Chapter 2.11 – The Predictable

This specific afternoon was extremely humid. The air was thick and heavy, and their was a blanket of fog covering the earthy land. In the valley, it was early and quiet. The birds were only starting to chirp, and people were beginning to head towards their cars to go to work. Things were different in the Smith’s home. The outdoors were filled with noises of nature, but inside the walls and beneath the roof were the screams of happy girls.

The triplet girls woke up extra early, and were running down the stairs all yelling.

”Finally our birthdays! Yay!” Sofia yelled with great joy.

”We’re finally becoming teenagers! Were not kids anymore!” Savannah said as she reached the kitchen. Suzy was last to arrive, –she was a little more down to earth about her birthday.

I’m happy it’s my birthday and all, but I don’t want to become a teenager. I’ve seen how my older sister Savannah has had to go through trouble. Afterall being a kid is great! You get to play around, you dress however you want, you can play in the mud, and the thing I’m going to miss the most is playing sports with some school buddies. Once your older, it’s as if some imaginary rules are set that girls have to do certain things, and the guys have there separate things to do. That’s the only thing I’m afraid is going to happen once I grow into a teenager.

After all the screaming tuned down, it was time to blow out the candles and cut the cake! Each girl to a moment to make a wish and grow into beautiful young teenagers!

When Suzy grew up, she obtained the trait of Absent-Minded.

Sofia grew up with beautiful long hair and she got the trait of Natural Cook. She had gained a couple of pounds, but she still remained good-looking.

Then there was Sapphire who aged into a teenage girl. As the years passed, she kept looking more and more like her father, Dallas. Sapphire gained the trait of Party Animal.

There was a new lot that was built near town. It had brought a lot of attention to the civilians and the newspapers. It was a fashion company, one of the most popular in the worlds. The fashion designer was Fiorenza Mancini, she was known throughout the world and she chose Sunset Valley to extend the business of her clothing line. Sapphire had admired her throughout her whole life. She had stacks of posters, she wore her perfume and clothing and so it was a great moment for her when she learned Fiorenza was going to be in town!

The grand opening of Fiorenza’s Fashion Institute occurred the day of the girls’ birthday and Sapphire ran out of the door so early, eager to see her idol. When she arrived, there was already a crowd all waiting for one of the world’s most famous fashion designers! Nearly 2 hours later, Fiorenza finally cut the red ribbon to announce the official opening of the Institute. Sapphire was thrilled by it all, and after waiting in line long enough she got an autograph, and a little chat with Fiorenza. Fiorenza seemed to like Sapphire’s looks and attitude and so she hired her as Janitor in the building. It wasn’t much, but Sapphire was so excited by it all. Not only did she see her idol, but she’s even going to work for her. Even if cleaning isn’t her thing, she’ll be surrounded by models, and chic clothing.

At dinner time, Sapphire announced the news. She told everyone about her new job, and they were all so happy for her.

Sapphire needed to talk to someone, and as if by magic her grandfather Sean appeared. They had a chat over a nice game of foosball.

”Hey grandpa, you really came at the right moment.”

”Oh, why is that?”

”Well I just got a job working for Fiorenza Mancini, and at dinner time I told the whole family. Everyone was happy, but I can see that mom didn’t know how to act. She just smiled, and stared at me for a fraction of a second. After that she turned away and avoided eye contact. She told me congrats and that she was happy for me, but I just couldn’t see it. I’m sorry if I’m hurting your feelings, I mean she is your daughter…”

”Oh no, I understand. Don’t forget I see everything that’s going on, and I do think Miley is very happy for you — more than everyone possibly. She just seems to have a problem to express her feelings. As you can see she gets in a few arguments with Savannah.”

”Maybe your right, but I just want to know why…”

”Well nobody knows that for sure, just give her a break. I know she cares, trust me she does.”

I thought about what Grandpa told me. Maybe he was right, but still it sucks to have such a poor relationship with your own mom. Things are good for me though, but it’s pretty tough with Savannah.

Busy between school and work, Sapphire had no free time. She had already gotten promoted at her job, and she was the Model’s assistants. She was the one to bring them coffee and newspapers whenever they needed. Maybe Sapphire wasn’t a model, but she had the looks of a superstar and that brought her men — lots of men. She dated old men, young boys, wealthy husbands who cheated on their wives, some regular guys who needed a little fame, and every other type of men. She met some at the gym, others at the pool, and a few very handsome men at Fiorenza’s Modeling Institute.

Dallas had also reached the time of growing up into an elder. He didn’t want a cake – he said he wasn’t a child anymore – and he didn’t have a party either, – he still didn’t have friends in the neighborhood. The muscular young man he use to be had now grown old, and worn out. He regretted getting all those tattoos. They were nice when he was young and healthy as a horse, but now he realized he was a father of four and one day he would be a grandfather, and the tattoos he held weren’t exactly appropriate for that role-playing. Still after all those years, he still had the young sparkle in his eyes. The eyes that made Miley fall for him…

Being around so many models, Sapphire became an intense vegetarian. She at half of what she was supposed to, and her family was worried about all these eating habits. One late night, Sapphire was looking at the sky filled with stars, and her mother came out and took a seat by her.

”Sapphire, I would like to talk to you about your eating habits.”

As soon as I saw my mom coming to sit by me, I knew it wasn’t just for a fun conversation, there had to be a reason, and here it was.

”Your not eating enough. You’re a teen and you’re in your growing years, eating is important.”

”Mom, thanks for the advice, and I appreciate it that you care but–”

”Of course I care, your my daughter.”

”I know, but this is my life afterall, and besides I’m just not hungry. There’s not much you can do about that, and you know if I want to become a famous model, I need to keep a perfect silhouette.”

”I think your health is more important than your modeling career and–”

”Just leave it alone mom. Please.”

Miley, uncomfortable and shy simply left. She was disappointed that she failed her attempt to helping her daughter. Once again she thought if Savannah was right about her.

Miley was unsure what to do anymore. Am I too strict with my girls? Or maybe I’m not strict enough? Every time I talk to them things turn out bad, but if I don’t talk to them they’ll think I’m a bad mom. Maybe Dallas can change things and make sure the girls chose the right path in everything they do.

Miley went to Dallas to have a serious conversation.

”Dallas, I’m still arguing with Savannah, and I’m going right back there with Sapphire. How much time will it take before all my girls hate me? I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel so helpless–”

”Woaah! They don’t hate you, it’s just that you guys have trouble conversing and exchanging opinions. You just have to remember their teenage girls, and I’m sure you had just as much attitude as they do. I’ll try talking to Sapphire — I know how much her eating habits are bothering you.”

”Thank you, I really appreciate it, and I’ll try to put myself in their shoes, maybe then we can understand each other better.”

As soon as Sapphire came out of her room, Dallas approached her with a friendly smile.

” Listen I know your mother talked to you about this already, and that you really don’t want to have this conversation, but we need to talk.”

”Lemme guess, you guys have something against me being vegetarian?”

”No, not at all. We just think you’re not eating enough –mostly for your age.”

Sapphire gave no response and avoided eye contact with her father, so he continued.

”We’re saying this because we love and care about you, it’s for your own good.”

”Yeah I know, I understand.”

”How come your so…harsh with your mother?”

”I’m not harsh, it’s just that I feel it’s like my role to be stubborn about everything. I admire Savannah, and because she and mom have a tough relationship, I feel like if I have to follow, as if I were next. Sometimes I regret the things I say or the way I act, but it’s as if it’s the only way to get through her. If we just chat normally, she’ll never understand our point and never takes us seriously.”

”Just give her a break ok? She’s trying her best to make all your girls happy.”

”I know, I just wish she can leave us alone sometimes…”

10 Responses to Chapter 2.11 – The Predictable

  1. antsims3 says:

    Great chapter, love the different personalities the triplets have. I still love Sapphire even though she’s dating older men! I like the drama that’s happening in the house! πŸ˜€

  2. carebear728 says:

    Great chapter, so far Sapphire is my favorite hopefully she realizes her parents have her best interest at heart

  3. tipix7 says:

    Let’s hope Sapphire’s wish doesn’t come true, I’m sure if Miley pulled a disappearing act things would go downhill rather speedily. Good chapter, can’t wait to see the other girls’ personalities.

  4. dustydreamer says:

    Im happy for Sapphire in a way, with getting a job and being independent. Im disappointed that she is dating so many men especially when she is just a teen! As well as I wish that she would realize that Savannah and her mom have a history rep with her not being there when she was younger, and thats where all the anger and stubborness stems from in their relationship. Its different now, Miley is there for her three girls, if only they would let her.

  5. Cin says:

    Thank you all for reading !! πŸ™‚ My next chapter will be next thursday, and they should show a little more of the other girls personalities as well πŸ™‚ I thank you for your patience !

  6. Antebello says:

    Wow…I thought I commented…the first time I read this chapter. I`ve read your entire legacy up until now, super excited for Thursday (as that`s when you said you hope to have the next post up) I think the girls are all really pretty πŸ™‚ happy simming

    • xcin100x says:

      Thank you for reading, i’m glad you’re enjoying it! Sorry for thursday, no chapter was posted, but the next chapter should be up early this week πŸ™‚ Happy simming to you too πŸ™‚

  7. billy says:

    hang on a sec how is Savannah’s hair red

    • xcin100x says:

      Savannah’s hair is a shade of honey brown. I agree with you, it does look a little red, but its just a mix of light browns πŸ™‚ Thanks for the read & comment !! πŸ™‚

  8. callierose says:

    I was just gonna read right through non-stop, but I felt like I had to comment on this chapter(: I really enjoyed it, and already your writing is so different to earlier chapters!! πŸ˜€

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