Chapter 4.4 – Wait a Minute

Six months ago, I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. I had the best feeling
in the world as I held my delicate first-born child into my hands. I wondered
how a tiny person can be so valuable and fragile. When I brought my little
boy home, my mother was thrilled; ecstatic actually. She held the newborn
child in her arms and cuddled him gently. As she looked into his eyes, it
looked as if it were her very own child. That’s when I started to wonder what
love truly was. When the word love was said, what usually came to mind?
Marriage? Commitment? Weddings? Or can love be found in anyone’s home. In a
mother’s hands? Or maybe it was the relationship between a person and an
animal? What does love mean to you?

When I saw my newest post in the newspaper I sat patiently at my office. I had my fingers crossed as I received various emails. Some readers enjoyed it, other disliked it, but then I received the email I dreaded the most. My anonymous sender told me how he hated me and my writings. Using big bold writing and many exclamation points, I felt the emotions he or she was sending. I reached the last paragraph when my eyes grew big. He was threatening my son! He told me how I was a horrible mother and he should either get rid of me or Ryan. I phoned the police and contacted with detective Pilate and she told me she still hadn’t found the source, however she was getting closer and closer.

I was anxious as I waited behind my front door. I was waiting for Alex to come pick me up; we were going to meet with Jill. Finally, Alex’s car drove up my driveway and I entered the SUV. My high heels made loud clacking noises along the dark, burning pavement. I opened the van’s door and greeted Alex. I flashed him a slight smile, and all he gave in return was a short “hi”.

It was a long drive to the prison. I acted as if I was amazed by the scenery, but in fact, I was only trying to make things less awkward. When we got onto the highway and got stuck in traffic, everything became silent. I tried turning on the radio, but he told me how he hated technology, so I turned it right back off. I took it as an occasion to learn more about him. He didn’t like talking about himself and every time I asked him a personal question, who would make sure to change the subject. I found it intriguing and mysterious how he kept his life personal. It was attracting.

After three hours of driving, we finally reached the jail. The old building was scary with its old cracked bricks and dirty old windows. Alex walked up the prison’s entrance and I followed quickly.

We passed through various metal doors, I had to show my identity cards four times, and Alex had to show them only twice. I was scared and nervous as I walked through the large gray hallways. Going from one door to the next and passing through many security guards was a frightening atmosphere for me. How can someone ever live there life in here.

At last, we entered a brightly lit room with a desk and two chairs. Alex sat down, and I slowly took the chair by him. He started talking to me telling me how he often came here to have confrontations with Jill and how she can be very shy sometimes. Why do I like it so much whenever Alex talks to me?

After a few minutes of talking, a security guard came in, followed my a small woman. He took off her handcuffs and pulled the chair for her to sit. He walked out and locked the door, leaving my looking across the dirty plexiglass window. That’s Jill? How can this fragile, delicate woman fill three innocent children? Jill’s hair was a light caramel color, and her features were small and feminine. She wore some faded orange colors and as I stared across to her, I couldn’t believe this was a physcopath woman.

I was still amazed when Jill spoke. “Holy crum! I can’t believe I am sitting right across from Ashley Smith! The Ashley Smith!” She had an exaggerated smile as she clapped her hands and almost jumped out of her chair.

“Hi Jill. Listen I’ve agreed to do this book but I’m still not sure about it. So if ever I have a bad feeling about this, you will never see me again and your ‘true story’ will never be told. Is that clear?” I wanted to speak my point before starting any business with Jill.

“Oh yes, yes absolutely! I just can’t believe you’re really sitting here in front of me! I mean, I read your posts all the time! Well almost.”

“Jill, I would like to remind you that we are here for the book. Now if you don’t mind I would like to start when you were a child.”

“yes, I’m sorry. I’m getting carried away aren’t I. See I’m a very excitable sim, but you probably saw that already. Anyway, for my childhood, nothing to special happened. Born in a small, not very rich town, and was brought up by my mother and father. My favorite part of my childhood would be christmas time! My father would give me a gift, and call me his little princess. I truly loves christmas mornings.”

I wrote small details on my notepad and asked her to talk about the things she didn’t like about her childhood. “Hmm, there’s a whole bunch of things I hate about when I was a little girl, but hey, who has a perfect life! I remember how my parents use to always fight, and then my father would end up giving my mom a good hit and that would make everything stop. Soon, my mom never really spoke, so my dad took out his anger on me and my sister. My sister is Patty, in case you didn’t know. And then my older brother followed into the steps of my father. My brother is Bram. He would beat his girlfriend up pretty good sometimes, and whenever he was at home, I was the one to got the hits. My sister was older than me, so she was a little harder to trick.”

Jill went on and on how her childhood had many fights and arguments, but she constantly reminded me how there were many good things that happened with her family. Like the apple pickings, and the new years celebrations, and thanksgiving, and even birthdays were enjoyable.Meanwhile, Alex sat by me and stayed as silent and still as a rock.

On the drive back home, I was deep into my thoughts. Even if Jill never admitted it, it was clear that she was abused as a child. Her childhood was filled with violence, yet had its happy times.

Alex cut me off in mid thought. “How about we stop by somewhere for lunch? I’m starving, really.”

I looked at him, amazed that he was asking me out. Even if it was only a friendly gesture, I was flattered. I accepted his offer and he brought me to a Greek restaurant. The vines were climbing up the buildings ancient walls and the aroma of the food escaped from the inside all the way to the outside tables. The diner was absolutely great. The food was complete perfection, and it was the first time Alex ever spoke to me as if we were friends. He told me about how he became a lawyer, and how he was never married. In fact, he had been single for nearly three years now. Towards the end, we were becoming at ease with each other, exchanging soft word and slight whispers. I was definitely attracted towards this man. Alex Preswall.

I was still on maternity leave, and spent most of my days cuddling Ryan in my arms. My mother and I would go shopping for brand new toys, and sometimes I would catch my dad snuggling little Ryan in his arms. My father had such a soft heart.

It was just another regular day, when I received a letter from Jill. I was surprised she had even bothered writing to me, when in fact, we were suppose to meet again during the week. I opened the big brown enveloped and looked at the small stack of pages. her writing was sribbled hurriedly along the pages and I began to read.

I know I haven’t said much when we first met, but like I said, I was so amazed to see you. I really like you Ashley. I think we have so much in common. Maybe we can become friends and if I ever get out of the rotten place we can hang out.

Me, hang out with a killer? Not exactly my type. I can’t believe she said we have so much in common! She’s a murderer sitting on death row, and I’m a loving mother who would do anything for her son!

Last time we met, I talked to you about the small fights going on in my home, but I forgot to mention my best memory. I was only ten, and the family went on a trip to Disney World. It took us over a year to save up all the money, but we finally went. I can still remember the day my father bought me a cupcake and called me his little princess. I loved when he called me that. We stayed at a two star hotel, but still it seemed so much more rich and clean then our actual home. My mother was a little more at ease during the trip and she showed more emotions.

Jill wrote paragraphs of her trip to Disney world, and how she loved all the girls wearing gigantic princess dresses and the boys were brave pirates. But then, something caught my eye. She sayed how her father would abuse her sister at night and how she would just lay there in bed, blocking her eyes from the violent cries. I turned the papers over, incapable of reading anymore. It was clear that Jill and her sister were violently and sexually abused and I couldn’t imagine who would have such a cruel mind to do such things. I wiped a tear away from my eye and got up. So, is that why Jill killed those children? Was it because she never saw what love was? She said she loved those kids but then again, all she knew was violence and poverty. Is it possible for a child who was raised in horrible conditions grow up to be perfectly normal?Or would it be more likely for them to become crazy, psychotic killers?

Every day, Alex and I would go out. Sometimes to dinner, sometimes to the beach but every time, I learned more and more about him. We had kissed several times, and once my parents weren’t home, I invited Alex over. I showed him the house, and started to lead him towards the bedroom. Only a few minutes later, we were making love in my very own bed. So many thoughts went through my mind. My son is down the hallway and I’m making love to a man I’m not even married too. I barely know him, but I think I might love him. Oh but Ryan is just a room away! I hesitated, but Alex and I made love for a second time that afternoon. I liked how he was rough yet so gentle with me, and it felt so nice to finally be loved.

I drove to the prison alone and I was thankful when there was no traffic. I was getting use to passing through the metal detectors and long dark hallways. I reached the visitation room and sat on one side of the dirty plexiglass. Do they ever clean these things? The door on the other side was abruptly opened and Jill refused to sit down. She looked at me with an evil glare in her eyes. I was almost scared when I saw her. I looked at her curiously, and figured she had a bad day.

“You’re dating Alex aren’t you?”

“I believe you have no business knowing about my personal life.”

“Are you sleeping with him?” She was angry as she spoke, her nostrils grew larger as she took deep breaths.


“Answer the question Ashley.”

“Jill do I have to remind you once again that I’m here to ask you questions. This isn’t about me.”

“Why not? Are you hiding something Ashley? You’re sleeping with him, it’s obvious. Just you be careful! There’s no visiting session today.”

She left the room and I waited, but she never came back. I had driven three hours for nothing? If she thinks she’s going to get it her way…

Just the day later, I promised myself to forget about all this drama going on with Jill. Today, my son was having a birthday and he was to become a toddler. This was Ryan’s day and I was going to make the best of it. I stayed home and played games with Ryan while my mother and father went shopping for balloons and a cake. I kept recieving threatening emails, and often times Ryan was included in them, but I made sure my little boy was safe. I always had an eye open for him. Finally, all the balloons were blown up and different colored decorations hung across the walls. My mom held Ryan in her arms, and tilted him forward to his cake. The little body had trouble blowing out the single candle but after many blows, you finally spun into a toddler! I couldn’t believe how much my son looked like me. He had light blonde hair and dark green eyes. As if I was looking down at a mirror.

I spent hours with Ryan teaching him to talk and walk. I loved hearing his giggle whenever he fell lightly to the floor. Or whenever he repeated the same word as me, I felt so proud of him. I think that’s when I realized love can be found anywhere. And i truly loved my son.

It’s been four days since I met with Jill. Today, I received a short letter from her.

Dear Ashley,

I’m sorry I acted that way the other day. I over reacted and your right, I don’t have any right to know about your personal life. I was just asking because I really would like to become friends with you. When I thought about you and Alex, it made me remember a past relationship of mine.

Jill wrote about her very first boyfriend. She was sixteen, and he was twenty. His name was Bram Walton. She told me how sweet he was and how he always liked to laugh. They would sneak out to the mountains sometimes at night, and then she told me how he was the first man she ever made love too.

He wasn’t very good though, no offense to him. I mean, I had to do all the work!

After reading the letter, I wanted to meet with Bram.

I had done my research, contacted different numbers and now, I stood in front of Bram Walton. He was in his mid-twenties with dark hair and eyes. It took me a long time to convince him to talk, but after many persuasive talking, he agreed.

“I started dating Jill when I was twenty-one.”

“She told me you were twenty?”

“She lied. I was twenty-one and she was sixteen. Anyways, we dated for nearly a whole year, but suddenly things started to change with her. She would get really crazy sometimes, and then other times she was the sweetest person I ever knew. She started hanging out with different friends and that’s when I think things changed. One day I caught her kicking a cat around and that’s when things were clear in my mind. This girl was crazy so I walked out of her life. I was scared to leave her actually. I thought she might track me down or haunt me in my dreams, but I was wrong. She ended up dating someone else. She told him his name was Jack, but personally I think he was an imaginary boyfriend to get me jealous.”

I took several notes down and thanked him for meeting up with me. Who’s Jack? She never told me about him? And..what happened to him?

I soon as I got back home, I got a call from my sister Alessia. I was hoping she wasn’t in any kind of trouble, but I soon learned that she had joined a rehabilitation center and that she was working hard on her drinking problems. I was happy to hear that my sister was trying to pull out of her dark world and once I told my the news, she was so excited for her daughter.

It was a bright day outside, no clouds in the sky and chirping birds flying from tree to tree. That’s when I got a good idea and decided to share it with my father.I told him how we should all go camping; the whole family. We would make a huge picnic and maybe try to invite Aaron to join us as well. My dad agreed happily and rushed to go tell my mom the good news.

Everyone woke up early that morning. Mom was preparing breakfast, I was packing the diaper bag for Ryan, and Dad was calling Aaron. i wanted to get as much family together s possible, so I invited Aaron. I called Alessia, but a friend of hers told me she was out-of-town shopping. Mom was preparing a picnic lunch and packed everything in a nicely wrapped basket. She was preparing waffles for breakfast, but when they were black and burned, we all laughed and decided to call for pizza. Aaron swung by in his car and told he was sorry but something had come up. He left us a platter of brownies and left in a rush.

We sat around the kitchen table, laughing, eating, and telling each other stories. Alex was invited to come with us on our trip, and for breakfast, he prepared everyone a chocolate milkshake. I smiled and refused politely, not wanting to get so much sugar, but he insisted and so I drank it. After having pizza for breakfast, we all shared the brownies Aaron had prepared for us.

We were making sure we had all our belongings, when I felt sharp pains in my stomach. I crouched down and yelled in pain. Alex held my elbow trying to keep me balanced. The pain in my stomach grew larger. I decided I had to stay home, and Alex said he would stay with me to make sure everything was safe. I insisted that Mom and Dad continue the outing with Ryan.

One Mom, Dad and Ryan got to their destination, they started to unpack the bags. Ryan was crawling around, chasing butterflies and making castles with soil. A red car pulled up and Aaron stepped out. He rushed to dad and gave him a hug, smiling. Turns out he had some spare time so he decided to meet up with his family. Aaron and Ryan got along immediately as they played together in the grass.

Meanwhile, I lay in bed in pain. Alex and I came to a conclusion that I had eaten something that my body wasn’t accepting. Alex carried me up to my room and put me into bed. He insisted I get some rest. I closed my eyes, and it took only a few seconds before I fell into a deep sleep.

I opened my eyes slowly, trying to blink away the blur. I couldn’t see clearly but I could tell Alex was standing in front of the bed. I held onto my head, I had a major headache. My head was spinning but suddenly I knew exactly what had happened.

“Alex…Alex. You nave to get Aaron. He’s the one sending those threatening emails. He’s going to hurt R-Ryan.” My words were stumbling out and the dizziness started to take my body over. Alex sat on the bed and shook me a little.

“What? You think your brother wants to get Ryan? Why?”

“T-The emails. And…the brownies. He poisoned me, he wants to get Ryan.”

I could barely talk, but in my mind things were clear. My very own brother had been sending threatening emails for the past year. In his emails he mentioned full names and he knew every detail about Ryan and me. Then this morning, he makes up an excuse for not showing up, yet he brings these home-made chocolate brownies. I eat two and only minutes after I get huge pain and dizziness. Now, he shows up as if nothing ever happened and he’s all alone with my parents and Ryan. In a deep forest. My son was in danger.

8 Responses to Chapter 4.4 – Wait a Minute

  1. antsims3 says:

    Amazing chapter! I feel bad for Jill. The poor woman obviously has many issues. Abused kids do turn out odd when they’re older, but not all of them. Maybe someone framed her? I hope Ashley’s relationship with Alex can go further! Oh no! Why would Aaron do such a thing, to his own family??? I need to find out! Can’t waitt for more! 😀

  2. carebear728 says:

    Loved this chapter POOR Jill, I think she’s in love with Ashley

  3. Beckey says:

    Poor Jill……. And Poor Ryan… What’s gonna happen to him! Stop leaving us on a cliffhanger! xD Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey Beckey! Thank for the nice comments. Jill has had quiet a few rough patches in her life, but like she said .. she has good ones 😉 I’m actually very happy to hear endings leave suspense! It’s a good thing, no?

  4. tipix7 says:

    Shame! I hope everything works out alright! Poor little Ryan.

  5. gomar6 says:

    Btw I added you to my blogroll.

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