Chapter 3.5 – Life Is Short

As I saw Patrick on the other side of the window, my heart began to race. So many memories rushing into my head, leaving me standing there like a statue. He stared at me, as I stared back. The look in his dark eyes, gave me a hint to run. As I remember my children, I tried to run up the stairs to make sure they were safe. My giant stomach, and painful aches slowed me down, but still I made it into the kids rooms.

The twins were playing together, while Drew was at work and Alessia was at school. This would have been a perfect time for me to sit on a rocking chair and admire my children, but now was no time to relax. I had to act fast, because I knew Patrick was not just going to leave. I closed the door, trying to make the least possible amount of noise. I felt dizzy, and weak but I pushed as hard as I can against the bookshelf. After a few minutes it was tightly aligned against the door. I took deep, steady breaths as I listened quietly. My mind suddenly became at ease, remembering my front door was always locked.

Just as I thought my family was safe, I heard a door open, and quietly close. I whispered aloud to myself, “The back door.” I gathered my children at the far end of the room, keeping them close together. It was hard to keep two young boys quiet, but I told them this was a game of hide and seek and we couldn’t be found. I reached into my back pocket, reaching for my cell phone, but then remembering I had gotten rid of it. I hated technology and my phone had been such a pain throughout my life. Now, my phone could have saved my life, but no, I didn’t have it. The kid’s room never contained a house phone, so still I couldn’t call for help. I heard slow, steady steps downstairs. Trying to breathe quietly, I listened to where Patrick was moving. Was he going to find us? Was the bookshelf going to be strong enough to keep Patrick from coming in? What was he going to do? Was he going to kill me? Would he harm my children? I tried to exclude those thoughts from my mind, but still they remained. My palms were sweaty, and I was receiving painful, sharp kicks against the soft skin of my stomach.

My pregnancy was so advanced, my stomach so developed, the pain feeling so real. I checked my watch, and reassured myself, Drew should be home soon. He would probably see Patrick’s car and he would run inside to save me. Right? I heard nothing for a couple of minutes, but then the steady footsteps continued, this time they were louder, closer. I was able to hear every creaking step Patrick took up the stairs. Aaron and Andrew were poking at each other. The dizziness became heavier, and I was able to feel every thump of my heart beat. I looked down at my children, and realized that they were the best things I ever had. So innocent to the world ahead of them; with their sparkling eyes and their loving giggles. Finally, Patrick was up the stairs. I was able to hear him look into every room. Just as the footsteps came closer, I felt a sharp sudden pain. I tried to ignore the pain. The handle of the door turned slowly, and when the bookshelf kept the door from opening, I felt a sudden rush of relief. An other wave of hope overcame me as I heard the front door downstairs open. “Drew,” I whispered so quietly only I can hear. Patrick had probably heard the front door, and now he was pushing hard against the bedroom door. When the door opened to an inch, I saw the angry look on his face. Both Aaron and Andrew started crying. At first I was quiet, only tears forming in my eyes. Then I screamed unexpectedly; another sudden pain had come against me. For a second, I thought I was giving birth, but I thought how impossible that was. Can I have any more bad timing? This was impossible. With all the crying and screaming, I hadn’t heard the running up the stairs. Just as the door was halfway opened, Patrick was pulled back by a hand. I felt a sparkle of hope, as I noticed Drew was pulling Patrick away.

I screamed again as my stomach cramps were increasing. I hadn’t noticed, but when I looked down, I knew my water had broken. Taking deep breaths, I tried to keep my children near me. I tried blocking their ears as the screaming in the room next door was piercing. I tried to ignore the harsh words, and sudden punches. My view was blurry, as I was overwhelmed with stress. My husband was maybe getting in a dangerous fight and I couldn’t help, because here I was giving birth at the worst timing in the world. Trying to keep my kids away from the fighting, I crawled out to the bathroom, and unhooked the phone. I hadn’t noticed how shaky my hands were, but I managed dialing for 9-1-1. I explained the situation to the police, and they said they were on their way. The next two minutes were probably the longest in my whole life.

As the faint sound of sirens filled my head, I heard Patrick run back down the stairs. The closest door to escape was the front door, but as soon as he stepped out, the police was already there. I don’t know if it was because he was crazy, or because he knew he had no other choice, but he stepped up to the police, allowing them to cuff him away and into the car.

As soon as the cop car drove away, Drew ran back up and into the kids room. Being such a great doctor and husband, he knew right away that I was giving birth. He wanted to drive me over to the hospital, but I grabbed onto his hand and told him I wanted this baby to be from home. Just a short hour later, I gave birth to a lovely baby girl. As Drew and I looked down to our wonderful daughter, we smiled at each other. The baby that we both brought into this world, was named Ashley Smith, and carried the traits of Friendly and Easily Impressed. Drew took me into his arms and whispered how much he loved me. As I put my head gently onto Drew’s shoulder, tears were slowly strolling down my warm cheeks. I had wonderful children, a husband who loved me, and Patrick was finally going to jail. The police had told us how they were looking for him for nearly a full year now.

Once all the tension was gone, we welcomed our new member of the family into her new room. Ashley fell into a deep sleep, the second we put her down into the crib. Drew and I looked down to our newest daughter, smiling to ourselves. How can something so small and delicate be so special? I stood their, and wondered what Ashley would grow up to be. My other kids were growing up so fast, but when I looked down at Ashley, I felt it was impossible for her to ever grow up. I felt as if she would always be small and delicate, innocent to the outside world.

The next few days went by quickly, and slowly I forgot about the incident with Patrick. Now I knew for sure, my family was safe.

One evening, I waited on my front porch for Alessia to arrive from school. I loved this moment of the day; it allowed me to sit and relax. It made me feel so happy, when I saw Alessia skip out of the school bus running into my arms.

Only today, was different. The school bus rolled to a stop, and when I saw Alessia get of the high steps, she was frowning;looking down to the floor. She walked slowly up the front porch, and by the look in her eyes, I knew something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

“Mommy I got in trouble today.”

“Why? Alessia, what happened?”

“I stole the teacher’s notebook, and put it in the fish tank.”

“Oh Alessia! Why would you do that?” I took her shoulders, shaking her lightly.

“Mommy she wrote a bad mark in her note-book, so I thought if she had no more book, my grade would be good again.”

I took a deep breath. What was I suppose to do? Yell at her? “Alessia that wasn’t very nice. Tomorrow you will tell your teacher how sorry you are and that you won’t do it again. Is that right?”

“Yes mommy.”

Alessia left into her room, on her way to do her homework. Kids! They sure do have crazy perspectives on life.

Why did life have to pass by so fast? I just finished giving birth to a wonderful baby girl, and I had just gotten use to her cozy company, but the next thing I knew my kids were growing up! Ashley was becoming a toddler, while Aaron and Andrew were becoming grown children. Where did time go?

Every member of the family were cheering when it came time to blow out the candles.

Andrew and Aaron were brought into this world together, so they each blew their candles at the same time. There loud giggles were soon interrupted by a sparkling spin. They had become all grown-up!

My little boy, Andrew had grown up to be such a cutie. With his blond hair and green eyes, he reminded me so much of Drew and I.

Aaron went through the same process, going from a small toddler, to a school-aged boy! He too, had gotten different characteristics; some from his father, and some from his mother.

After everyone had a piece of cake, the next one to age up was Ashley! I couldn’t believe how fast things were happening. I was a grown adult! I had three school-aged kids, and now I had a baby who was turning a toddler! Why does life have to go by so quickly?

With my help, Ashley blew out her candles, and in just a couple of seconds she became an adorable toddler!

Aaron and Andrew were beginning to be really inpatient.

“Mooooom, can we see our gifts now?” Aaron asked as he pulled onto my leg.

“Daaaad, tell mommy we want our presents. Please, it’s our birthdays!” Andrew tried to convince his father. Drew loved his sons, so he smiled at me.

“You know…I think they’re ready.”

Andrew and Aaron bolted up the stairs, and in no time we heard their yells of excitement. They had gotten a brand new room, and now they were exploring every new furniture. They slid their hands across their shining dresser, and bounced onto their new sofa.

“Dude, this is so awesome!”

“I know, I mean look at all this stuff!”

Smiles were plastered onto their faces as they took in the fact that they were now grown children. No more cribs, and no more potties; this was a beginning to the real world.

The next few days were dedicated to family time. All of us would spend hours in the backyard, each of us bonding. Ashley would cuddle into my arms and sometimes she would fall asleep with the breeze blowing into her hair.

Alessia would spend hours swinging back and forth on the swing, screaming and laughing as loud as she can. I would watch her, and I knew she was filled with life. From that day on, I was able to tell the Alessia was going to be someone who would brace every second of life. Someone with a strong heart, and great mind.

Andrew and Aaron would challenge themselves. Most of the time, they played tag and spent their time running around the house in circles. Sometimes they argued on the rules, other times they called one another cheaters. Their fights never lasted long, and soon they were running around again and laughing. It would amaze me how they can forgive each other so easily. Fighting and poking at each other, and then the next second they were making jokes and playing sports.

As the sun soaked into my soft skin and the wind blew my hair away, I smiled to myself. Can life get any better?

13 Responses to Chapter 3.5 – Life Is Short

  1. Reeba999 says:

    Ouuu what a juicy chapter! 🙂 All these kids make me feel warm and fuzy inside, i mean there all so cute and lovable. I wonder how Ashley will grow up, and what she’ll do later on. Alessia really had me thinking too, Shes so wild and energetic! Will there be another baby? 😮


  2. carebear728 says:

    Life seems so perfect, that is such an adorable picture of Sav holding Ash while she sits

    • xcin100x says:

      Thanks 🙂 Ya, I think I wanted to make this chapter drama free, and just have some family moments. Its what lifes all about right? 🙂


  3. moneyq89 says:

    Thank you for your comments at my legacy! It’s great to hear someone else’s opinion.

    I also decided to look at yours. From what I am seeing/reading I like it! Yet I’ve only read this chapter as I am at the point of writing another chapter and I also need some studytime. Anyway, I do like it, though I’m curious what has happened previously with this Patrick. You have a great way of writing too, I must say! I’ll add you to my link page as soon as I have read some more!

    • xcin100x says:

      Thank you for the read&comment, i really do appreciate it! I’ll definately add you to my blogroll, and I’ll be sure to come visit your blog often! 🙂 Good luck with your next chapter and study time ! 🙂


  4. tipix7 says:

    I’m so glad that Drew came home in time! Wonderful family update at the end, it’s nice to see the Smiths with some peace and happiness.

    • xcin100x says:

      hey tipix ! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting, i really appreciate it 🙂 Ya, towards the end I wanted to show a little more how the kids were, and how everyone acted together 🙂


  5. moneyq89 says:

    Hey xcin100x, please check out my new chapterr! 😀 (or still busy with the previous ones?)

  6. Reeba999 says:

    heyy ! Nice update! i love that the end of this chapter was drama free! It’s more likely and realistic to have faimple family moments and spend time with the ones u love 🙂

    great great great
    gonna go read ur next chapter!


  7. Gique says:

    Aw, so cute. I’m glad everything is turning out all right for the Smiths 🙂


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