Chapter 4.7 – Dismay and Disaproove

The new nursery for Lucas reminded me of the room we had once decorated for when Ryan was just a little boy. Lucas spent long hours sleeping soundly in his new crib. Sometimes I would walk by the room, and I saw Thomas simply sitting in the cozy chair, watching his newborn son; a look of peacefulness in his eyes.


The doorbell rang and I skipped down the stairs, ready to answer to whoever was on the other side. I wrapped my silky nightgown tightly around my waist, and opened the front door. A skinny and short man was on my doorstep with a clipboard and pen. His voice was low; barely over a whisper. “I have a delivery for Mrs. Smith? Some, uh…bike or something?”

I had almost forgotten! I had ordered a new edition of the TrailGrind bicycle for Lucas. It was supposed to be for his birthday, but everything had come late, so we decided to give it to him a little later his actual special day. Lucas unwrapped the brown box and was thrilled to find a brand new bicycle. TrailGrind was one of the best, elite mountain bike brands. I had paid quiet a fortune for this two-wheeler mechanism, but when I saw the smile on my boy’s face, everything was worth it.

Ryan had a little trouble at first, but Thomas helped him ride the large-sized bike. Meanwhile, I stayed inside and took care of Lucas. It was so different without my parents around. With both my husband and son playing outdoors, the house would get so quiet at times; like I can heart a needle drop. But then the peacefulness would turn into chaos. Lucas would cry for food, for a new diaper, or just for attention. And then there were my two big boys who would come in, filled with excitement from their previous activity.

After only a few days of practice, Lucas was racing down the streets of Sunset Valley with his shining bike. He had grown a passion for that bicycle; he even rode it to school every day.


Thomas had insisted for hours to bring me along to his night club. I wasn’t sure though. It had been years since I went dancing in a bar, and now that I had a husband and kids, it just didn’t seem right. But, after all it was Thomas’ job and he had really been convincing. We hired one of the best babysitter agencies in town; there was no way I was leaving my kids with some grumpy old nanny!

Thomas unlocked the heavy front doors and guided me inside. The room was dark, and my eyes were unable to adjust. Thomas turned several light switches on, and when I was hoping to see clearly, I was even more confused for the room was filled with bright purple neons and spotlights. The bar was empty and quiet, and Thomas had to get the music and drinks ready for the night. Only fifteen minutes later, an employee came in. She was a well-rounded blond, with dark red lips and perfectly curved eyebrows. I gave her a nasty look and Thomas reassured me she was only a bartender. I hated this environment. I loved it years ago when I was a young teen and hanging out with friends and dancing to the beat of music but now it seemed wrong. Who am I kidding? I always hated clubs. I only came once in a while because some of my friends had insisted. The smell, the sound and the lights had always bothered me.

The girl with the red lipstick opened the door and disappeared into a dark room. I sat at the bar, and watched as Thomas mixed drinks. He maneuvered the bottles perfectly; I’d be so afraid to break one! The bartender stepped back out, wearing a hot pink tank top and a name tag that read, ‘Trisha’. I already had my thoughts about that women. I frowned in disgust as I saw her step behind the bar next to Thomas. Thomas took a drink for himself and handed one over to me. He led me to a back room. He opened the door and turned another light switch on. It hurt my eyes to have to once again adjust to the new lighting, only this light was perfectly normal. How can anyone work in this all night long?

Thomas closed the door behind him, and I heard a click as he locked it shut. He sat by me on the leather sofa and started a warm fire with the nearby fireplace. I was uncomfortable in this environment. I enjoyed coming here only for the dancing, but it was still so rare that I came to these kinds of dingy places. We sat there sipping on our drinks, cuddling against each other. I hated whatever it was I was drinking. It’s aroma filled my delicate nostrils, and every time I took a sip, it burned down my throat. I tried not to complain and act as if I had done this my whole life, when in fact, I was already feeling a little woozy.

A half hour later, we made our way through the other side of the club, where I saw several employees. The first person I saw was the blond bartender ‘Trisha’ flirting with another employee who seemed to be named “Hunter”. I wondered if that was his real name or just a nickname he liked to give himself. My heart skipped a beat when the sound of loud music filled the room. I turned around and saw a DJ behind a load of electronics. He had a bright pink mohawk, and when I looked closely at his name tag, it read, “Jimmy”. Was it only my husband that seemed to be normal?

Everyone waved at Thomas; they owed him a great deal of respect. The front doors of the nightclub opened, letting in many young teenagers. I was surprised to see a few adults step into the bar and start dancing to the music. I quickly disappeared into the crowd and when I looked over at Thomas, there were at least four girls all over him. I gave out a little laugh when I saw a young boy completely amazed by him. I wondered if he was even allowed to be in a club like this.

I had finally finished my drink, but I could already feel my knees wobbling, and my face a burning red. I hated this place? Loud, piercing music. Strong, bad tasting drinks. Wierd colored lights who hurt my eyes. Sims dancing together; their sweaty bodies brushing up against each other. I was completely disgusted; especially by the fact that Thomas owned this place.

I took a few unsteady steps towards Thomas but was roughly pushed away by an old, ugly woman. She was already drunk and all over Thomas. She was of dark skin and had bright white hair covering her whole head. Her hands were going up and down across Thomas’ chest, and Thomas was simply laughing and answering to whatever she was saying. I got a sudden wave of anger. I pushed the drunk woman so hard she toppled over. My head was hurting now, and Thomas decided it was better if we headed home. I thought so too.

We dismissed the babysitter and Thomas carried me to our bedroom. The single drink I had earlier that night had really taken over my body. I had a mix of confusion and dizziness and I was so happy when Thomas dropped me onto the bed. “Make love to me,” I whispered to him as he snuck up beside me in bed.

15 Responses to Chapter 4.7 – Dismay and Disaproove

  1. Reeba999 says:

    Cool chapter! Loved the title too. I know it’s been a while since I’ve commented but don’t worry I’m reading. I have a feeling there’s a baby on the way, especially since the next chapter is called

    Three’s a Charm
    I’ll probably comment on your next chapter .. well if i dont forget teehee 🙂

    The Reeb

  2. grazya says:

    In case you want to fix it, you spelled Disapprove wrong in your title… Ryan is cute, with his little bike. Too bad there’s no Tour De France in sims. However, you could make a bunch of sims and force them to ride bikes down a road. >:) Great chapter!

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey grazya Thank for letting me know about the title ! I’ll fix it whenever I have the time ;P Your right about the bike activities, It;d be nice fi there were more options with bicycles…

      Thanks for the kind comments!

  3. carebear728 says:

    This was a cute sweet chapter it showed the family is really far

  4. mauisky says:

    I read this earlier but didn’t have time to comment. Really loved the chapter.. and i wonder if they will have any more kids? 😉

  5. WoWLynnia says:

    I love the baby room! Absolutely adorable and the colors you picked for it really set it off nicely. I totally see what she means about the club scene; I’m not much for clubs, myself. Too many drunk people making fools of themselves. Although if you know the bouncers at the club, which I happen to at the only club I’ve gone to, it’s pretty hilarious to have a back room view of everything going on. Great chapter, and maybe there’s another baby on the way…? 😉

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey Lynnia! Happy you liked the nursery 🙂 Ya at first I was gonna make Ashley enjoy the bar and clubs, but then I remember how she was as a child and teen. She was always reading books and typing away at her computer, so I figured both things don’t really match up. Maybe another baby … who knows.. 😉

      BTW Do u have a blog or legacy or any site? lol
      Thanks for commenting,

  6. AtomShyKitty says:

    Hello xcin! very nice chapter! Love the way the child room looks and what Lynnia said; there is a child coming! I’m sure! I add your blog to my links so I can continue reading ❤

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey Shy Kitty ;P Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 I can’t say if their will be another child .. guess you’ll have to read the next chapter to find out 😉 Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I’ll go check out your site, and I’ll add you to my links as well.

      Welcome to my legacy!

  7. I know what she means, clubs aren’t really my thing either 🙂
    Nice chapter, I’d love her to have a girl though! Is this a matriarchy?
    The Phoenix Legacy is back up, I realised that I hadn’t downloaded Riverview on my new laptop, which was why it wouldn’t work, and found an old save so we will be returning for generation 2 :’)

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey! I’d also love for Ashley and Thomas to get a baby girl! And no, this isn’t a matriarchy. I know it seems like it because of all the girl hieress’ but no, it can be a boy or girl. Happy to hear that your legacy is back in plaY! Can’t wait to read all about it.


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