Chapter 2.12 – Honesty Escapes

Sapphire – I felt so bad for what had been going on between me and mom. I had been so harsh with her, and I never even gave her a chance. I need to apologize as fast as possible, in the hope that she forgives me…

Sapphire went upstairs where she crossed Miley in the hallway.

“Mom, I need to talk to you.”

“Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“I just wanted to say sorry. I haven’t been acting nice towards you, and I’ve been mean. I want things to work out between us, and I would really enjoy spending more time with you.”

There was a silent pause. Miley was avoiding eye contact; almost looking shy. After nearly a full minute, the two of them hugged. Each of them with a great smile, and a weight off their shoulders.


With everyone being so busy, it was rare that the Smith family got together for supper. But today since everyone was home, Sofia prepared a wonderful meal that the whole family enjoyed. Sofia had even taken the time to make a desert, and once that was gone and the dishes were put away, Savannah spoke slowly.

“Mom..Dad..I’ve been all around Sunset Valley, and I’ve picked up every collectible in town. I have nearly 50 items and over 15 that can be worth a little fortune. I want to adventure the world, and follow my passion.” Savannah looked at both her parents, but Miley was the first one to speak. She spoke without hesitation and by the tone of her voice, the whole family could tell she wasn’t pleased.

“Are you nuts!? First of all you’re only a teen, and besides where do you want to go?”

Savannah took a deep breath, and tried to stay calm as she spoke. “In case you didn’t know, my birthday is in two days, and I was planning to go to Europe first. I don’t want to move out completely, I just want to explore. I’ll come back after my trips.”

Miley looked down and shook her head in disapproval. Dallas murmured something in her ear and tried to reason with her. After a few minutes of low whispers Savannah was getting upset.

“See this is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you. Can’t you just encourage me to follow my dream and do what I like?”

On that note Savannah went up to her room. Shortly after the three triplet girls followed up the stairs in silence.

The next two days sped by, and all the girls had gotten together to decorate for Savannah’s birthday. They bought balloons and got together to create a cake.Both Dallas and Miley were happy to see their little girl become a young woman, but it tore their hearts apart seeing her leave soon.

One second Savannah was blowing her candles, and the next thing you knew, she was caught in a tornado of sparkles. The whole family looked at Savannah with shock when they saw her become a young adult.


As soon as everyone had a piece of cake, Savannah headed to her room and started to pack. She took her time, and memorized her room. When she had all her belongings, she hugged her sisters and gave them each a different bracelet. Savannah headed down the stairs, gave a small smile at her parents and headed towards the door.

Just before the door can close, Miley ran out and caught up to Savannah. When Miley grabbed onto Savannah’s arm, it was obvious that Savannah was annoyed, but it showed in her eyes that there was a part of her who would’ve enjoyed staying home with her family.

“Wait! Please just listen. I don’t want you to leave, because I’m worries about you traveling like that. But you were right; you should follow your dreams. I know I haven’t been such a great mom, but I know that what I’m doing now is right. You found yourself a passion and you should do whatever makes you happy. So I’m letting you go, as long as you telephone us and promise to visit occasionally. And by leaving the house, I’m sorry to tell you, but it removes you from having the possibility of becoming heiress.”

“Mom, I think the triplets will do a better job than me. And thank you for letting me go, I know you want me to stay, and it’s because you love me but I thought this over, and this is really what I want to do.”

At this point, Miley was sniffling away the tears that were coming out.


Miley waved her daughter goodbye as she stepped into the taxi and was off to the airport. I couldn’t believe my first child was leaving now. Sure she would be back, but who knew when…At first I tried not to cry but then what the heck, I’m in my own house. I went over to Dallas and let him comfort me. I thanked him for giving me and Savannah a moment outside. I understand it must be hard for him too; seeing his baby girl leave the nest.


The next few days were rough without Savannah, but the whole family pulled through and they were soon back doing the daily chores and hobbies. As usual Suzy was at the easel painting her heart out. Lately it happened often it that Suzy would paint different clothing designs and then offered them to Sapphire. Today she was trying to give suggestions of what Sapphire should where at a fashion show occurring in 2 months. As Sapphire talked on and on about what she would want to wear, and how anxious she was about the event; Suzy thought quietly to herself.

Ok, so I love to paint, and at this rate I might as well become a fashion designer. Here I am designing clothes for my twin sister who really has her head high in the clouds. I need to find someone or somewhere that will appreciate my art…Who will recognize the emotions and thought i put into my paintings. I know Sapphire is thankful…but I want something that will give me something in return. I’ve thought about an art gallery, but I hate those places. They take your personal art and turn it into some touristic pay booth.

I went onto my computer and started to search about everything related to art. There where clubs, I can teach art, or take some classes, and then of course there were the art galleries. I got so sucked into searching, that I didn’t see time pass; it had already been an hour on the computer. I was about to give up but then I found something interesting.

I read pages and pages, looked at pictures, and took down numbers and emails. It was some time of cult that was just outside of Sunset Valley. Throughout its paragraphs it explained how peaceful things were over there, and how you can express your emotions by any type of art. The pictures were wonderful; blossom trees, wonderful rocks, ponds, and there were so many little things that represented nature. They explained how things worked once you joined the cult, and the site demonstrated a few places in the temple, but they didn’t give too much description on that part. After another hour of looking at the V.O.A.C (Valley Of Art Cult) I had made up my mind. I knew exactly where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do.

While Miley was asleep, Suzy crept over to Dallas, and spoke to him in a whisper.

“I know this may sound crazy … but I want to join the V.O.A.C.”

“Is that some type of gym? And why are you whispering?”

“I’m whispering because I don’t want mom to hear, and no it isn’t a gym. It’s the Valley Of Art Cult…”

“A cult? Do you know how those places treat you? How restricted you are, and they take everything you own.”

“Dad it’s not like that. I’ve read all about it and it’s really peaceful;meant for us to relax and feel good with doing our art.”

“Why don’t you want your mother to hear this?”

“You know why..she’s just going to yell at me and say that I’m crazy.”

“Well, I understand your point but besides you have school here, and at your age you’ve got to stay with us and live in this house.”

I knew my dad was right about that, but still I wanted to be part of that cult. I guess I’d have to wait…

Miley and Dallas had a strong marriage, and they always told each other every thing. Once again Dallas had to speak to his wife about their daughter Suzy.

“Suzy told me she wanted to join some type of art cult, but don’t I told her that wasn’t possible. Not for now anyways.”

“Why would she want to join a cult? She has everything she wants here at home.”

“I know, but she said it’s and art place, and they really concentrate on the inner feelings or something. But whatever you do, don’t talk to her about it because”

“Of course I’ll tell her about it. She can’t join a cult, that’s totally insane!”

“No, don’t say a word about it. She wanted this to be between me and her. Anyways I told her she was too young, and I explained that she had to stay in school in Sunset Valley.”

“Where is this cult anyway, and what’s it called?”

“She didn’t tell me where it was, but she told me it was the Valley Of Art Cult; V.O.A.C.”

“Fine, I won’t say a thing.”

Miley wasn’t able to keep quiet about this whole cult story, but in the same time she didn’t want to over do things. So she brought down her whole family down to the living room. Once everyone was seated, she began to speak.

“Now, I know you are all young teens and have great ideas in mind”

As Miley talked, Suzy thought quietly to herself. If dad told her, I will be so angry. No not angry, I’ll be furious… Miley continued to talk.

“but you are all too young. Sapphire, you need to take it easy with your job. All these runways going on and those parties filled with rich, drinking men; your just a young girl, you should have fun.”

Sapphire replied, upset that her mother was bringing this up once again. “Mom, I thought we were clear on this.”

“Yes, I’m sorry I just wanted you to know. Anyways, the point is you girls are acting as if you were adults.” Suzy spoke next. “Can I know what I did wrong?” Miley thought about it for a second, and spoke slowly, making sure not to reveal anything about the cult. “Your always locked up in your room painting. I think you should get out some more, meet people, and hang out with friends.”

“Do you want to live our lives?” Miley was about to answer, but before she had the chance, Sofia spoke next. She spoke shyly and quietly. “What’s wrong with me?”

Dallas rushed to answer, “There is nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with any of you.”

Dallas left the living room, unhappy that Miley was bringing up these subjects once again. Once Dallas left, the three young girls got up at once and retreated up to their rooms.

Sapphire now spoke alone with her sisters, away from their parents.

“Mom is totally annoying.” Sofia kept quiet and let her two sisters chat.

“I know right. See I told dad I wanted to join an art cult and I don’t know if he told mom, but she’s already getting on my case.”

“Last week me and mom agreed that we wouldn’t discuss about my job anymore, but here she comes again to talk about it.”

Suzy nodded, and then both sisters looked at Sofia.

“Sofia how come you’re so quiet? The parents aren’t near we can talk about anything.”

“Oh I know. It’s just…I don’t know.” Suzy looked at her concerned.

“Come on you know you can trust us.”

“It’s because the parents put so much attention on both of you, and you’re complaining about it. I wish they were concerned about me; they don’t even know the things going on in my life. I get laughed at every day at school, and come home unhappy, yet they never noticed-”

“You get laughed at?”

“In our school?”

“Yes, and Sapphire even some of your friends have called me names. I get so frustrated, but I can’t do nothing about it. Sometimes I go up to mom to talk about it, but I can see she’s not listening to me. I’ve tried with dad, but he gets uncomfortable.”

Sapphire felt extremely bad, and tried to comfort her sister. “You should have told us about this. I had no idea my own friends were being mean.”

The three sisters talked all night long till the early hours in the morning. They ended with laughter and great smiles. Sofia felt a lot more comfortable around her sisters, and now she knew she can trust them to talk about anything.


Suzy still had her art ideas in mind and so she contacted someone from the cult and the met near the beach. They met secretly and tried not to be seen.

“Hi, I’m Suzy, you must be Jared?”

“Yeah that’s me. I heard you wanted to join us?”

“That’s right, but my parents are against it. They say I’m too young, that I have to stay in school, and besides I have to stay in the family. My grandmother started the Smith legacy, and if I’m chosen to be heiress I would have no other choice but to stay there.”

“Legacy huh. Sounds thrilling, I guess you can kiss the cult goodbye then.”

“No wait! I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Can I just see the place first?”

“Sorry, once you come, you have to stay. there are no outsiders that come in. We aren’t some touristic place; this is a serious business.”

“Your right, I’m sorry for even mentioning that. You know what I think I have an idea….”

To Be Continued In Chapter 2.13 …


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9 Responses to Chapter 2.12 – Honesty Escapes

  1. carebear728 says:

    I loved the editing effects and I’m excited to see who is chosen as heir

  2. hushfirefly says:

    Oh that made me so sad when Sofia said “what’s wrong with me?”

  3. antsims3 says:

    Hey cin, what a great chapter filled with different emotions. Your a great writer. I really like the effects with the pictures, how did you do that? I can’t wait to see what happens next with all the girls and Miley.

  4. Tessa says:

    Savannah looked gorgeous! I’m so sad to see her leave, but I’m sure she’ll have a good time out on her own. Miley seems to be pretty persnickety in her older age, I hope she doesn’t completely ruin her relationship with all of her daughters due to it…

    Can’t wait for the next post and to see who’s going to be heiress!

    • xcin100x says:

      Thanks for reading ! 🙂 Yes, Miley always had trouble with being a mother and it has caused quiet a few situations ! 😛 I have already poted the next chapter ( 2.13 ) And the hier vote will be my next entry 🙂 Do you have a heiress in mind? 🙂

  5. dustydreamer says:

    Another great chapter. Im happy that Savannah and Miley had a moment outside.
    And she aged into a beauty!

    And I agree with Miley, her girls are acting like adults and not being teens. I hope they all make the right decisions with their lives.

  6. Love the edits ! Savannah was beautiful, sad she left 😦

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