Chapter 3.8 – Scared And Excited

Everything happened so fast. The whole family was home, when the house phone began ringing loudly. It was just a few minutes before I knew everything that was happening. Madison had gotten in a harsh car accident, and she was roughly knocked unconscious. Both Aaron and Andrew were speaking loudly and getting the car keys. It was obvious they wanted to go see in what condition Madison was truly in. Aaron yelled at Andrew, and Andrew yelled at Aaron. Do they ever get along?

I felt my sons were old enough to go to the hospital alone, and besides I thought it would be better if they shared more intimate and emotional moments with Madison alone; without their mother by their side. I had no idea how attatched they were to Madison, especially Andrew. Andrew was furious knowing that Aaron was dating Madison, but still he was the first one to jump in the car and go see her. Maybe it was only my imagination, but I felt as if Aaron only went to the hospital because Andrew was going. As if Aaron only went to get Andrew mad. But then again maybe I was wrong. Or maybe they were both madly in love? The young ”puppy love”, who knows.

Aaron must have passed the speed limit, because he got there way before Andrew did. Aaron approached the secretary who was sitting behind her desk. With a crooked grin he leaned on the desk and spoke softly to the young lady, who was giggling and slightly blushing. The girl was young, and delicate, and when her old, grumpy boss came out to her office, she skipped away. Aaron wasn’t as interested in this woman, so he went to sit in the waiting room.

Andrew came running through the hospital’s front door. He looked around, and once he saw Aaron sitting there with a slight smirk on his face, he ran towards the closest door. As soon as he stepped in the room, he halted to a stop. Looking down to the over-washed bed, he saw the fragile body of Madison. She had stitches on her upper lip, and soft yellow bruises covered her soft skin. Andrew crept closer to the bed, and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The one he thought he loved was lying there in a vegative state. Who knows if she would ever pull out of this horrible place.

Andrew heard the door close and when he turned around, he saw his twin brother. Blinking slowly, he felt as if things were happening in slow motion; like in some type of movie.

“Do hospitals always have this nasty smell?” Aaron asked looking around.

“You’re girlfriend is lying here unconsious and you’re thinking about the smell?”

Aaron shrugged and plopped onto the seat next to the bed, “Ah she’ll pull out of it. Worse for worse, I can always find another girl.”

“You have got to be kidding me. Don’t you have a heart? A soul? This beautiful young girl is in a coma, on the edge of death, and you don’t even care?”

“I barely know her.”

Andrew shook his head, unable to believe the way his own brother was acting. How can they be so closely related and act so differently? The next few minutes passed in silence, with the only noise of the ticking clock.

“Why are you even here?” Aaron was suddenly asking.

“Because unlike you I actually care about Madison.”


“Is that your answer to everything?”

“Listen if you think you’re going to steal my girlfriend well you’re wrong!”

“You don’t even care about her!”

“Well I’m here aren’t I?”

“You’re just here because I am. You just want to prove me wrong once again. But this time things are different!”

“Oh please, you’ll never beat me.”

“Oh right, because this is just another competition to you isn’t it?”

Aaron ended up leaving, fed up with all the questions Andrew was asking.

Andrew: Seeing her lay there, so defenseless and fragile. I never really payed attention in school, but I do remember being said that people in a coma can sometimes hear what’s said in the outside world. It was mostly for that reason I came to the hospital regularly. I talked to Madison in my softest words and sometimes I really felt she was listening. As if suddenly her facial expression had changed, but maybe that was just my mind playing tricks. I couldn’t believe she had fallen for my brother, but then again most girls did. If I would have just shut my mouth and never told Aaron my feelings for Madison, he would’ve already broken up with her. He never lasted longer then a month with his girlfriends. I, on the other hand, never actually had a girlfriend. I told mom and dad I already had one, just so I didn’t look bad. But truth is, Madison was the first girl I’ve ever felt strong feelings for. Sadly, things weren’t turning out as expected and I had no idea what was going to happen next.

During the next few days, I was able to see the tension between my sons. Were they just exagerrating things, or were they really in love with this girl? Honestly, I thought Andrew may be a little more in love then Aaron was. I was watching my favorite TV show – The Sopranos – when Aaron practically jumped on the seat next to me.

“Mom Andrew is getting me so angry! He keeps thinking Madison is his girlfriend and he keeps going to the hospital. And he talks about her all the time. And…and he keeps telling me off and trying to put me down!”

“Woah, woah, woah, wait a minute here. You and Madison are still…dating?”

“No, of course not. Why would I want to date a practically dead body?”

I rolled my eyes, trying to ignore that comment. “Aaron, I’m not trying to pick anyones side, but if Madison is no longer your girlfriend, I don’t think you can actually get mad at Andrew. Besides, I really think Andrew cares about this girl.”

“Ugh, whatever!” Andrew was running back down the stairs and into the basement. I sighed, thinking how some men can be so cold sometimes.

I was about to go back to watching my show, but then came Andrew. He sat slowly by me, and waited for me to look at him. When he saw he had my full attention he started speaking slowly.

“Mom, it’s about Madison, and well Aaron. Aaron is just making things so hard for everyone, and please don’t disagree with me on that. He has no heart! He keeps treating Madison like a piece of dirt, and everytime I go to the hospital to visit her, he has to come along and ruin everything! He doesn’t even love her!”

“And you think you do?”

Andrew’s shoulders slouched and he breathed slowly. He spoke only a little over a whisper. “I think so.”

The whole situation with Madison, had made me think about life. Life and death, to be specific. How things can be perfect, but everything can change from one second to the next.

I think that’s when I thought it was time. Time for the heir vote. What if something bad happened and the legacy would come to end because I, Sapphire Smith, hadn’t picked a heir! I certainly didn’t want that to happen so I figured I might as well get started on things now.

I spoke about it with Drew and after a few convincing facts, he agreed with me and thought it was time.




Alessia Smith

Good Sense of Humor. Party Animal. Perfectionist. Virtuoso. Workaholic.

“I always thought Alessia had a kind heart, but boy, she’s energetic. She loves to party, and likes being the center of attention. I remember all those times she got in trouble at school, and when she almost failed a grade! I had gotten mad when I learned that. But then again, I suppose I was the same when I was younger. I would like it if Alessia can carry on this legacy, but I’m afraid she might not be able to handle so much responsibility.”

Ashley Smith

bookworm. Clumsy. Friendly. Hopeless Romantic.

“Ashley has got to be the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She always listens to other people’s problems and she’ll always be there for those who need help. Seeing her grow up, I noticed her amazing writing skills, but I also noticed how quiet she was. It seemed as if she were the complete opposite of Alessia. I think Ashley would be a great heiress because she really knows how to keep her calm, but then again, does she have what it takes?”

Andrew Smith

Family oriented. Athletic. Friendly. Car Enthusiast.

“I think I can go on and on about Andrew, but all in all, he’s a sweet kid. He loves competition, but sometimes he can keep things bottled up. Compared to his twin brother, he’s calm and likes to think things to himself. I can tell he is the emotional, and sensitive type of boy. I would like to see him carry on this legacy some day, and I think he would be quiet happy if he got the title of heir. Would he be the first boy as heir?”

Aaron Smith

Good sense of humor. Brave. Athletic. Handy.

“Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. What is there to say about him? He really is your typical highschool boy. Part of the football team, wants the girls, wants the popularity, and of course wants to have a nice, fancy car. If he would be chosen as heir, he would probably bring along the usual drama found in mens lives, however I don’t know if that’s what I’m truly looking for.”

Aquamarine Smith

Loves the outdoors. Genius. Angler. Absent-minded.

“Last but certainly not least, Aquamarine. I don’t know much about this daughter of mine, but I do know she is filled with mystery and adventure. After being told I wasn’t fully her mother, I have to admit, I panicked. But she reassured me saying that there were a good amount of percentage that proved my DNA in her blood. Luckily that percentage allowed me to nominate her to become heiress. I think she would bring something interesting to this legacy, but then again, did I really know her, or was she just a hiding mask?”





Who will be the next heir? It’s up to you to decide !

If you’d like, you can leave a comment saying for who you voted πŸ˜‰


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Thank you all ! (:

Happy simming.

6 Responses to Chapter 3.8 – Scared And Excited

  1. Reeba999 says:

    Hello there. I know it’s been a while I didn’t comment, but please reassure yourself I HAVE BEEN READING πŸ™‚

    Just now that I saw the heir vote and all this juicy drama, I figured, why not leave a message?
    Well, I’d like to start off by saying that your writing is getting better and better. Aquamarine has got me really interested but then again I wouldn’t want her to be heiress. Once her mission is fulfilled (whatever it may be) She’ll be off to another world. therefor it isn’t the best ideas for her to win.

    I, have voted for ASHLEY !!!! She’s just so mysterious and intriguing. I want to learn more. Plus, she has the writing skills and that would be perfect for this legacy!

    Carry on now,

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey Reeba πŸ™‚ I understand that you haven’t been commenting much, and that’s ok by me. You’re right about my writing. When I look back at my first few chapters, and then read my recent chapters, it really is a change. I guess making Sim stories has a positive side to it πŸ™‚ Educational I guess you can say .

      I also think Ashley is mysterious. Always keeping thoughts to herself, maybe it would be nice to finally be in her shoes and see everything she’s thinking. And yes, she is the writer in the family πŸ˜‰


  2. tipix7 says:

    Enjoyed how Sapphire had a little speech on each potential heir(ess); nice touch. I can’t wait to see the results!

  3. antsims3 says:

    What a great chapter. Aaron is doing it on purpose to like Madison. I hope Andrew does end up with her. Young love. I love the narration about all kids from Sapphire, great touch! Now who do i vote for…. πŸ˜€

    • xcin100x says:

      I’m happy to see that people are liking the little paragpraph from Sapphire to each of the children. Maybe I should make it a tradition for every other heir vote !


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