Chapter 3.3 – Reality Hits

The days seemed to pass by slowly, as I felt sick and could barely get out of bed. I was always in bed, eating like a pig and often times I had to rush to the bathroom to throw up. After a couple of weeks of doing absolutely nothing, I realized what was going on. The throwing up, the excess eating, the weight gain; it was all so obvious! I was pregnant! Of course I didn’t know for sure, so I used one of those pregnancy test kits and after redo-ing it several times, my answer was clear; I was definitely pregnant.

At first I was going through great shock! My father was the only one home, so I told him first. I was unsure of his reaction but as soon as I told him, he smiled and I can see the glow in his eyes. It had been a long time I hadn’t heard him talk but now he said, “You’ll be an amazing mother. Just remember…” He took a deep breath and continued his sentence, “Remember what your mother always said: Be who you set out to be.” As soon as he finished, he walked away leaving me wondering.

When I told my sister that she was going to become and aunt, she was so excited. I had never seen her show so many emotions before, but now she squealed and jumped up with joy.

The next one who arrived home was Drew. I had no idea how I was to tell him this. My palms were sweaty and I took silent steps towards him. He looked at me and I spoke softly.

“Drew, I….I’m..I’m pregnant Drew. I’m pregnant.” I watched his expression as a huge smile was sent across his face.

“That is great ! Do you no what this means? We’re going to be parents! I’m so excited, this is wonderful news!”

I was so relieved once I got his approval, and being the family oriented type of guy, he never left my sides and always brought me whatever I needed. He treated me like such a princess, and I was loving it!

A few weeks later, my poor father passed away. Witnessing his death, was horrible. He had lived for 92 years, and now his time had come. The world’s biggest enemy came and when he left, he took Dallas along. Both my parents were gone forever. They would never become grandparents, nor would they see me get married one day.

After the death of my father, I was definitely sad. If he could only live a few more months to see his grandchild. Unfortunately life was unfair, and we didn’t always get what we wanted. Drew was extremely supportive, and did everything to make me smile. He told me jokes, cheered me up, and kept reminding me that we were going to start a family soon. I knew he was right, but still it was hard to believe that both my parents had perished.

My pregnancy seemed to fly by! I read book after book about pregnancies, and Drew and I were so busy decorating the new room. Assembling a crib and painting walls seemed to take up all our time lately.

I was sitting alone at home, when a sudden rush of pain overwhelmed me. At first the thought of giving birth didn’t even cross my mind. For the past 9 months I knew I was pregnant but nothing was as real as this. The pain was terrible, so I called a Taxi and was rushed to the hospital. After long hours of pushing, I had a wonderful baby girl! Drew came home early from work, and after giving it lots of thought, we decided to call our first child Alessia Smith. Alessia was born with the Virtuoso and Genius traits!

Drew had finished the baby room just in time! All the hours of hard work had finally paid off, when we saw how perfect Alessia was in her new room!

My sister Sofia was so thrilled about having a niece! Whenever Drew and I couldn’t take care of the baby, Sofia was glad to step in to take care of little Alessia. Whenever I saw Sofia pick up Alessia I would see a look in my sister’s eyes. She looked at Alessia and I knew that she wanted a child of her own. Soon she would become a grown adult, and still she lived in the same home as me. She was so caught up in her work, that she never had time to go on dates, or meet men therefore I was all she had.

Drew and I were so thrilled with our first baby that we decided to have a second one! Taking care of Alessia had brought Drew and I so much closer. We finally shared something that belonged to us; something so important.

Alessia was sleeping quietly in her room, Sofia was at the library picking up books filled with new recipes, and Drew had just left for work. I sat alone at home and wondered about the relationship between Drew and I. We were going to have our second child, but still we weren’t married. At first the thought didn’t bother me, but as the days passed by, that was all I was able to think about. What if he didn’t want to get married? Would he run off one morning, and I would never hear from him? No, no that doesn’t sound like Drew at all. He treated me like an angel, and he loved his daughter very much; he would never leave. Still, the thought roamed in my mind. Why hasn’t he proposed?

As my belly grew larger, my back aches increased. The months were passing right before my eyes and I was so busy thinking about my pregnancy, that I hadn’t noticed how quickly Alessia grew up into a toddler! As she aged up she looked incredibly like me! It made me feel warm at heart when I looked at my daughter and I would be able to see myself. Already at a young age she was discovering a passion for fashion! Everywhere she went she always carried a pretty little hat. I found it so cute to see her dress up, and every time she asked me help her tie her shoes or pick a hat, I knew I was meant to be a mother.

We started to teach Alessia the basics in life at a very early age. Everyone in the family took part in her education. I was home very often so I had time to spend with my lovely daughter. However whenever Drew wasn’t at work, he fully took care of Alessia. He was such an amazing father and always made time for his lovely daughter.


I was about to make a meal for both Drew and I when I felt great pain. I felt as if I were living a deja-vu! My first thought was : Here comes the baby!

I started yelling and calling for Drew. Because this was my second birth, and Drew was home, I decided it was a safe idea to have a home-birth. The pain continued for hours, but at last I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy! Drew and I shared a quick look and both said in the same time, “Aaron Smith.” We smiled at each other, but all of a sudden my smile disappeared. Just as I thought the yelling and screaming was over, I felt another sharp pain. It took me a few seconds to realize that another baby was on the way! For the past 9 months I had never even thought about having twins and now here I was having a baby that I wasn’t expecting. After a short hour, a gave birth to another little boy! This time Drew and I had trouble finding a name for our third child, but we both agreed on Andrew Smith. Aaron was born with the traits of Brave, and Athletic. Andrew was born with the traits of Athletic and Friendly! Both of them were so adorable, and their room seemed to fit their exact personality!

Having three young children was no piece of cake. I felt as if all my time was being spent either changing diapers, warming up milk, or comforting their cries. I loved to see them wake up and call for me, and every time I picked them up into my arms, I knew I would do anything for them. No matter how much trouble they were going to bring, I knew they were the thing I valued the most in life.

At the end of the day I was so exhausted, but Drew was always by my side and whenever he was available he took great care of the kids. I would sit in the living room, and I can hear the giggles of the children as Drew would tickle them and toss them up in the air. Whenever Drew wasn’t working, he was home spending time with his family. There were a few times when I strolled down to the spa, wanting to get rid of all the stress.

I sat down by Sofia and thought it had been such a long time that we hadn’t had a moment to have simple conversation. As we talked, I started spilling out all my thoughts. I told her how I was loving the kids, but how tiring it can be when comes time to caring for all three of them. I told her all my thoughts about Drew and I, and how I wondered why we still weren’t married.

“I can’t believe you can complain about this, you have a wonderful family! Kids who depend on you, and even if Drew hasn’t proposed yet, it’s clear that he’s in love with you. Here I am, without children, or boyfriend. I haven’t had a date in who knows how much time, and you’re the one complaining. I don’t see anything wrong with your life. All I think is that you should appreciate the life your living, because you don’t have any idea how many people would want to be in your place right now.”

Sofia’s words were rushing out, and as she spoke, I knew she was right. I was living the amazing life, and from now one I was going to enjoy every second of it.

After speaking with Sofia, my thoughts were clear, but I wasn’t sure if hers were. More than ever now she was thinking about something else than her career. She was worried that she might spend her whole life alone. Would she spend every saturday night home alone watching tv? It wasn’t the life she wanted, but she was always at work, and she had never known any other life.

One evening I had bought three wonderful birthday cakes and I reminded Drew and Sofia that we were all aging up into adults! As we lite up the cake, we were acting like little kids. Feeling jumpy and laughing for absolutely no reason. The first to blow out the candles was Sofia! With only a quick blow, Sofia twirled around and became a lovely adult!

Just a few seconds later I was next! I was so excited as I acted like a little girl. I made a wish, blew out the candles and with a few sparkles I too aged up to an adult! I loved my new look, and every time I looked in the mirror a smiled; proud of who I had become.

Once both me and my sister were adults, we looked as Drew spun in circles and all of a sudden had become an adult! When we looked at each other, I felt a chill go down my spine. It felt as if it were the first time we ever saw each other; like love at first sight. That’s when I knew this was not some regular relationship, we truly did love each other.

8 Responses to Chapter 3.3 – Reality Hits

  1. Antebello says:

    Great chapter 🙂 three kids would certainly keep you on the go.

    • xcin100x says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting ! 🙂 Yeah Sapphire really has a handful to do at home. Drew and Sofia are always at work, so it’s a good thing Sapphire can be an at home mom 🙂

      Oh and Ill add you to my blogroll (if you dont mind of course) 🙂

  2. Reeba999 says:

    Yay Babies !!!!! Must be such a handful for Sapphire, but there real cute! I can’t wait to see them grow up.

    Btw, how come Drew hasn’t proposed to Sapphire !?!?! They go great together, plus they have a wonderful family. He’s gotta act NOW. Hihihi.


  3. antsims3 says:

    Great chapter! Three kids right after eachother, alot of work! I wonder why Drew hasn’t proposed, they’re practiclly married so why wouldn’t he propose? Love the “A” theme going on with the kids. I can’t believe that Sapphire is already an adult, it’s only the third chapter of generation 3! Sim time goes fast. Can’t wait for more! 😀

  4. xcin100x says:

    Hey antsims3 ! thanks for the read&comment. Yes all those children really is a handful! I’m having trouble keeping up, haha. But I guess i have to hurry with having kids, because both Sapphire and drew just turned into adults 🙂


  5. carebear728 says:

    Twins and a baby girl! Wow Savvie has her hands full! Poor Dallas he was my favorite character:( r.i.p.

    • xcin100x says:

      hey carebear! Thanks for the read and comment, really appreciate it ! 🙂 Yes, Sapphire really is busy altely with all the young kids ! I was also really sad to see dallas go, he was just so lovable …

  6. Gique says:

    Yay twins!


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