Chapter 4.9 – Father Like Son

The bike competition started at noon and every young boy and girl in Sunset Valley was participating. I was surprised to see all the young children and teens that were going to take part in the race. Ryan was nervous; his body almost shaking. I told him how this wasn’t a huge competition, and that it was ok if he didn’t win, but he didn’t listen to one word I said. A man with a deep voice got behind a microphone and told all the contestants to get on their bikes, and behind the starting line.

“On your mark! Get set! Go!” The sound of the shot pistol made the bikers pedal quickly on their bikes. I watched as Ryan started pedaling quickly trying to make it to first place, but I could tell he wouldn’t be able to pass by the older boys. The race took place all around the streets of Sunset Valley, and it was only an hour later that we started seeing some bikers arrive at the finish line. I was sad, but not surprised, when I saw a dark-skinned teenager come into first place. Only two minutes later, we saw a young girl speeding by on her bike; she came in second place. I hoped Ryan hadn’t fallen off his bike, and gotten hurt. Five minutes later, we saw two bikers speeding side by side pedaling with all their force up the hill. I started screaming and clapping when I saw Ryan take the lead. He rolled down the hill at full speed, and passed the finish line only six seconds before the next biker. He had made it in third place!

After receiving the bronze medal, Ryan made his way to the car with a frown to his face. I was heartbroken, as I saw him be so disappointed after the race he had been waiting for. I told him he had done a great job; and I truly meant it. Honestly, I didn’t even think he would finish in the first ten! But he surprised me with his amazing speed and perseverance. I told him I was extremely proud and that he had worked very hard and everything had paid off. I know I didn’t cheer him up very much, but at least I was able to get his mind off of his race.

While my eldest boy was practicing his bike skills and racing in community competitions, my youngest boy was learning the basics of life. I loved trying to teach Jeremy to walk and talk. His loud squeals of joy whenever he accomplished something good.

* * *

* * *

I decorated the cake, had blown up at least twenty balloons, and now I lit up the candles. Ryan took a steady step forward, and blew out the candles; letting smoke evaporate into the room. We all cheered and grabbed a piece of cake, laughing and sharing it at the diner table. I knew we were celebrating my son’s birthday, but I was still so surprised when I saw him age into a teenager. My little boy was truly growing up; his hair had grown longer, his young boy’s voice had changed, and his structure and grown and gotten bigger.

The exact same day, it was Lucas’ time to grow up into a school-aged boy! He spun in sparkles just like his older brother had done, and in no time a taller boy stood in front of me. Where had the baby squeals gone? We took out his wooden crib and got rid of all the used up toys such as the plastic blocks and the dirty old teddy bear. His new room was for a big boy.

Now that my boys were getting older, they often played together. Ryan and Lucas got along great; they played football outside, told each other jokes, and it was thanks to Ryan that Lucas learned how to ride a bike.

* * *

* * *

I was the only girl in the family. Three boys and one husband was a lot to take care of, and I missed having other women in the family. I remember when I was just a young girl how much fun me and my sisters had. There was a part of me missing, a part of me that craved for a baby girl. I had to confront Thomas about this idea that crept in my mind day and night.

“Thomas, hunny, I know having three boys is a handful and that we’re very busy, but I’d really love it if we can have a baby girl.”

Thomas laughed, but my face remained serious, and I waited for his answer. “Are you serious? We have three wonderful children. Three boys to be exact and these three boys need all the love and care they can get. If we get another child…”

“What would happen if we got another child? Nothing but more joy and happiness. We’ve raised our three sons, and I don’t see why we can’t try for one more? I’m sure that deep down you’d love it if we can have a daughter. You’d treat her like a princess and she would be daddy’s little girl.”

I think I hit a soft spot when I mentioned daddy’s little girl. Thomas was a big, muscular man, but he always had a soft heart and I’m sure he’d love to have a daughter to take care of.

“Your right. Nothing but more joy and happiness.”

Thomas had quickly taken things into action that it was only in a few weeks that I realized I was pregnant once again! I was nervous at first to see Thomas’ reaction, but he was so excited for this birth! He wanted to have a little girl just as bad as me now and he was constantly rubbing my growing belly and talking to it as if the child can actually listen. I was so excited with this pregnancy. I wanted to have a baby girl so much, and now that I was pregnant, I felt a step closer. I had to accept the fact that the baby I was carrying might very well be another boy, but there was a feeling inside of me that told me it was going to be a baby girl.


* * *

* * *


Ryan’s Point of View:

High school was probably the best place to meet people. Especially girls. I hated having homework and all these important exams, but I kept myself busy with meeting new people. Just in the first month of high school. I was already becoming popular. Girls loved me; obviously. And the guys and me would hang out often after school and in the parks. Mom would get mad at me sometimes. She doesn’t like it whenever me and my friends are just sitting around in public areas, she keeps thinking that were gonna do something bad.

Mom and dad were heading out to the restaurant to celebrate I don’t know what, and I had the house to myself, and well my two younger brothers. Jeremy was sleeping in his crib by 7:30 and Lucas refused to go to bed. I called up at least fifteen of my friends to come over to my house for a party. It wasn’t long before the news was being spread throughout every teenager in Sunset Valley.

I was hyped for the party tonight, my adrenaline running high. I payed Lucas ten bucks so he would stay in his room for the rest of the night, I ordered two large pizzas, and because my father owned a nightclub, I was aware of all the different mixes to make delicious drinks. I brought the two stereos into the entrance and turn them both on with the music really loud. Lucas came running down, complaining about the sound, but I sent him right back up to his room, threatening to take the ten dollars back.

The guests started coming in a handful through the front door. Some went straight for food, others for drinks, and other started dancing to the beat of the music. There were some sims that I hadn’t even invited that were walking through my front door, but I quickly understood how they were friends of my friends.

The party was really going great. The loud music got everyone dancing wildly and pumping their fists into the air. I had taken a few drinks and I could feel my face a burning red and my legs were getting weaker as I dance to the music. With time, the people got more at ease and comfortable with the home. They made their way upstairs and they had no problem opening the fridge to grab whatever food lay in front of them.

Back to Ashley’s Point of View:

Thomas and I spent a wonderful time at the restaurant. We started our meal with a light Caesar’s Salad, followed by a loaf of rich chicken. The main course was a bright red lobster, and our dessert was a piece of cinnamon and cheese cake. The whole evening was wonderful. Delicious meals, candle-lit table with a cool breeze to keep us nice and cozy. It was nice to have such a large meal because of my pregnancy cravings. I had never seen Thomas so romantic with me before. He whispered soft words and kissed me across the table every so often.

After our perfect diner, Thomas and I drove back home. Thomas parked the car in our large driveway and helped me get out of the car. I heard a faint thumping noise, but ignored it and made my way to the front door. I unlocked the golden door knob and stepped inside, and I automatically knew where the loud noise was coming from.

Loads of strangers were in my home, dancing, yelling, rummaging through my fridge. A wave of anger and surprise took over my body and then I saw Ryan dancing wildly and laughing at who knows what. I immediately shut off the stereo and demanded, “What’s going on here!” I yelled louder than I had intended. Ryan had a look of shock in his face, but he soon started to laugh.

“Hi mom! Hi dad! them. My friends, I don’t know how they got here.” His words were slurry, and I could smell his breath full of alcohol.

“Everyone out!” I yelled and shooed everyone out the front door. I couldn’t believe it when I saw teens running from downstairs. Were there people in my bedroom? Finally everyone was out of the house.

“Where’s Ryan and Jeremy?” I asked Lucas.

“Uhm, there sleeping. I think.”

“You did this party? Lucas what were you thinking? And what have you been drinking!? You can’t even stand straight!”

“Ok, that was too many questions. But I think I did this party, but…but not all these people were suppose to show up. And I drank uhm..I don’t know.”

It was no use talking to my son in this state. No matter what was said tonight, was going to be forgotten tomorrow. Lucas was finally up in his room into a deep sleep and I turned around to look at Thomas. He didn’t even look surprised or upset. After all, he worked in parties like these all the time.

* * *

* * *

I received a phone call in the middle of the day and when I listened, there was a woman with a high pitch voice who spoke.

” Hi, Mrs. Smith?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“This is the police station of Sunset Valley. Your son, Ryan has encountered a problem at school this morning and was sent here for you to pick him up.”

“ son? What happened?”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Smith your son is in good hands right now. I believe he got in a fight at school that led the other teenage boy to the hospital. However for more details ma’am you’re going to need to come down here to pick up your son please.”

“But…but I’m pregnant. My husband isn’t home right now and…and I can’t drive like this.”

“Alright ma’am I’ll arrange something. One moment please.” I was put on hold and in a minute or so the high pitch voice began again. “Mrs. Smith? An officer will drive your son home within the next twenty minutes is that ok?” I agreed to her offer and thought it was very considerate of her.

The line went dead.

In the next fifteen minutes a cop car pulled up in the front drive. I immediately ran outside, wanting to see my son. I wasn’t sure what to think at this point. I was mad at Ryan for even getting in a fight, but I was worried to see if he was ok. Was he hurt? The other boy was at the hospital at this very second, how was my son?

The officer let Ryan step out of the car and waved me a good-bye, leaving me outside with Ryan.

“Ryan, are you ok? What’s going on?”

“Mom, it’s nothing. I…I just got in a small fight at school.”

“Small fight!? There’s someone at the hospital right now!”

“It’s not as bad as it sounds. He just got a little cut on his lip and needs a few stitches. Listen Mom, I don’t wanna go through this right now.”

“Oh your going to listen to me young man. What were you thinking to pound on an innocent teenage boy?”

“Innocent? Mom he was all over my girlfriend and flirting with her, I had to do something!”

“Oh because you have a girlfriend?”

“Well, not anymore. She broke up with me right after the fight.”

I started getting teary-eyed. My son had a girlfriend? He had parties and got in fights? This wasn’t the way I wanted to raise my children.

“What happened to the little boy who use to love biking? And who would try so hard to come in first place?”

I frowned and walked back into the house, disappointed in my son’s behavior. That’s when I saw a flash of Thomas in my son. He had the temper of his father…

I think I had reached a soft spot with Ryan when I mentioned his old biking passion because now as soon as he got home from school, he was in the study working hard to gain endurance and pump up his muscles. It was comforting knowing where my son was after school. This way I knew he wasn’t causing trouble going to parties and getting into more fights, or worse.

* * *

* * *

I paid over two hundred dollars to spend the day at the spa. With the pregnancy and the bouncing hormones, it was nice to sit back and relax while getting a smooth massage. I was making my way to the back room where there were bubbling hot tubs when I felt a sharp, intense kick in my stomach. This feeling was all too familiar and I immediately knew the baby was coming! I yelled in pain, and one of the employees quickly understood the situation and drove me down to the hospital. I called Thomas on the phone and explained the situation.

Thomas met me in the hospital room, and we were both so excited to see the birth of our fourth child. The pain was unbearable, but after six long hours, a baby was finally born. I held my newborn child, then looked up to Thomas.

“It’s a boy.”

We were both a little disappointed in seeing me give birth to a baby boy, but it was still our child and we were going to love him just as we loved all our other children. It seemed as if I wasn’t going to get the princess daughter I had been dreaming for, but I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t let it stop me from raising our fourth baby boy.

Meet Peter…

Because of the lack of space and the little amount of rooms, Thomas and I decided to combine Peter and Jeremy into the same room. The light green room had enough space for the both the baby equipment and contained all the toys needed.



17 Responses to Chapter 4.9 – Father Like Son

  1. 😥
    Why no girls, eh sims!?
    Lovely Chapter, it was nice to see stuff from Ryan’s point of view! He’s turning into a bit of a bad boy now indeed!

  2. dinkyjen says:

    Wow, another boy?! He is adorable though, but I still hope they get their girl. It would complete their (not so little) family nicely.

    Seems to me that Ryan is going to be a handful!

    Another fab chapter!!

  3. AtomShyKitty says:

    I really enjoy reading this! The point of view of each is a very good idea and Peter looks adorable! love it!

  4. antsims3 says:

    Great chapter! I was waiting for that little girl, but then a boy. I understand why Ashley would feel disappointed, but she still loves Peter. What happened to Ryan. He changed so fast. Love where this is going! Can’t wait for more! 😀

  5. mauisky says:

    I love how the kids are growing up 🙂 so exciting.

    Shame it was still no little girl but i have to say Peter is a real cutiepie. I cant wait to see how he turns out and will they try again for thier little princess? 😉

    I also managed to post an update on mine whee.

  6. StarSarah says:

    I have just found yoru legacy. Its amazing. You are such a great writer!

    maybe you can check mine out too:


  7. tipix says:

    It’s nice to see a household of boys for a change, but It’d be great if they had a little girl to spoil as well!

    Ryan looks as if he needs a serious sorting out, hopefully their talk will encourage him to be more responsible in the future. With a new baby brother in the house, I really hope he’ll try to set a good example.

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey tipix! Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, four kids (boys) are definitely a handful to take care of. Ryan had the trait of party animal, and all he wanted was to throw parties and make friends, so I figured I’d write about his personality like the way it is in the game (:

      PS let me know whenever you have a new chapter ! (:

  8. StarSarah says:

    Ohhh i love this. You are a really good writer. I have added you to my blog role x

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