Chapter 4.8 – Three’s a Charm

It wasn’t a surprise when I woke up an early morning wearing maternity clothes. I couldn’t remember very much, but I still knew what happened that night after I went to the night club with Thomas. We had both agreed it was the last time I was going there. I was so happy to see a little baby bump forming and it wasn’t long before Thomas noticed it. He had been thrilled once again, and was constantly rubbing my growing belly.


Ryan had definitely grown attached to his bike. He would ride it all over town and race his friends uphill and downhill. If it was hot and sunny outside, he washed it extra clean scrubbing off every piece of dirt it had. The rainy days however were hard for Ryan, but he still managed to bring the bike inside and polish it till it was shining under the bright lights. He absolutely loved riding bikes and doing races. That’s when i got the idea that we should sign him up in a small town competition.

The local elementary school held different challenges every week, and this week Ryan had signed up for a race. The race was by bicycle and was to be done all around Sunset Valley. Ryan was one of the youngest contestants, but he was determined to win. The race was in two weeks and he wanted to be sure that he was ready for this competition. He wanted to get himself a personal coach, but I told him that was completely absurd. Of course Thomas agree with him though, and they both ended up talking me into it.

Francois Moreau. That was the trainer that stayed with Ryan teaching him tricks to improve his skills. Francois was in his early thirties, and was born in France. He moved to Sunset Valley for a reason he didn’t want to tell us, so I didn’t bother insisting.

Francois was skinny yet I could tell he use to be an athlete when he was younger; the muscles that lay underneath his skin were still visible. He had a heavy accent but I quickly found out that he was a very lovable man. For the next two weeks, Francois and Ryan were always outside pedaling hard on their bikes. Francois made Ryan practice other skills, such as endurance, strength, and flexibility. I couldn’t believe how my son was already growing up so quickly. I felt as if he were training for the olympics when it fact it was only a community race between students. I loved my son and found him very talented, but personally, I didn’t think he would win this race. He was one of the youngest and smallest boy competing and had little experience but when I saw how determined and excited he was, I knew I was doing the right thing.


The air was cold and the sky was covered with dark gray clouds. I had read a bedtime story to Lucas and had already made sure Ryan was in bed. Now I lay in my bed rubbing my baby bump gently. I waited for Thomas to get home from his working shift at his bar. I waited for an hour, then fell asleep in the warmth of my bed; with no one by my side.

The bright lights piercing through the window’s shades woke me up. I looked around the room and saw Thomas getting dress my the mirror. I quickly jumped to my feet, remembering that last night he had never come home.

“Thomas? Where were you last night. I waited for such a long time, but I…I fell asleep.”

“Ya, sorry hun, there were problems at the bar and of course I had to deal with it.”

“At what time did you get home?”

“Around 3:00am”

“What was the problem?” I asked curiously, wondering if he was actually telling me the truth. I have to admit, I had my suspicions on him, especially after the last time I went to his work and say all those women toppling over him. I picture of ‘Trisha’ came into my mind.

Thomas looked at me with a look of hesitation. “A guy refused to pay his final bill, and when I told him I’d have no choice but call the cops, he went on some type of rage mode. The police came in time before much damage can be done.”

I nodded and hugged him gently, happy that he was safe, but still wondering if I was hearing the full story. Was he cheating on me?

I couldn’t believe how fast this day had come. It seemed as if it were only yesterday that I was giving birth to this bundle of joy, but today, this bundle of joy was entering toddler hood. It was time for Lucas to blow out his candles and become a growing toddler. I picked up his little body and helped him blow out the candles, I had no time to place him on the floor and he had already turned into a young toddler. He clapped his little hands and squealed loud baby sounds. I smiled and couldn’t believe how fast time went. Time flies.

Once Lucas grew up into toddler hood, we quickly saw who he resembled most. He had inherited Thomas’ chocolate eyes, and thin lips. Once I saw how dark Lucas’ hair was, it reminded me of my mom; Sapphire with her long, black, silky hair.

The book I had written about Jill had made me become a great success. Not as much as my mother, but still I had fans. One afternoon I received an email from my boss and was told that I had to get to work early one morning. I got dress, put on my black high heels and applied my favorite pink gloss onto my lips.

I parked my car in my reserved slot behind the massive gray building. I smiled as I saw my name engraved on a plate, indicating this parking space was specially reserved for me. I took out my magnetic card, allowing me to open the heavy front doors and stepped onto the marble floors. The lights were closed and there was no one in sight.


I took a few more steps, the only noise being the clacking of my high heels onto the polished white floors. I headed to the side of the wall, and opened a sequence of light switches. I was unsure of what was going on, and suddenly I saw at least twenty faces popping out of behind furniture.

“Surprise!” They yelled with perfect synchronization. I was still confused, but then I saw my boss step through the small crowd and make his way towards me. He shook my hand and spoke in a loud, husky voice.

“Ashley Smith, it’s with great honor, I would like to announce that you’ve reached the top of the journalism career!’

Everyone started cheering me on, wine bottles being burst open and music started playing from the large black speakers.

After the celebration, I headed home I spread the great news to my family. I couldn’t believe it; I had done it.

I was sitting in the nursery, watching Lucas play with his bright-colored block when I felt a sharp pain. This pain was all too familiar, only this time the pain was worse. I yelled for Thomas, and he carried me down into the car. He sped through the streets and guided me through the hospital doors.

After four painful hours, I finally gave birth to another healthy baby boy!


Author’s Note: Sorry if there are writing mistakes or any sentences that don’t make sense. I had to rush through this chapter since it’s Christmas, and a lot of my time is being spent with family and friends, therefore whenever I have the chance to write a chapter, I try to hurry.

Thanks for understanding,


11 Responses to Chapter 4.8 – Three’s a Charm

  1. antsims3 says:

    What a great chapter! I’m really happy for Ashley and her career. She worked hard and deserves her title! Another baby, Jeremy is an adorable toddler! I hope nothing does happen between Thomas and Ashley, they do love eachother. But, I hope Thomas doesn’t cheat. Can’t wait for more! I hope your enjoying the holdiays! 😀

  2. AtomShyKitty says:

    “drools” Jeremy is soooo cuuute!! and OMG something about that picture of the club told me that Thomas may cheat on Ashley! I hope I’m wrong! Happy New Year!! ❤

    • xcin100x says:

      Haha, I love Jeremy too 🙂 Well, honestly I love all the three boys ! Especially Ryan’s everyday clothes.. :O Happy new year to you too! Hope your enjoying the holidays!


  3. mauisky says:

    Awww Jeremy is so cute!!! And here was me thinking it would be a baby girl this time heheheh

    Have a happy new year (and I hope poor Ashley is not being cheated on!)

    • xcin100x says:

      Happy new year to you too! 😀 I know, I was expecting it to be a girl too .. But guess not! 3 boys .. now that’s a handful 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting !

      Enjoy the holidays!

  4. dinkyjen says:


    Sorry it took so long to comment, when I popped over I realised I was actually a fair bit behind on your legacy, stupid me!

    But don’t worry I’m all up to date now and I’ve subscribed so I wont miss any more.

    Just gotta say I LOVE your legacy. Your writing is brilliant, all the characters are wonderful and very believable, and your story lines are very original.

    I am well and truly hooked and I can’t wait for the next chapter. Great Job!!!

    Jen xx

    • xcin100x says:

      Thanks for the nice comments! : ) No need to be sorry, I know how life can get busy ! I’m happy to hear that you’re loving the stories and drama that comes along with the Smith legacy!

      Thanks a lot,

  5. carebear728 says:

    Thomas better not be cheating argh

  6. tipix7 says:

    They boys are all so cute! Hope for their sake Thomas is behaving himself at work.

  7. Cute!
    But I was so hoping for a girl… 😥
    The nursery’s fabby 🙂

    • xcin100x says:

      Haha, yes I was so sure it was going to be a girl .. and then the news came ..

      ”Congratulations on a new baby boy! ” Lol.
      But I’m still very happy!

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