Chapter 5.2 – Fast, Faster and Fastest

As the weeks turned into months of my inheritance of this legacy, I realized how fast things happened. Everything just gets hit with a bolt, and suddenly things are just moving faster than lightning. Only a few months ago,had my older brother Lucas met a famous Asian actress. They started the romantic flirting and it wasn’t long before they became ‘ a thing ‘.

One evening at the diner table Lucas and Amy (his now girlfriend) came up hand in hand and announced to both my mom and dad a pretty important news. They decided to move in together. Amy had a stable job in the acting career path and Lucas was slowly moving up the corporate ladder. Whenever Amy would go around doing both photo and video shoots around the world, Lucas would tag along to meet new people in the business and gain experience.

Mom and Dad exchanged a look, and Mom, being as discrete as she is, asked if Amy and Lucas were getting married. Clearly they weren’t; even I knew that. Both of them simply complimented each other when it came to appearances and business, but besides that, I don’t think they were actually in love with each other. Did you have to be in love to marry? Who knows. I was almost convinced Amy and Lucas would never marry, and even less have children. Having a family would probably slow down their career and stop them from traveling the world and playing in different movies.

Love or not, Lucas and Amy moved in together in a medium-sized, modern looking house in the outskirts of Sunset Valley.

Mom and Dad were somewhat upset that Lucas had moved out so quickly, but I had seen it coming. As more weeks passed by, I just sat around. I tried gaining a few painting skills, but that was a failure. I tried practicing my chess moves, but I lost patience and gave up. I tried cooking a few meals from the cookbook, but after three disasters, I put the book in the trash. I started to realize that being an heir wasn’t as thrilling as I thought it would have been. Mom and Dad wanted me to get a job, but I didn’t know where to start. Which branch to go into, or simply which type of career I wanted. I sent out a few application forms to the different parts of town, in hope that someone would agree to interview me. Meanwhile, I played the guitar and worked out every so often. With my half guitar pick, I wanted to know where the other half was. Did Emily, my best elementary friend, have it?

I was so busy on thinking about what to do next the guitar pick, It had totally slipped my mind that it was time to celebrate my parents birthday. In the same week, both of them were turning into elders. Yes my parents were quiet old.

Mom was the first to age. We gathered in the kitchen, and I watched as my mom spun in circles, surrounded by sparkles. How fast did things get? My mother lost her bright blond hair and her smooth skin. It was all replaced by white hair, and a rough skin with wrinkles of old age forming. She went from having pointy feminine shoes and low-cut pants, into large clothing with old lady floral patterns. It was an extreme makeover.

Dad was the second to age. I watched as his muscular figure was wrapped up by sparkles. He spun a few times, and it was done. How fast did things get? From one second to the next, things had changed drastically. Starting from his appearance, he had grown out a full head of white hair, and his once broad-shouldered figure was now more slim and delicate. Deep lines spread across his tan cheeks and maybe it was only me, but I thought he got shorter. All that was besides the point though. Those were all known facts of aging, and that was only what was going on the outside part of him. The true and intense sign of his aging was going on inside his body, inside his mind. As my father aged into an elder, he developed Alzheimer.

Now that dad had Alzheimer, the whole family had to sit together and discuss what to do next. His case wasn’t at it’s worse, but still someone would always have to be in his presence. Jeremy point out he couldn’t do so, seeing as his relationship with his boyfriend was going great, and he was always so busy serving people by using his various talents. I couldn’t accept taking on the task, seeing as I had the huge responsibility of being heir, and I was still trying to figure out my way through life. Mom, as she grew into an elder as well, simply wasn’t capable of taking care of Dad. She herself was frail and sometimes forgetful. After talking for over two hours, we all agreed an a final decision. We decided that Mom and Dad would move into an old folks home. The institute took care of all types of elders. From those who can live without help, to those who couldn’t do many things on their own. It was only a half hour away from Sunset Valley, therefore the whole family would be able to visit occasionally.

It took a full month to put all the papers in order, and we then started packing up the luggage. It was sad seeing my parents go. My whole life I pictures myself moving out (I always imagined being young when I moved out) and now here we were packing their bags. Jeremy let out a tear or two as he packed the bags and said over and over how he was going to visit often and bring them whatever they asked for.

When everything was finally in order; papers done, and luggage packed. Last thing to do were the good-byes. Dad knew where he was going, but he kept asking every ten minutes. I figured I’d have to get use to the repetition, and to keep my patience. A taxi came to pick up mom and dad. I put all their suitcases into the trunk. I wasn’t sure how to tell them good-bye. Dad’s eyes were teary, and he suddenly wrapped his skinny yet muscular arms around me. He tapped my back and more tears strolled down his cheeks. He whispered me a thank you and told me how much he loved me. He knew I was doing the right thing, and he assured me he understood our choices.

As for Mom, I simply waved her a good-bye. Her eyes filled with tears, but she quickly whipped them away. She never made a single effort to comfort me or hug me throughout my life, therefore I simply gave back what I had been given.

As the weeks went by, I still tried finding myself a job. I had just finished passing by city hall in hope of maybe getting hired as an assistant or maybe even a banker, but unfortunately the job was given to someone else. I didn’t want to go home to an empty house, therefore I decided to stop by he library and maybe pick up a few books. I had been wanting to get cook books in order to learn a few recipes and maybe show them off to Jeremy. I got bored with looking around for books, and had already found a few that I wanted. I wasn’t a very big fan of reading, so I thought it may have been a nice idea to get recipes off the internet. All the computers at the library were taken. I would’ve went back home to use our own computer, but once again, I couldn’t stand sitting in a silent and empty house.

I looked around, and noticed a woman sitting at one of the computer desks, yet she was reading a book. Her hair was a fiery red and she was hard to miss. I looked closer and noticed the computer she was using was off. I walked up in front of the desk and asked as politely as I could, “Sorry, but can I use the computer?” She looked up from her book and stared right at me. She responded, “It’s taken.”

Why did people have to be so complicated? I was already getting annoyed and I spoke with a hardness I hadn’t intended to express. “You’re reading a book and the computer is closed. All the others are taken. So, can I please use the computer?” She smirked at me and said, “Fine.” She took a small black and yellow thing she used as her bookmark. I looked intently at the little piece, and the look of my face must have been so intent since she asked me what was wrong. “Can I see your bookmark for a second?” She handed it over to me, and my mouth came open like a huge ‘O’. I looked from her bookmark, to her and couldn’t believe what was happening. The little piece of plastic that this complete stranger was using, was a half guitar pick that was written ‘Guns N Roses’ on it. I thought things had been happening so fast lately, but the fastest of them all, was finding the person who had ever cared about me. I looked back up to the woman in front of me with the orange-red hair and said to her aloud, “Emily?”

Note from the author:

Hey everyone!

– I’d like to start by saying that I might not update very often in the next couple of weeks. My computer is having difficulties, and it will end up breaking soon enough. It was even a suprise that I was able to make this update! But, no worries, the legacy is not over! πŸ™‚

– Secondly, I’d like to take this chance and ask if any of you readers, simmers, and bloggers, have twitter? I find it an easy way to communicate and it’s a nice way to advertise whenever we have updates, to show some sneak peeks, or to share some extra pictures that were taken during game play.

– Lastly, I’d like to simply thank all of yous for reading up on this legacy πŸ™‚ I really do appreciate it.


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11 Responses to Chapter 5.2 – Fast, Faster and Fastest

  1. Amy6 says:

    Yay he found Emily (or they found each other!)!!!!!!!

  2. threescompanylegacy says:

    i have twitter, but i don’t use it much

  3. tipix says:

    It’s so interesting to be reading this legacy from a male’s perspective! I really like that Peter doesn’t know what he wants out of life and has gone looking for it, now to see how things work out with Emily!

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey tipix! It’s so nice hearing from you again! Back to the simming world I see? : ) I have to agre with you, playing from a male perspective is lots of fun and I’m really enjoying it : ) I was wondering if you had twitter? ^^


      • tipix says:

        Yes, glad to be back! I don’t use twitter though. The Chouettes aren’t really that active to need an account. Haha, I rarely have time to update my legacy blog as it is!

      • xcin100x says:

        I understand how busy you are and I can totally relate! Thanks for letting me know however!


  4. callierose says:

    Aww, all caught up 😦 dammit, I wanted to keep reading! Update soon? x

    • xcin100x says:

      Hey callie, thank you so much for all your previous comments, I really enjoy reading all the kind words πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, do to a few reasons, i have to stop this legacy 😦 No worries .. Im already on my way to making a new one! Once the sit will be up, ill post it on your blog! Thanks for all the support!

  5. Chichi says:

    Hi, Im sorry you had to drop the legacy. If you still check this, I think I am going to start updating my legacy again.

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