Chapter 4.14 – Following Throne

The days in Sunset Valley passed by faster than I had thought. Thomas had moved back into the house after a week at the motel. I tried spending more time at home with the kids, but it seemed that after all these years, none of them wanted to spend time with me. I didn’t necessarily blame them however. Their whole lives I was never around and it didn’t surprise me that now, as teenagers, they were all so independent. Independent of me that is because together, they always had fun and hung out.

As the weeks passed by, Thomas insisted we should start looking out for the next heir of this legacy. I never wanted to go through this process. For one, it meant I was getting older and would no longer be in charge of the legacy. And for two: How can I pick a single one of my boys to continue the legacy? It would have been hard if I were close to all of them, but now I think it was even harder because I didn’t know very much about them. It’s for that reason, for the following week I watched every single one of my child. I felt guilty for even having to go through this. Isn’t a good mother suppose to know her children inside out? Guess that wasn’t my case. Thomas had always wanted Ryan to continue the legacy, but I didn’t want to hand down the torch without being sure of my decision. In my short week of observation, the thing I seemed to notice the most, was how all my kids had grown up without a mom. Even as I stayed home and watched them, it was impossible for me to catch up on all the years I had missed. Instead, Thomas filled me in on each and every one of them.

The only thing that wasn’t a surprise to me, was that Ryan loved sports; especially racing. Over the years he had bought a total of four bikes, each of them serving different purposes. He parted in high-placed racing and usually did very good. He had gotten over five trophies and at least fifteen medals!  He rarely watch television or went on the computer. Instead, his past times were working out, building up his cardio, and of course riding around the town with his bike. He had joined a sports club that specialized in biking, and thanks to that organization, Ryan learned much more about bicycle racing. However, his grades weren’t necessarily good, and he had failed a few subjects, he was able to persevere in something he loved. Later on in his life, he plans to travel the world learning more about biking, and being able to race with different cultures and in different countries.

Lucas, reminded me so much of how I was at his age. He loved reading, writing and watching movies. I, however, never really enjoyed movies because I always thought the books were a better version, but he, loved the movies more than the books. He would rent three or four movies at a time, and watch them all in less than a week. He wasn’t the lazy type who stayed in his room all day and night sitting in the dark staring at the tv screen. He was more of the type to search for specific genres, and read scripts, and make modifications to them. He loved making up stories and reading the ‘behind the scenes’ of every movie or scene. He looked so much like his father. With his chocolate-brown eyes, his tan skin, and his auburn hair. For the future, he wants to become an actor, or a move producer!

Then there was Jeremy. When Thomas had described him to me, the most shocking news I learned, was the my very own teenage son was homosexual. How can I not see it? After all these years I never noticed my son was into men? Ok, so maybe I didn’t notice, but he never even told me? I suppose that wasn’t very surprising. After all, why would he tell me? I would’ve probably brushed him off anyway. I learned a lot more about Jeremy. Thomas told me he was extremely creative and loved designing things. He had designed a few different clothing styles, but his absolute favorite, was designing and modeling houses. Sometimes he used the easel to create quick and glamorous sketches, other times he would use special programs on the computer to create more specific and architectural designs. Later, Jeremy would like to be an indoor decorator, or start his very own clothing line!

The last born, Peter, was the subject I avoided the most. I would have thought that over the years, I would’ve gotten over the fact that he was the child who had caused me a near depression. But still, after all these years I barely knew him. I was curios to see what Thomas would tell me about him, but he refused to say anything. “Ash, you’ve missed out on so much with all of our sons’ lives, I think you at least owe it to Peter to spend time with him and to learn who your son really is. I’ve told you enough about our own children, but I think you need to know Peter on your own. He needs you.” I figured Thomas was right, yet there was no possible way I could make it up to Peter. His whole life he grew up without a mother. I missed out on some of his birthdays, and wasn’t around when he spoke his first word. When he won a spelling bee at school, I never congratulated him. Memories of me ignoring him came flooding in. Like the time he finally learned to ride a two-wheeler and the disappointment in his face when he saw I still wasn’t pleased. Or the time he drew me a picture and I didn’t put it up on the fridge like he had asked me too. Now, seventeen years later, I only saw one solution to show Peter that I did love him.

And that was to make him the following heir. He was to sit in the following throne…

13 Responses to Chapter 4.14 – Following Throne

  1. Amy6 says:

    i liked how we could see all about the kiddies in this chapter! Well written, it was truely a great chapter!

    P.S there’s a new chapter up at my legacy

  2. AtomShyKitty says:

    Interesting … Great Kisser and a Loner, I don’t know there, but here in Puerto Rico there is a say “The quiet ones are the hottest” that would be a near translation lol

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey, thanks for commenting! And yes, Peter has roled in those two opposite traits 😛 Are you really in Puerto Rico?!?! :O


      • AtomShyKitty says:

        LOL yea, I was born and live here in Puerto Rico so wepa! btw new chapter up at my legacy! take care hun! ❤

      • xcin100x says:

        Thats great that you live in Puerto Rico! Must be amazing there! Thanks for commenting on my legacy, and I’ll check out your new chapter in my free time 😉

  3. Amy6 says:

    nother post up at my legacy!

  4. antsims3 says:

    Great chapter! It’s great that we got to see a bit of each child’s life. I can’t wait to learn more about Peter. He seems mysterious… Can’t wait for more! 😀

    New chapter up on my blog.

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey Ant! Thanks for commenting, and ya, I can’t wait to get the next generation started with Peter as heir! The firsst male heir! Can’t wait!

  5. mauisky says:

    I liked how we got to know them all a little better. and oooh first male heir I wonder what his gen is going to be like.

    Can’t wait to learn even more about him.

  6. simsjunkey says:

    I liked the chapter and think that you made a great choice ont he next heir. I have also chosen the next hier for generation 7. You can go to the heiress leaders and find out about her because I have not quite caught the chapter up. i am still working on it, but it is going to be something good.

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