Chapter 2.10 – Children, Teens And Moms

Growing up, Suzy hated her hair. She didn’t like the way it fell right above her eyes. After a lot of complaining, she finally convinced her mother to cut them. She seemed really happy so I figured it was a good thing to do. Now, it was Sofia’s turn. She wanted to have change just like her twin sister, only with her things were a little different. She didn’t like short hair, she thought it made her look like a boy, so I allowed her to grow her hair long. Savannah, as unique as she is, kept her hair long and silky smooth. She was so proud of that hair!

Sofia had discovered a passion for cooking. She loved mixing all theΒ  ingredients and then stuffing them all in pots and pans. I enjoy watching her, mostly when she babbled on and on about how different ingredients give different textures and tastes.

Savannah liked things that were more simple. Getting dirty with food wasn’t her thing, instead she liked to look at herself in the mirror and play around. I get worried sometimes, I mean, she’s pretty young and already she’s looking at herself in the mirror. Ever angle needs to be perfect! And don’t get me started about how she is in the mornings! It takes me hours to comb her hair, and every time I do she either complains because she doesn’t like it or because I’m accidently hurting her.

All triplets were different and Suzy was in love with her paintbrush and paint and easel and art! She would spend hours just standing there to paint, and never complained that her legs hurt, unlike the other two girls. Every time she completes a picture, we run to frame it or put it up on the fridge. It’s crazy how this house has had pictures used as decoration all over the place, and it was only Suzy who truly payed attention to them. One evening she came to me and explained every detail of a picture.Β  She really knew what she was talking about.

I hate to admit but I was getting pretty old, my daughters were all growing so fast, and here I was wrinkling by the minute! Sadly Dallas is a few years younger than me so he’ll be aging up a little later.

Sapphire was alone in her room playing by the mirror. She told herself stories, and often they were allowed. I’m tired of the mirror! It’s ok mirror I still love you and I’ll be back, I just want to play with my dolls for a little bit. Sapphire was walking towards her doll house already thinking of what story she would play out. She was a step away from her toys, when a swift figure moved in front of her. She jumped a little, then looked closely and saw a face. Suddenly, the face spoke:

” Hey there! ”

”Who..who are you?”

”Well by the looks of all this, it seems that your my granddaughter”

Sapphire was under great shock, unsure what to do next. Since she said nothing, her supposedly grandfather spoke:

”My name is Sean Smith, I don’t know if you heard about me, and you must be Sapphire”

”Wait, how do you know me if your dead?”

”I’ve been roaming around the house for a while, I try to stay unseen, but I guess you outsmart me!”

”Oh, ok”

The two of them talked for nearly an hour, telling each other stories, and quickly getting to know each other.

Once the ghost left, Sapphire ran downstairs, excited to tell her mother everything.

”Mom! Mom!! You won’t believe it!”

”Hmm, what is it?” Miley responded without paying great attention.

”I saw grandpa! He told me everything about him!”

”Aw sweety, I know how much you would have liked meeting your grandfather, but that’s not an excuse to start making up fake stories about him.”

”Mom, you don’t get it do you? I saw him for real, we were talking!”

”Ok whatever you say”

I couldn’t believe she it! She didn’t believe her own daughter.. She’ll probably think I’m crazy, and if I tell anyone else, they’re going to think I was crazy just like my mom use to be. I remember all those stories Savannah would tell me on how Mom use to be really out of it. I have to convince her though … I won’t pass for a mental case!

”I mean it mom. He told me how you were always his favorite when you were young, but then things had changed a little once you married Dad.”

”Did your father tell you all that?”

”No! Grandpa did, I’m serious. He also told me how in love he was with grandma, and that both of them were always so sure that you were going to carry on this legacy, but then Auntie Amber came along and -”

”Ok ok, enough. I’ve heard enough, just stop talking to ghost, it can be dangerous.”

Savannah was strolling down central park, trying to see if there would be any valuable to collect. As she looked closely everywhere, she saw a group of bright blue butterflies near a bush. Filled with excitement she took a light jog towards them. Once she reached them, there was another boy there. He had long hair that covered half his face, and the one eye that was visible, was a dark chocolate brown.

”Oh, um hi, I’m Savannah, I was just walking around and I saw these butterflies, and just want to see it from closer, sorry if I ran into you.”

” No worries. By the way I’m Alex, I think we go to the same school?”

”Yeah I think I’ve seen you around”

”So your a collector huh?”

”Yeah, I know, it’s a little stupid and it’s for geeks but-”

”No! I really don’t think so. I find it pretty cool actually. I’m not to good at it though, I like more the world of music piercings and tattoos!”

The two of them started to stroll down the park, talking about the pasts, their likes and their dislikes.

Time passed quickly, and they somehow ended up walking near the ocean where the waves were slowly crashing onto the shore. Alex had proposed a great idea to have a quick picnic, and Savannah found that very romantic. She was extremely shy at first, afterall she never had a date with a boy before. It was so great down at the beach. It was just me and him and there was the sound of the waves. After eating we looked at the stars. Every time our eyes crossed, I was a little shy and unsure what to do.

That night, while Savannah was having a romantic yet somewhat uncomfortable date, the three young triplets were asleep. Each of them fall asleep looking at the pictures hung above their beds. They had chosen them out, and every picture represented each child. Savannah’s picture was a famous super model, Suzy chose a picture of a quite waterfall that she thought meant a lot to her, and then there was Sofia who had chosen a bowl of fruits. She thought it was inspirational, yet very appetizing.

Savannah had completely forgotten about the time, and she was way past curfew. By the time she was heading home she got caught by the police. I was so scared. I mean, my whole life I’ve been pretending to be tough, and I’ve avoided people, and scared some people too. But never, ever did I get in serious trouble. People would think that I like the attention the police was bringing me, but in fact I was scared shitless. The police were rough, and for the first time in my life, I was scared of the dark. It was as if the darkness was going to swallow me up to the point where I was so tiny to do anything.

By the time I was home, my mom was already outside yelling at me. I hated the way she just attacked me without even asking why I was late, or if I was ok, so I decided to be just as sympathetic as she was being.

”How dare you come home so late! Can’t you follow one simple rule! It’s just one rule, we give you everything you need but you can’t do one thing for us!”


”Now what?”

”I come home 2 hours late and all you do is yell at me. You don’t say that you’ve been worried, you don’t care why I was late or ask me if I’m ok. ”

”Ok so why are you late?”

”Ughh, you haven’t been a good mother my whole life, and there’s no point of trying now!”

With that Savannah stomped back into the house, locked herself into her room, and turned on her loud teenage music to the max. She left her mother alone, thinking deeply if her daughter had been right in what she was saying.Was I really that horrible? I thought I improved, but really what did change? I wasn’t made to become heiress to all this, even my children are saying it ..

The next few days there was tension between Savannah and Miley. Miley just didn’t seem to find her words, and Savannah felt bad for what she had said. She knew her mother had improved tremendously, she just didn’t want to admit it. As time passed, Miley aged up into a wonderful elder. It all happened unexpectedly and no one thought of buying a cake, blowing balloons or inviting friends. Instead it happened quicklyΒ  as Miley swirled and twirled in the flashing sparkles and lights. As she turned into an elder, she still remained very chic and stylish.I hate the idea of being old. My kids are so young and there friends will think I’m there grandma! And poor Dallas, I would understand him if he doesn’t want to hold my hand down the street or kiss me.

Miley had judged wrong about Dallas. He still loved her dearly, and their love life was still very spiced up. That same night they made love to each other, but still in the back of Miley’s head she knew she soon had to pick an heiress for this legacy, but more importantly she thought about what Savannah had said. How arrogant had she been as her children grew up?

How will relationships turn out? Stay tuned to find out more ..

15 Responses to Chapter 2.10 – Children, Teens And Moms

  1. tipix7 says:

    Great chapter! Your writing is really improving, I love it. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. dustydreamer says:

    Really lovely chapter! Such tension between Savannah and Miley..I hope they can sort it out. I really admire how all three triplets are so different and cant wait to see what they become and which becomes the heiress! ^^

  3. sims3rocks says:

    Nice chapter. I liked tht Sapphire got to talk to her grandfather, nothing like a good ole’ family-ghost moment.

    Miley and Savannah whew….I haven’t gotten to the teen years in my legacy yet(i lost my cd :’o) but I can sense the tension already let’s see how this plays out!

    • Cin says:

      Thx for reading! I’m sorry that you lost your cd though 😦 I enjoyed your legacy, so i hope you can fix something up soon ! πŸ™‚ Lemme know πŸ˜‰

  4. hushfirefly says:

    Thank you for letting me know you had a new chapter. I haven’t been well lately so it’s nice of you to keep in touch πŸ™‚

    Aww Sapphire, I still love you! (take over the legacy!) Miley’s rocking elder hood!

    I agree, your writing is improving beautifully.

    • Cin says:

      Thank you, and how come you haven’t been well, is everything ok?

      I’m glad you like Sapphire ! πŸ˜› And i’m happy to see that my writting is coming along πŸ˜€

      • hushfirefly says:

        I just had a really bad flu virus, hit me really bad. But all okay now πŸ™‚ and yay a new chapter for me to read!

  5. carebear728 says:

    I feel bad for Miley but also Savannah, I’m torn

  6. antsims3 says:

    Sapphire’s my favourite. I feel so bad for Miley, she had the perfect family and all, but something always has to slip.

  7. FortA says:

    Great update! I really am enjoying your blog. Your writing has progressed so much since the beginning (I’m still working my way up through generation 1!) πŸ™‚

    My favorite is Sapphire – I am hoping she is our next heiress…

    Off to read your next update!


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