give her advice.

Dallas: Look I know you probably don’t want to take about this, so I’ll make it short. Be yourself.

Savannah: What?

Dallas: At school, in public, just be yourself. I know you don’t have many friends, and trust me I know how it feels, but you just have to face the facts and prove everyone wrong about who they think you are. I’ve been teased all me life, but then things changed, I went out, had fun and then I met your mother.

Savannah: I can try, but it isn’t as easy as you say it is.

Dallas: Hey put it this way, it can’t really get any worse now can it?

Savannah: Oh thanks dad for making me realize how much my life sucks right now, but you know what I’ll take your advice and you’ll see that things sure can get worse.

Dallas: Pfft I know my advice will work, I can bet on it!

With toddlers who just learned how to talk, things were loud when it came to supper time. Savannah remained quiet; she never was the loud type. But the triplets were thrilled about learning to talk, that now they never stopped!

Miley and Dallas spent a lot of time with the triplets. They had learned their lesson with Savannah growing up, and they knew a child needed as much love as possible.

A few days later, Savannah came home from school with another teenage girl. Dallas saw them walking in, and asked no questions. The two of them just exchanged a playful smile, and Dallas knew that his advice had worked. At last his daughter had found someone to spend time with, someone to build memories with.

Time was going by, and the triplets were growing rapidly. They had learned so many things when they were so close from home. Time had gone by fast and with every day, their personalities grew stronger, and now it was time for them to grow up into the age of going to school. Every child had a separate, special moment to blow out their candles and make a wish.

Sapphire was the first to bloom into a child. She kept her long silky hair, and now had the traits of Easily Impressed, vegetarian, and Loves the Outdoors.

Suzy was the second toddler to blow her candles and grow into the child stage. Her hair had grown with more brown streaks. She now had the traits of artistic, Absent-Minded, and Loves The outdoors.

As Sofia grew up, she looked even more like her mother. Her hair was silky gold, her skin an ivory pale, and she carried the traits of Friendly, Loves the outdoors, and good sense of humour.

Life in the Smith family was better than ever. They stayed together, and were sharing great moments that will once become intriguing memories.

Important Note From The Author : I will not be updating in the next two weeks. Leading a busy life, and sims aren’t my top priority, but I hope you readers understand the situation and that you don’t give up on my legacy. To have more specific updates and news, just check the home page once in a while. The home page tells you readers that I didn’t stop this legacy, and that I will be back shortly. I thank you for your patience.

13 Responses to Chapter 2.9 – Growing Up

  1. Tessa says:

    Thanks for notifying us, I’ll be waiting whenever you post something! The girls all look great, I’m glad that Miley and Dallas are making an effort to spend time with their kids, it’s good to see!

  2. antsims3 says:

    What a nice chapter. The girls seem to be growing up well. How did you to that picture black and white thing. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Don’t worry, im sure everyone understands, we all need some rest! 😀

  3. dustydreamer says:

    This was such a nice family chapter. Im so happy to see all there lives are coming together and they are there for each other. ❤

  4. tipix7 says:

    The girls are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how life for the Smiths change with them as children now.

  5. zoxell says:

    Poor Savanah… “Oh thanks dad for making me realize how much my life sucks right now”
    I lol’d

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey zoxell! Im happy your enjoying the chapter 🙂 I guess i was just trying to make a clear view on Savannah’s percpective on things, im glad you enjoyed it ! 😀

  6. Just been catching up, I love how you always have lots of dialogue in your story and how your characters think lots, and that picture of all three twins is so CUTE!

  7. Just been catching up, I love how you always have lots of dialogue in your story and how your characters think lots, and that picture of all three twins is so CUTE!
    Thanks so much for adding me to the links, it’s appreciated and I’m adding you now! 🙂 x

  8. OOps sorry for double posting! It means I love it twice as much 😉

    • xcin100x says:

      Haha, it’s ok 🙂 I try to put as much dialogue as possible, I feel as if it makes things more real.
      Thanks you for adding me to your blogroll (:


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