Chapter 3.9 – Luck Be A Lady

We stood there side by side, smiling back at our children. The day had now come where Drew and I were growing into elders. I wasn’t super excited at first, but I think the fact that I was surrounded by a close, loving family made everything better. I held Drew’s hand tightly, as we were soon to grow up together. I was excited and nervous, all in the same time. I looked at the every one of my child, and it only took a few seconds before I went spinning in a tunnel of sparkles.

I looked down to both my hands. They had become rough, and I hate to admit, but they had become a tad wrinkly. I looked over to my side, where I found Drew. His hair had become a bright shade of gray and white. His once strong features, were now thin and delicate. While growing older, his sight had weakened, therefore he wore glasses. Did I look that old? Was I really entering the golden age?

No how old we were, the flame between Drew and I was brighter than ever. Maybe growing older had enlighten something inside of us, but we spent more time together. It was so nice to be by my husband’s side, as if we were still young teenagers in love. We were in love after all.

I looked out the large window. The streets were quiet, as the wind blew in the trees. I looked out, seeing the lighthouse – that all of a sudden looked so special, so magical. What was it being old? Was I going to be a little old woman who’ll have trouble walking? Who will be a pain towards her children? I didn’t want to be lonely. I think that’s what scared me the most – lonesomeness.

It turns out I was completely wrong about the old age. It was actually very amusing. I got to take care of myself, and I made sure my needs were fulfilled ;I felt free. A few days after celebrating my birthday, Drew and I went out on a romantic date. What’s better than a picnic in the park with the scent of blooming flowers? It wasn’t the best of meals, but it felt so nice to be with Drew, admiring the view and hearing his soft words flow into my ears. It made me realize about the first time we had met. How I was just a lost young girl in such a big world. He had sat by me, and I tried to ignore him, and to be honest I had found him irritating and annoying that very first time. I suppose it wasn’t love at first sight, but after getting to know him, he simply swept me off my feet.

We were so busy eating and talking, that we hadn’t notice Alessia walk up behind us. We started hearing slow, gentle strumming to a guitar and we were so surprised to see Alessia standing their playing us a song. I was holding back the tears that wanted to escape.I had given birth to this child, raised her through the good and bad times, and now here she was. Playing her mum and dad a song. It was unusual to see Alessia play slow, fragile serenades. Usually she would rock out on her guitar, screaming the lyrics.

I think they call it rock music? I’m not sure, I remember my generation was more into the classic music. At least that’s what I listened too. I tapped my foot in rhythm to the comforting music, and that’s when the whole rhythm changed. Gone was the slow strumming, and in came the usual Alessia. Either she had rehearsed this, or she just wanted to add a unique touch to her song.

Central Park had become a usual place for Alessia to go. Not only would she practice her guitar skills, but she would learn new songs and earn quiet an amount of tips. Just the other day, she had gotten over 1000$ ! Her boss had been extremely proud and promoted her on the spot! It wasn’t long before Alessia had become the topic of Sunset Valley.

People started calling her for shows at the bistro, and sometimes she even gave private music shows. She would strum her favorite songs to people in the park and seeing the happiness in their eyes, brought joy to her heart. In her spare time, she was giving guitar lessons at the Sunset Valley Elementary School. Seeing youngsters fulfill their dreams was really touching for Alessia. Sure, maybe they would never grow up to be prodigies, but still no matter where they would go, music would never bail them.

The kids were at school, Drew was napping, and Alessia was at work so I decided it was a good time to do some cleaning around here. I passed the broom, followed by the noisy vacuum. I was making Ashley’s bed, and dusting off her bookshelf, when I found something interesting. It was a handmade book with crumpled corners, and when I opened it, the writing was scribbled across every page. I looked at the first page and saw the name Ashley Smith. Right beneath it, in smaller writing, were the words: Diary.

I sat down on a nearby chair, my eyes never leaving the pages. I knew this was wrong – to a certain point – but I couldn’t make my eyes turn away. I flipped the first few pages, seeing messy handwriting slowly turn into perfect cursive writing. I turn to the most recent, fresh page and started reading from the top.

Dear diary,

Mum just announced the heir vote is going on. I’m a little nervous I gotta say. I want to be heiress soooo bad. But I don’t think it’s me. It’s probably going to be Aquamarine. After all she’s the center of attention. I try to be friendly with her, and be a good sister, but I struggle a lot. I wonder where I’ll go once the heir is chosen. I never really thought of it before, but I guess I should start getting into it. You know, sometimes I wish people would notice me more. I’m not just some quiet kid who writes stories all day long. I really do have feelings of my own. If only mum and dad would notice that.

I hadn’t noticed I was crying, until I saw a tear drop hit the soft paper. I immediately closed the diary, wiped the tears away and went back to cleaning. I tried to forget about what I just read, but it wasn’t with great success. She had just as much chances of winning this heir vote as did Aquamarine. Honestly, she probably had even more chances, knowing that Aquamarine would leave this Earth once her mission was fulfilled.

I sat across Aquamarine, and looked into her deep, blue eyes. It took a minute before I was able to speak. To be honest, I even forgot what it was I wanted to say.

“Aqua, you know the heir vote is going on, and I want to know if you’re even interested?”

She tilted her head and looked up, as if she was really considering the question. “Ya, I suppose I am.”

“But why?”

“Why not?”

“Well, you said you would go back to your family and world once your ‘mission’ was fulfilled. By the way, what is your mission?”

“I still don’t know, to be honest with you. Sometimes I get a sensation that I know, but, I don’t really. Besides I’m not allowed to say it to you anyway. And I guess you’re right, I will be leaving this world. But that can be in so many years, I’ll have time to grow old and have grandchildren. Who really knows.”

“Ya, who does know?”

“Not me, that’s for sure. I don’t know who knows, but someone does. And once it’s my time, things will just happen. It’s not like I’m controlling everything.”

I nodded, when I understood she was just as clueless as me.

Working in the music career, Alessia met many ambitious and creative people. One of those people being Robin Jazy. She met him at the theatre, and they just began talking smoothly. They took a long, peaceful walk around the streets of Sunset Valley. It felt nice for them to be alone, and finally acting like adults.

The first time they kissed, things had almost felt magical. It was a dark night, and the moon was hiding behind the thick clouds.

It wasn’t long before things started heating up.

After that night, Alessia often slept over at Robin’s house.Finally being loved by a man who was so similar to her.

I was sitting on a bright yellow chair, when Alessia took a seat next to me. I looked at her, and I knew she wanted to say something.

“Mom, guess what. I met this guy – his name’s Robin Jazy – and things really clicked with him. Turns out we’re dating now, and I am so, so happy!”

I smiled with joy for my daughter. I can tell she was truly happy. The spark of hope in her eyes was telling me this was the pure truth.

“He’s family oriented, and he’s a great artist. I met him at the theatre because he was posting up posters for the season opening of the Art Gallery. Anyway, I also learned he was clumsy when he dropped all the dishes on the floor. And then he kissed me! And boy, was he a good kisser.”

As Alessia spoke, I was able to see myself through her eyes. I use to be the one who got all excited when it came to boys. I was the one who was spilling out the story to whoever would listen. I was the one spent nights with those boys. Only I was a teenager and it wasn’t the best of ideas. But now my daughter was a young adult, and I was so happy to see her exploring the real world. In fact, I was so excited, I told her I wanted to meet Robin. Once I said that she was jumping all over the place. She was about to leave when she said to me in a happy tone, “Everyone calls him Jazy.”

When I first saw Robin, I have to admit I kind of panicked. Was this the man my daughter had fallen in love with? The man who would maybe marry my sweet daughter? He smiled a crooked grin at me and shook hands, “You must be Mrs. Smith. I’m Robin Jazy, you can call me Jazy.” My mouth was slightly opened as I nodded and couldn’t take my eyes of his enormous mohawk. Children nowadays. It was clear that I wasn’t going to like him. He took a few steps towards me, and with a huge smile, and steady hands, he shook my hand. Maybe it was because I was becoming weak, but this man sure was strong.

I had baked a fresh Cheese cake, and invited Robin to eat it with my daughter and I. He had gladly accepted and for the next hour, I heard him talk. His voice had a smoky sound to it, and it wasn’t long before I realized why my daughter had fallen in love with this man. He was funny as he told his childish jokes, yet he was so deeply involved in everything. When I spoke, he looked straight into my eyes, and I can tell he really cared about what I said. It was almost intimidating as he looked straight at me. As if he can see right through me, down to the very truth. Maybe it was the violet color of his eyes, or maybe it was the pureness that lay behind them that made me so interested in him.

If I would have only judged him by his looks, I would have thought he was a rebellion who only caused trouble on this world. But after getting to know him, I learned how passionate he was about art, and how he really cared for my daughter. I smiled self-consciously as I saw my young daughter find someone who loved her just as much as I did. They were a perfect match. Both were funny, both worked in creativity, but I suppose the most important thing of all, was they loved and cared for each other.




Note From The Author

Hey everyone!

1. Just to let you know, the front page always has a few quick notes from me. Usually it says when the next chapter should be posted up, or any other quick information.

2. The heir vote is still going on, and I will be putting up the poll on the front page, therefore you can still vote for your favorite!

3. Let me know whenever you have new chapters 🙂 I’ll be happy to read them.



6 Responses to Chapter 3.9 – Luck Be A Lady

  1. moneyq89 says:

    Hey, I like this chapter. Especially because you’re describing the thoughts of an old lady, how she handles the aging and her going abouts.
    And thank you for commenting also! You’re not yet up to date with my legacy, are you?

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey monique ! Thanks for commenting. I try to get into Sapphire’s head as much as possible haha. No, unfortunately i still didn’t read your most recent chapter, but I am working my way to it 🙂


  2. FortA says:

    I loved this chapter! I’m going to try to catch up, though I’m not sure I can soon. I am, however, excited for the beginning of a new generation — Generation 4. I’m certainly going to do my best to keep up with it 🙂

    I enjoyed reading the introspective moments about old age – it’s almost universal, and I think all of us are scared of becoming “that little, frail old man.” You did a great job with that.

    I’ll be interested to see who becomes heir and will certainly be adding my vote to the heir vote!!

    Great job!!

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey FortA! I understand that you don’t always have time to comment, that’s ok 🙂 I’m glad to see that you guys are enjoying the way Sapphire thinks lol. And i think you’re right about people having a fear of old age.
      Thanks for the comment and the vote,

  3. tipix7 says:

    Glad to see that Alessia has found someone to be with, I wonder if Aqua will have such luck? Can’t wait to see who the next heiress will be!

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