Chapter 4.1 – Space In Between

The streets were quiet, the only sound was coming from the ocean waves crashing down onto the shore. The night was being illuminated by the light of the full moon and trillions of stars surrounding it. The lighthouse was only a few kilometers away, yet it shined brightly across the beach’s sand. Andrew was only inches away from the water as he knelt down onto one knee, holding up a diamond ring.

“Madison McCoy, I’ve loved you ever since I laid eyes on you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Madison let out a high-pitched giggle as Andrew slipped the magnificent ring onto her delicate finger.The next few minutes Andrew said no words, he was filled with too much excitement and was speechless about everything happening. Madison just smiled as she hugged Andrew and examined her new piece of expensive jewelry. With both of them speechless, the night remained quiet; with the only noise of the soothing waves.

Madison was now engaged to Andrew. Her car accident had caused trauma to her head, therefore she remembered nothing about her previous life with Aaron; it was put behind, it was officially the past.

While Andrew was with his new fiancée, there was a terrifying scene going on in our dining room. The fireplace had been running for long hours and the flames suddenly rose higher. The bright blaze of fire grew larger and was surrounding the whole fireplace; slowly burning the wooden floors. I started to panic but a sudden rush of adrenaline took over my body. I grabbed the heavy fire extinguisher and tried to get it working. I struggled but once I pulled on the metal lever, a variety of chemical gases escaped the tube. I started coughing as my lungs were being filled with smoke. The baby. I have to protect the baby. I have to protect my home. I have to protect my family. Specific thoughts ran through my mind when I felt a strong hand pull me away from the clouds of smoke.

I took several steps back but I had trouble seeing what was going on. My eyes were burning and it was only then I realized tears were quickly sliding down my soft cheeks. I touched my belly, and when I felt a sharp kick, I was reassured; my baby was safe. I looked forward and saw my older brother blowing out the flames with the fire extinguisher. He’s so brave.

I was about to run to the phone and call the fire department but by that time everything was back to normal. The flames had blown out and the smoke was slowly making its way out the massive chimney. My adrenaline lowered once I knew everyone was safe and there wasn’t too much damage done to the furniture. I hugged my brother tightly and once again tears were formed in my bright green eyes. I tried thanking him, but the words stumbled out of my mouth. He had saved all of our lives; including the child I was carrying.

After such a horrifying event, there was a little joy brought to the family as Aquamarine was aging up into a young adult. Mom was really excited with the whole celebration and I helped her set up the decorations. We put up a few balloons and we installed a brand new stereo with fresh modern music playing all night long. As Aquamarine spun in a tornado of sparkles, we smiled at the new her. Things with Aquamarine had become more comfortable. We no longer considered her a stranger; she was no longer different. I can still remember when I was a little girl how Aquamarine had seemed fascinating to me. With her long silky hair and bright-colored eyes; she seemed like a little doll I can play with. As the years passed by and we grew older, I realized how Aquamarine was my sister and sisters always stuck by each other.

After everyone had a piece of cake Aaron helped dad clean up the table and wash the dishes. Meanwhile, Aquamarine and mom were having a chat.

“So, honey, tell me how it feels to be a young adult!”

“I don’t feel anything different mom. I’m still as useless as I use to be.”

“What? Why are you saying such things? You’re a beautiful young girl with a long fulfilling life ahead of you.”

“Yes, yes, I’m beautiful, I hear it everywhere I go. But I’m searching for something passed beauty. What’s my destiny? My purpose on this Earth? I was sent here to Sunset Valley for a purpose and the years are passing by and nothing is happening!”

“You know what they say; Patience is a virtue. You’re time will come Aqua. Besides you still have many, many years ahead of you and we enjoy having your company here at home. I’m happy you’re not going anywhere just yet. And once you’re sister gives birth, you’re going to become an auntie! How exciting is that?”

Aquamarine nodded and tried to agree with her mother. She did have many years awaiting to fulfill her goal.

With a wedding on the way, Andrew had to make many plans and arrangements for the ceremony. Whenever Madison was available, they would both sit down and discuss their wedding, but whenever she wasn’t around, I was the one to sit by Andrew and make plans. We looked at magazine after magazine, we called various kitchens of fine cuisine and then I had to help Andrew find the perfect tuxedo for the wedding ceremony. Andrew had no patience for all this shopping and calling, but I, on the other hand was having lots of fun. I just couldn’t wait for it to be my turn.

Madison had lost contact with her parents many years ago and she rarely talked to them. When she was a teenager she hated how she was strictly tied down and always had to follow their commands, therefore she simply left home and bought herself a small bungalow right outside of town. This would be the type of activity to do with your mother or sister, but seeing as Madison was lacking relationship was either of them, my mother and I decided to step in. We were going to help Madison pick out a wedding gown.We went to several stores but the dress we fell in love with was at Pleasant View’s Brides’ Couture. Everything inside was so well decorated and put together. As I stepped in I could tell this was store was going to be filled of lavish wedding gowns.

Madison’s fine silhouette and sharp features fit beautifully with almost all the dresses she tried on. She tried some with lace, some with glitter, others with beading. Some long dresses, some short ones, some were to tight while others were to lose. We loved every dress she tried on, but this one was magnificent. The luxurious fabric fell flawlessly onto her delicate structure. She looked at herself in the mirror with a slight smile forming onto her face and when she turned around to look at us; we all nodded in the same time. This was the one.

Six months later, the day finally arrived; Andrew was getting married. I woke up extra early that morning and prepared breakfast for the rest of the family. Once everyone was up, it was chaos in the house. Dad couldn’t find the car keys, Mom couldn’t decided which earrings to put, Andrew was panicking because he couldn’t find his socks; Meanwhile, I sat by and watched. Aaron was invited to the wedding as a sign of respect but I knew very well Andrew didn’t want him there. But of course Mom convinced him to invite his twin brother.

The wedding was being held in an outdoor park. It was Mom and me that prepared the decorations and once we arrived to the scene, it was so beautiful. The sun was starting to rise, and everything had an orange shade to it.

Dad stood by the small pond and told Andrew how proud he was. I watched as my father and brother shared a strong bond and how they truly loved each other. Where had time gone? My dad was old and frail, and my brother was getting married. Things were definitely going by too fast. While I sat down and observed the scenery, Mom and Aquamarine were sitting by the gigantic fountain. I looked at them, and there was a warm fuzzy feeling that took over my body. They looked so happy as they talked and told each other jokes.

After several hours of preparation, all the guests sat down on the marble benches. It was mostly family that attended the wedding and only a few close friends. As Mom sat down, I could tell she was holding back the tears. She sat right in front of me and I whispered behind her, “Mom, don’t cry your going to ruin your makeup.” She let out a faint giggle as I sat back and got myself comfortable. Aaron was sitting at the last bench and I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t pleased. I can even picture his thoughts. I’m suppose to be with Madison. I would be the one getting married right now, not my fool of a brother. I can’t let this happen.

Madison made her way down the aisle with steps that followed the rhythm of piano playing. Andrew waited at the end of the aisle and looked at the woman he loved. There was a sparkle in his eye; he was in love. I smiled as I saw my brother so happy and finally found someone he truly cared for. My mother no longer held back her tears. Little droplets were strolling down her wrinkly cheeks as she took out a handkerchief and tried to swipe away the tears. I couldn’t wait to be married. And I can’t wait to be a mother. I thought to myself as I slid my hand across my growing belly.

Finally, Madison joined Andrew at the altar. I saw my brother whisper something in Madison’s ear, but I couldn’t make out what his exact words were. The ceremony went on and as they held their hands, they were about to say their vows.

Andrew took a deep breath and began to speak, “Madison McCoy, the first day I met you-” He was quickly cut off by a loud voice coming from behind. We all turned around to see Aaron standing up and speaking loudly; little below a yell.

“Madison! Before you marry my brother, I think he should tell you something important.”

Madison looked at Aaron and smiled. Maybe it was only my imagination, but I’m pretty sure I caught her blushing. Did she have something for Aaron? She looked at Andrew and waited for him to speak.

“Aaron, I think you’d better sit down and let us continue, no?” Andrew asked his brother, but before anyone could speak, Madison stepped in.

“No, no. I want to hear what this is all about.” Madison had a smirk on her face; she had no idea what was to come.

Andrew shook his head and refused to speak, therefore Aaron continued.

“I belive my brother hasn’t mentioned my previous relationship has he?” Madison’s smile was slowly turning into a puzzled look. “Madison when you were hit by that car and fell unconscious, that caused you to forget many details of the past. One of those details being me; being us. We use to be a couple, Madison. Boyfriend and girlfriend. Then there was the accident and everything came crashing down. I really did care for you, even if no one believed me, I appreciated your presence. But there were two problems.”

Andrew interrupted and yelled back at his brother, “I think you should go Aaron.”

Aaron didn’t move, instead he kept talking. “Problem number one, would have been that I didn’t know how to express my fondness of you. But I figured that would’ve changed over the years. Then comes problem number too: My twin brother. He was jealous of what we had and whenever you gained consciousness, he was the first one to speak to you. He filled you with lies and told you everything but the truth. Then you fell in love with him and my chances were ruined. I loved you but my own twin brother betrayed me. I know the way I feel about all this, but how about you? Would you want to marry someone who can probably back stab you at any moment?”

As I watched, I felt as if this were a scene in a dramatic book I would’ve written. I watched in silence as my brother argued and Madison stood there defenseless. On the other hand, I can tell my mother wanted to break the boys apart. She wanted things to go back to when they were little boys, to when their fighting was temporary and pointless. Only now, things were different. They were both grown men and it wasn’t Mom’s job to solve their problems. They needed to take care of their own lives.

Madison look at the two men, and she suddenly took off running down the aisle. Tears were strolling down so fast, it made her look as if she were still a little girl sobbing. Everyone looked back and watched her run off. We were all speechless except for Andrew.

“Look what you’ve done! My whole life you’ve been causing me trouble and still now you ruin everything! Don’t you have anything else better to do! Now what? Madison won’t ever talk to me again, and what about you? You’re still the same lonely bastard you’ve been your whole life!.”

Andrew took off running after Madison and Aaron stood there speechless. While everyone looked at Andrew run for Madison, I looked at Aaron. He was truthfully sad and I can see how his shoulder slouched and he looked down to the floor. Was he really in love with Madison, or had he done that just to ruin the wedding?

6 Responses to Chapter 4.1 – Space In Between

  1. antsims3 says:

    Wow, great chapter! I loved the whole theme of the chapter. I extremely love the fact that you showed all the important details leading up to the wedding. I feel so bad for Madison, torn in between two guys who love her. I feel bad for Andrew though, he does love her, and he deserves her! Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comments! I tried to make it as realistic as possible. I think Madison will have to follow her heart for this decision!

      Thank you,

  2. gomar6 says:

    Oh wow. I;m shocked now!

  3. hushfirefly says:

    Nothing ever goes right at weddings.

  4. Hey! I didn’t see you had loads of new chapters up! Aww, Poor Madison 😦 loving the drama! xx

  5. mauisky says:

    nnnnnnoooooooooo such a beautiful wedding spoiled. Aww I hope they will all be ok

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