Chapter 4.11 – Lonely Road

The sun had just risen over the town of Sunset Valley. The traffic accumulated along the dark pavement rode as the fog went away above the ocean waters. Everyone living different lives, going through different problems. Some having happy times while others were shedding tears. Everyone had their different shares of happiness and troubles.

I didn’t know about the things going on in others’ lives, but on this very morning, I was awoken by the piercing rings of the phone. I pulled myself out of bed, and made my way to the phone. I was upset at the phone as I clicked on the green ‘talk’ button.

I listened to the other side and was speechless. I nodded and answered that I would be right there. I woke Ryan up telling him to take care of the younger kids and ran out the front door. The roar of the large white truck probably woke up half the neighbors – but I didn’t care.  I stepped on the gas pedal and swerved through the usual morning traffic. I looked in the rear-view mirror, and with my left hand tried patting down my hair into its natural curves.

I parked the car and ran out. The loud double-click of the truck reassured me that I had locked the doors. I pushed the large metal doors and entered the police station.

I opened the second pair of doors and found myself in what seemed to be a reception. I walked up to the front, rustic desk and looked down at the woman sitting on the other side. I could tell she worked long hours because her hair was growing out strands of gray and there were puffy bags forming under her eyes.

“Hi. I’m Ashley Smith, I received a phone call not long ago regarding my husband? I was told he was under arrest?”

“What’s your husband’s name ma’am?”

“Thomas Smith.”

She got up from behind her desk and opened a door at the back of the room. We walked down a long gray hallway and finally arrived at the right cell. The woman juggled her keys, trying to find the right one to open the cell. I waited anxiously, wanting to see Thom. I don’t know how he got into this situation, but I needed to know that he was safe. Finally, the woman picked up a shining golden key and inserted it into the rusty key hole. There was a click and the door open. Right after that, the woman left, and Thomas stepped out of the room. I felt as if I hadn’t seen him in years and my first reaction was to jump in his arms. I was so happy to see him and I felt a lot more peaceful knowing my husband was safe.

Though now I wondered what had gotten him here in the first place. It was a quick drive back home, but a silent one. We were both afraid to talk, wondering what the other had in mind. As we entered the entrance of the house, all the kids were standing there, waiting for our arrival. Once again, I was speechless. What was I suppose to tell my children? I had no time to react and Ryan was all over his dad, asking what was going on.

“Dad is it true you were arrested?” He emphasized on the word ‘arrested’.

Thomas grinned at his son and revealed little information, “Just a little misunderstanding.” I stood behind them, feeling uncomfortable. I should have stayed in bed this morning. I stared at Thomas just like all my other kids did. I had to take action, I didn’t want my kids knowing whatever happened with their father.

“Ok Ryan enough questions. Can you boys leave me and your father talk please?” Ryan walked away with disappointment and I motioned for Lucas to take his little brother with him.

All the kids left except for Jeremy. He took a step towards his father, lowered his head and started fiddling with his thumbs. Finally, he looked up and asked, “Daddy, did you get in trouble?” The look on my son’s face was heartbreaking. I couldn’t blame him for being sad or upset, after all, Thomas really did get under arrest. I scratched my head, thinking of something to say. Finding nothing, I simply repeated my first demand. “Jeremy, can you leave your father and I talk in private please?” He walked away with slouched shoulders; he was disappointed in his father.

The rest of the day was silence. Lucas watched movies in his room, Ryan ran on the treadmill, and Jeremy played with his younger brother Peter. I couldn’t face Thomas; not yet. I wasn’t sure what to tell him or how to take on this conversation. He still never mentioned a thing to how he had gotten in the cell, but I needed to know. I think I didn’t ask him because I was simply scared to know what the reason was.

* * *

* * *

The sun had slipped away and the moon was now the only light shining above the town. All the kids were sound asleep, and I prepared to go to bed next to Thomas – but I couldn’t. I needed answers to my questions.

“Thomas, you haven’t told me a single thing all day long. I need to know what happened.”

“What happened with what?”

“Thomas please, I’m serious. How did you get arrested? What happened? What did you do?”

“Like I said a simple misunderstanding.”

I felt overwhelmed. I had no more energy to argue. Personally, I just wanted to climb in bed and curl myself up under the covers, but still, I needed to know some answers.

I stared at Thomas, waiting for him to give me a reasonable explanation. He stretched his arms, exposing he fit body. He began, “Ok, Ok. I was at the bar, and some guy came up to me saying I owed him something. I never saw this guy before in my life so I refused to give it to him.”

“Give what?” I got more and more curios as he told his story.

“Money. He said I owed him money. But I didn’t so I told him to leave the club. He wasn’t moving, so I told him I’d have a talk with him outside. With all the flashing lights and loud music, it was hard to understand the situation. Plus, I didn’t want to attract any attention from the other people. Anyways, we walked outside and he told me once again I owed him money. I told him I wasn’t going to give him a single dime, so he started pushing me around and you know me, I don’t like getting pushed around. So, I kind’ve lost it, and we both started fighting. Some client must have called the cops or something, because after five minuets of fighting, we were both hauled into a police car. End of story.”

I stared blankly at him. I had no response, I simple nodded my head and made my way to bed.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I tossed and turned trying to make myself comfortable but nothing worked. I could hear Thomas’ slow breathing next to me; he was in a deep sleep. It was probably past midnight, but I was wide-awake. I decided to go downstairs and pour myself a hot chocolate. I sat there, with my hot chocolate in hands. Why did I even do this? I’m not thirsty, and definitely not hungry. I emptied the cup down the sink’s drain and went to the living room. Was Thomas telling me the truth? For someone who had gotten in a fight, he was scratch free and he didn’t seem to be sore. Was that man really telling the truth? Did Thomas really owe money to a complete stranger? Or did Thomas actually know this man? I couldn’t come up with many answers, but before I knew it, I was asleep.

I heard a loud thumping noise. I opened my eyes and listened carefully, making sure I wasn’t in some type of dream. I looked at the far clock, it read 4:32am. I sat up and put on my soft slippers. I rubbed my eyes and tried adjusting myself to the poorly lit room. It took me a few minutes to realize the thumping sound was coming from the front door. Was there someone knocking at my door? At 4:30 in the morning? I walked towards the front door, flicking the light switch on. The kids seemed to still be sleeping upstairs, and there was no sight of Thomas. So many thoughts of the night before were roaming in my mind. Why had I come to sleep in the downstairs living room? I tried remembering Thomas’ story of how he got arrested, but then I remembered how he didn’t tell me much of the details. Or at least much of the truth. I reached the entrance and looked through the  small side window of the door but the night’s darkness didn’t allow me to see very much. I sighed, annoyed with all the commotion going on from the past few days. I unlocked the door knob and opened the door.

As I opened the door, I once again had trouble seeing who stood in front of me. My eyes had trouble adjusting to the outdoor darkness – the only light was coming from the moon and it’s stars. In front of me, I could make out a tall, broad figure.I spoke only a little above a whisper, “Can I help you?” I started thinking why I even decided to wake up? Who in the world would open their front door to a stranger at four in the morning? Ah well, I’m here now.

” I need to speak to Thomas. Thomas Smith.” The voice had a deep roughness to it. I sighed once again, shaking my head. “Sir, it’s really early right now. Maybe you can come back later in the morning, or maybe during the afternoon.” I took a step back and started closing the front door, but the man put his hand across the door, forcing me to leave it open. I got a sudden glimpse of fear.

He repeated his first command, “Thomas Smith. I have to see him right now.” I stepped outside, closing the door behind me. I didn’t want this noise to wake up any of the kids. Besides I was getting annoyed with the nonsense. Not only couldn’t I fall asleep, but now some stranger is going to tell me what to do? Ya right.

“You listen to me mister. I don’t know who you are or what you want-“

He interrupted me mid-sentence, “I want Thomas Smith.” I sensed a threat in his words. I gulped, feeling so much smaller than him. I wished I had simply stayed in bed and waited for the thumping sound to go away. Why hadn’t I stayed in bed. I stood there in my pyjamas, in front of a man I did not know. I didn’t know what to say anymore. I had to admit, I was afraid and speechless. My eyes had started adjusting to the outdoor light, but I still had trouble making out the features of who stood in front of me.

I was startled when the front door opened, but once I saw Thomas I felt relieved.  I felt safer. I was about to explain the situation to Thomas, but instead he looked straight at the unknown visitor. “Leave. Now.” He had a threat in his voice, and his eyes told me he didn’t like this man, but I could tell he knew who it was. “Well, well, well Mr. Tough guy has come to the rescue. You didn’t think you would get rid of me so fast did you? You owe me something pretty big, and I’m not leaving until I get it.” The man seemed to be taking this as a game.

“Thomas, what is he talking about?” Thomas just stared at me, looking angry. “Go inside.” I refused to do as I was told. I lost me sleepiness, and was now fully awake and curios to see what this was all about. Thomas gave me a terrifying glare. I had never seen this side of him before. Memories of how we first met came rushing back in. I remember when my child’s life was in danger, and he was the one to come help me fight the bad guy. Was he going to fight the bad guy again? The dark-skinned man broke the silence, “Oh, because you didn’t tell your pretty little wife? Well then, guess I have to do everything around here.” He turned to face me. “Hi. I’m Marvin. Your husband is a horrible poker player, and because of his dumb mistakes, he owes me a great deal of money. We were suppose to sort this out a few days ago, but unfortunately your husband was under arrest. Now that we’re all here, I’d like to get my money back.”

I looked at Thomas, “So this is what it was all about? Why would you do this Thomas? We don’t need any money! What if our kids learn what’s going on? Is this the example you want to set out for your children? Living off of dirty money?” I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I told Thomas that he should be an example towards our children, but I shouldn’t be the one to talk. I know I’ve been distant with some of my children, especially my latest, Peter. But this was different, somehow. Thomas refused to pay ‘Marvin’ but I was fed up of all this unneeded drama. I headed back into the house and rummaged through my purse. I pulled out a rectangular paper and pen and came rushing back outside. I’m not sure why I felt so angry but I wanted to get this over with. I think I was just frustrated with everything going on in my life for the past months that this was such a perfect occasion to let it all out.

“Thomas, how much do you owe him?”

“We’re not paying him anything. He cheated the whole game.”

I raised my voice, “Thomas, how much!”

He looked around, seeming ashamed and mumbled out a number, “Ten thousand.”

It took be a second to understand the number he gave me. Ten thousand?! I wrote on the check I had taken. I signed it at the bottom and wrote in Marvin’s full name. I tossed the paper to him and told him with a stern voice, “If you come near my family or my house again, I swear I’ll send you right to jail!” Marvin nodded at me and walked away into the darkness of the night.

* * *

* * *

It had been a whole week since the incident. I was still upset at Thomas, but he did no effort to apologize. This morning, I dragged myself out of bed; I had to prepare for Peter’s birthday. That was probably the last thing I wanted to do. I know it wasn’t Peter’s fault, but I still thought of him as the missed opportunity to have a daughter. I had no motivation to decorate for this birthday party, but I forced myself into blowing up a few balloons and went to the groceries to buy a birthday cake. That’s when it dawned on me; it was the first time I wasn’t going to bake a birthday cake myself. I pushed that thought away and prepared for my youngest son to age into a school-aged boy.

The whole family gathered in the kitchen  to celebrate Peter’s birthday. I should’ve pushed aside my own feelings, but I couldn’t help but hold a grudge. I was upset at Thomas for his dumb money and betting mistakes, and now I was angry that I was once again reminded that I was to never have a daughter. I posed Peter on the floor, and the whole family looked down at him, waiting for him to age. My son’s cheered their little brother on, but Thomas and I simply kept silent. Not only did I have four sons, but my husband was acting like a child himself. Make that five kids to take care of. I sighed, and waited for Peter to age.

A few twists and turns, and Peter had turned into a school-aged boy. Everyone cheered him on, including Thomas, but I could only stare. Peter took out his hands, looking down at them and realizing what had just happened. Peter looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I couldn’t think of anything. I couldn’t hug him, or congratulate him. I had to force myself to even pull off a light smile. I don’t know what had taken over my body, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the people who surrounded me. I wanted a daughter to go shopping with, and go to manicures, or to talk about boys. Instead, I spent my days cleaning up after a herd of messy boys. Once again, I thought how this wasn’t Peter’s fault. But when I was pregnant with him, I was so sure it was going to be a little girl, but when I saw it was a boy, my dreams simply came crashing down.

* * *

* * *

I stood in front of the calming water. The sun reflected onto the smooth waves. I thought about everything going on in my life. My family, my occupations, my life. Being an at home mom probably wasn’t the best decision I had made. I wanted to have more time to spend time with my kids, but in reality, I just slept in most mornings, and made sure there was food on the table for whenever the kids were home. For the past few years I had been waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen, but still after the situation that occurred with Thomas, I was bored. To be honest, I was annoyed by what happened with Thomas. I know I wasn’t the best example for my children, but I had no idea Thomas was even betting such large amounts of money. Luckily, over the years, the Smith family had collected enough money to live comfortably. Of course I was upset after paying the unknown man ten thousand dollars, but money wasn’t the thing bothering me now. I didn’t feel a difference from paying him or not. What I felt, was lonesome.


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  1. Great Chapter! There is a new update at the Torres legacy and I will probably be changing my username again! Sorry if your confused I just want a shorter one it will probably be Amy something! I will anounce my new username on my legacy!

  2. Oh man. Thomas..Tsk tsk, dude!

    Totally feeling her pain at not having a daughter though. That would be so rough.

    Great chapter ❤

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey, thanks so much for commenting ! 🙂 And ya, Ashley really does want a daughter. It keeps popping up in her ‘wants’ section .. but I think it’s a little too late for yet another child…


  3. AtomShyKitty says:

    oh wow.. the drama!! Bad Thomas! 2 face! welcome back btw! ❤

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey! Thanks, it’s nice to finally be back into the simming world 🙂 I was really happy once I knew my Smith family was safe and sound 🙂 Thomas does get in a little bit of trouble … but he can be nice at times ! 😉


  4. antsims3 says:

    What has Thomas done now? Well, atleast Ashely handed that whole situation pretty good. But, I want to see where this will go. Maybe he has an addiction. Great genes! Can’t wait for more! When will the heir vote be up? 😀

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey ant! The next chapter’s should show more of what’s going on with all this… I’m not sure about the heir vote .. In my mind I already have a heir, so I’m not sure how this will all go .. lol

  5. dinkyjen says:

    Great chapter! Silly Thomas, what has he been doing.

    I feel sorry that she isn’t bonding with Peter, I hope things start looking up!

  6. Amy6 says:

    There is a new update up at the Torres legacy!

  7. Wow, Thomas, what on earth was going through your head?

    Peter is cute! Even though he probably wouldn’t appreciate that, being a child now!

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey ginny! Thanks so much for commenting ! 🙂 Thomas always had a wild side ahah… And I absolutely love Peter as well, though you’re right, he’s going to start realizing about his relationship he has with his mom..


  8. callierose says:

    Oh my god this chapter was amazing!! The writing style is such a contrast to the first chapters!! love it!! ❤

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