Chapter 4.10 – Boys, Guys, and Men

I combed my short, silky hair and applied a light tone of pink lip gloss. I never realized how close this day was, but I woke up this early morning and I knew, it was time for me to become an adult. I wasn’t sure what were the emotions filling my body. Part of me was happy and excited to age on and see my children grow up, but the other part of me was sad and discouraged. Knowing that I was getting older, and weaker and the fact that my children were growing up so quickly broke my heart. I walked down the wooden stairs and made my way into the living room to join the rest of the family. Thomas was a few years younger, therefore I was the only one in this household becoming an adult. Though I had to take my mind off of myself and think that I wasn’t the only Smith member celebrating a birthday.

The whole family got together to prepare for the numerous birthday celebrations. We bought three cakes, all of them containing different flavors and colors. We laughed and shared the cakes and danced to the soft music playing in the background. But then came time where we had to age onto a different stage of life. I was aging into an adult, Lucas was turning into a teenager, and Jeremy would become a school-aged boy.

After the cake and music, I was the first one to spin in a glory of sparkles. It had been so many years since I’ve passed through this tunnel of bright colors, but now old memories came flooding in; as if I saw my life flash by me. It took me a few seconds to realize I had now change. I became a grown adult. My hair became a lighter shade of blond, and it lost that shine it use to have. Personally, I was pretty pleased to see what I had become. I still had my soft skin and my brilliant green eyes.

Everyone cheered me on as I smiled to the new me, but soon enough, someone else was about to change. We formed a circle around Lucas as we waited for him to become a teenager. He went through the same tunnel of brilliant colors as I had, and he became a stunning young man. His hair had gotten lighter once again as it matched the color of his light brown eyes. He grew tall and strong and his voice had become a notch deeper. I can tell he was pleased by the way he looked. With his new, spiky hair and his broad structure, he was a handsome young man.

Last but certainly not least, it was time for Jeremy to grow up into a child. His small figure sat on the wooden floors as we all looked down at him. He looked back and forth at us, unsure of what was to come, or of what was going on, but soon enough he was spinning and growing up into a school-aged boy. He stood up and looked at his new body and face. It was a big change for him. Going from baby talk, crawling, high chairs and cribs into a tall, standing boy who’s about to enter school.

* * *

* * *

Aging into an adult had changed things for me. I wanted to take more time for myself and do the things I loved. I wanted to lead a relaxed and leaned back lifestyle and to do so, I decided to quit my job. I made it to the tenth level in the journalism career, wrote novels, newspapers, stories, had done interviews and after all that I gained up to the maximum in the writing skill. I was unsure of my thoughts, but I knew that what I was about to do was better for me, and for my family. I went through my speed-dial list and contacted my secretary at work. I instructed her to pass over my boss onto the phone, and once I heard the husky voice from the other side, I knew I would miss my boss.

“Hey, it’s Ashley here. You probably won’t be too pleased with what I’m about to tell you, but I have no other choice. I’ve decided to take more time for myself, so, I’m quitting my job.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re the best I’ve got on the team. You can’t just leave us! Besides what made you decide this?”

“I thank you for the compliments, but this is what I want. I’m sorry I’m leaving in such short notice, but aging up into an adult really made me think about things. I’ve been on maternity leave for a long time, but I always worked hard from home and now, I want to take that time and spend it with my family. It was nice working with you and the whole crew. I’m sorry. I’ll always remember you guys.”

“Alright Ashley. You know I’m only accepting this because you’ve worked so hard after all these years. You lead yourself a great life and may all your wishes come true. You’ll pass by and visit sometime! Cya.”

I hung up. I would miss the people and all the laughs I had while at work. But I would definitely not miss the loads of stress and pressure.

Being an at home mom allowed me to be learn more about my children and spend more time with my family. Whenever Ryan got home, he went straight to workout. Pumping up his muscles and biceps, or running hard on the treadmill trying to gain endurance. When he grows up, his biggest wish would be to join the national biking team of Notre-Dame University. It was ten hours away from Sunset Valley, but so many determined and succesful athletes went to that university.

Going from the first speed, Ryan paces himself moving on to the next level of speed. It only takes him a few minutes before he’s racing on level seven! Pacing himself nicely, he presses onto the next button; speed eight. The mechanic machine speeds up, making Ryan jog faster; nearing onto a sprint! Taking deep breaths, he advances to speed number nine! Determination and adrenaline fills up his body as he presses onto the button for the very last level; speed ten!

Even if Jeremy had grown up into a school-aged boy, he still played with his favorite baby toy; the doll house. When he was a young toddler and learning the basic’s of life, it was cute and amusing to watch him play with the dolls and make up stories but now, I was worried. Jeremy was going to school in two days, and young boys that age don’t usually play doll house and dress up. If it were up to me, I’d let him do whatever he liked, but Thomas told be the opposite. Other kids will laugh at him! That’s a girl’s toy, why is he still dressing up his pretty little dolls? Worse for worse he should at least play with boy figurines! It was fine when he was a baby or a toddler, but now this is too much, he has to give up these toys!

I figured Thomas was right. It was a little weird that my child was about to go to elementary school and he still liked to play these girlish games.

“Jeremy, how about you leave the doll house and go play outside with your brothers?”

“No it’s ok mommy. Jenny and Rick are moving into their new home and I have to help them decorate it. Then I need to get them a new wardrobe. Want to play?”

“Um, no it’s ok hun. But I really think you should try to play something else Jeremy. You’ve been playing with the old doll house ever since you were a little boy, I think it’s time you move onto something else.”

“Something else? But why? I like my dolls!”

“I know hunny, but your going to school soon and I really want you to try other things that surround you. Ryan is outside cleaning his bike, how about you join him?”

A look of disappointment covered my son’s face. I felt bad for him, knowing that this doll house was his very favorite toy. I know sports wasn’t his favorite activity, so I proposed that we buy him a brand new toy. We went shopping the next day and bought him a brand new cooking oven.

Matter of fact, Jeremy loved his new toy oven. He cooked muffins, cupcakes, and a variety of small, simple pastries. He burnt a few of his first experiments, but he was a quick learner. Thomas didn’t agree with this new occupation of his. So we get rid of his dress up dolls and buy him a pink and blue cooking kit? So much for manning him up!

My second-eldest reminded me of how I was when I was younger. He enjoyed reading books and reading between the lines of whatever lay in front of him. His favorite hobby was probably watching movies. He can stay up into the early morning hours, just enjoying a good film and savoring the stories that are told. That’s when I decided I would show Lucas some of my earlier creations that had gotten published. I gave him three books of mine. A dramatic thriller, a sci-fi and action book, and then one of my written comedies. He read them all in record time and then spoke to me about the books.

“Mom, these books of yours are really great! I knew you were a good writer and I knew some of your books had gotten published, but these writings are really marvelous! It’s really great and I have to say I’m proud of you mom.”

He embraced me in a tight hug and went outside to embrace the cool, evening breeze. It made me feel great when people told me good comments about my books and stories, but it was even more special when my very own son told me he loved them. I hadn’t shown them to any other of my children because I didn’t think they were ready, or perhaps if they even cared. Even Thomas had read a few of my writings, and told me he liked them, but I could tell he wasn’t much of a reader anyway.

My very youngest child was my boy Peter. Peter was probably one of my youngest children. Whenever he wanted something he just waited in silence. It was rare I would hear him cry, either for food, dirty diapers, or for getting out of the crib. Teaching Peter how to walk was an easy breeze, but trying to teach him how to talk was a whole different stories. I tried telling him some easy basic words in hope that he would repeat them, but he rarely ever did. I moved the task down to Thomas who tried just like I did. He would repeat a word, sometimes show pictures or even make sounds, but Peter remained pretty quiet. Sometimes he would repeat the right word, but once he finally learned how to speak, he still didn’t seem as thrilled as all the other boys had been.

* * *

* * *

The sun was shining above the town, warming the dark pavement that created roads and the light breeze brushed away the dead, fallen leaves. It was a perfect day for a picnic. I told the boys about our outdoor trip and seeing as most of them loved being in the outdoors, they couldn’t wait to go. Everyone helped packing up the light brown basket. I made different foods and had packed up several drinks. Thomas helped me fold the checkerboard cloth that would use as a table for us. The rest of the boys brought themselves footballs and baseball mites and several other activities to do. I wanted to keep the destination a surprise, but once I pulled into a parking right near the beach, everyone in the car started cheering.

We lay the soft cloth onto the pale white sand and started handing out the food. Everyone sat together and starting laughing and chit chatting about everything and anything. We sat under a large tree that provided us shade, and next to a solid wooden and ceramic gazebo. We ate pizza and had a few vegetable dipping spread around, each of us with our separate juice.

It wasn’t long before I was left alone sitting on the hot sand with a bunch of dirty carton plates surrounding me. Thomas and Lucas were throwing a football, and then Ryan wanted to teach Jeremy to play football as well. It was nice to finally see Jeremy play outside and play sports, but still I was alone. The only one keeping me company was quiet little Peter.

I sat there, looking at the incredible view and watching my family have fun and play all together. Though I sat here with my youngest son and couldn’t even make the smallest effort to speak to him. He sat there and looked at me, as if he knew I was sad. There was only a small part of me that wanted to pick him up and tell him everything was ok, but I couldn’t. My self-conscious didn’t want to get near Peter. The inside of me blamed him for everything going on now. He was the girl we were hoping to have yet he had been a boy! I know this was ridiculous, and I kept repeating it over and over, but for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to forgive Peter’ yet he had done nothing at all. In fact he was so quiet and helpless, I couldn’t understand why I would even dislike him. I didn’t dislike him, I mean, I did love him, don’t get me wrong, but still. Still I wanted a daughter and when I was pregnant with Peter I had my hopes so high up, that I came crashing down once I saw that I gave birth to a baby boy.  I took another glance down to Peter and looked into his eyes. He had sad, yet understanding eyes. He had the eyes of an old wise man, full of wisdom. But I couldn’t bring myself to get over the fact that he was the girl I always wanted and never was going to get.




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  1. snapcarolina says:

    Lovely legacy! XXX :] Really wonderful writing, and I love your graphics for sims’ traits shots.
    I’ve added you to my blogroll, and I was wondering if maybe you’d check out my own legacy?

    XXX Happy simming!

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey Carolina ! So happy to hear you enjoy my legacy 🙂 I try to make the pictures as creative as possible and cange them around every so often 🙂 I`ll check out your legacy and add you to my blogroll, thanks for adding me to yours : )


  2. tipix says:

    Lovely family outing to the beach, but what a topic to be thinking about! Poor Peter, I hope Ashley learns to accept him as he is and not fret so much about not having born a little girl.

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey ! Thanks for commenting once again! Yes, Ashley is very bothered by the fact that she doesn`t have a baby girl .. it keeps popping up in her wants, but I don`t know. Four kids is enough already! ahaha ,, and their age difference is already pretty seperate so you know 🙂

      PS Might not post up much, or comment on anyone post cuz my laptop just broke down so before I buy a new computer or get it fixed it might take some time,but dont worry I have not stop these sims blogs!!

  3. bubbles6 says:

    Your legacy is really good so far! I just started one! Maybe you could check it out!

  4. antsims3 says:

    Great chapter! I really like seeing all the boys different personalities. It’s never too late to have that baby girl she always wanted. Although, Ashley shouldn’t take it out on Peter, it’s not his fault. Can’t wait for more! 😀

    New chapter up on my blog!

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey, thanks for commenting ! Ya, I wanted to show everyone about the kids, since the heir vote is coming quickly! Though computer problems might stop me from updating anytime soon ..


  5. AtomShyKitty says:

    😦 is a really sad situation what Ashley is going through, nice chapter! <333 what weird me out is that my…. hmm you will see soon 😛

  6. bubbles6 says:

    hey thought you might like to know that there is an update up 🙂

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey bubbles! Ya, I always love it when the people tell me about their updates, makes my life easier haha 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, I’ll check it out soon today (:


  7. AtomShyKitty says:

    hi hi when you can please let me know what you think about this:

  8. grazya says:

    Would you mind checking out my new legacy (because the Holland legacy is kaput :c)? Here’s the link:
    It would be lovely if I could have a spot on your blogroll, too. You’re already on my new one. Thanks muchly. ;]

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey Grazy! Sorry to hear about the Holland’s being ‘kaput’ lol.. but I’m sure your new legacy is gonna be even better! I’ll add you to my blogroll no problem and I’ll go check out this new legacy of yours! Thanks for telling me about it, I appreciate it.


      • grazya says:

        Meh. Forget the Chandlers. If you didn’t know already, something came up and I had to end it. However, what came up ended much more quickly than expected! Could you check out my new story? Thankies. 🙂

      • xcin100x says:

        Hey I’ll check it out when I have a little free time. I’m actually watching a movie right now haha, but I’ll comment on it soon! 😀


  9. Sorry about bothering you again but there is another update up .

    P.S I changed my username from bubbles6 to Amy And The Torres’s( just so you’re not confused!)

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey Amy! Thanks for letting me know about your update, but sorry I haven’t been commenting much. As you know I’ve had computer problems, but they are now solved! Yet I still have a lot to do ,, The Smith Legacy will soon be back ! Thanks for commenting and thanks for telling me about your update, I’ll go check it out!

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