Generation one

Hannah Smith

Chapter 1.0 – Personalities

Chapter 1.2 – Children Will Listen

Chapter 1.3 – We Change We Wait

Chapter 1.4 – You Know I Love You

Chapter 1.5 – The Last Day

Generation two

Miley Smith

Chapter 2.1 – Believe Me, I’m Lying

Chapter 2.2 – My Two Young Men

Chapter 2.3 – Deep Ocean Vast Sea

Chapter 2.4 – Off The Rails

Chapter 2.5 – Letting Go

Chapter 2.6 – Bumpy Road

Chapter 2.7 – Messing With The Kid

Chapter 2.8 – Sunrise

Chapter 2.9 – Growing Up

Chapter 2.10 Children, Teens And Moms

Chapter 2.11 – The Predictable

Chapter 2.12 – Honesty Escapes

Chapter 2.13 – Strong Will

Generation 3 Heir Vote

Generation three

Sapphire Smith

Chapter 3.1 – The Power Of Reigning

Chapter 3.2 – Nice and Good Are Different

Chapter 3.3 – Reality Hits

Chapter 3.4 – Tell Me This Is A Nightmare

Chapter 3.5 – Life Is Too Short

Chapter 3.6 – Mystery

Chapter 3.7 – Runaway Love

Chapter 3.8 – Scared And Excited

Chapter 3.9 – Luck Be A Lady

Chapter 3.10 – Revolution

Generation four

Ashley Smith

Chapter 4.0 – Renaissance

Chapter 4.1 – Space In Between

Chapter 4.2 – Wish of Survival

Chapter 4.3 – Birth of a Threat

Chapter 4.4 – Wait a Minute

Chapter 4.5 – Sunshine Beyond Rain

Chapter 4.6 – A Birth and a Birthday

Chapter 4.7 – Dismay and Disapprove

Chapter 4.8 – Three’s a Charm

Chapter 4.9 – Father Like Son

Chapter 4.10 – Boys, Guys, and Men

Chapter 4.11 – Lonely Road

Chapter 4.12 – Moment of Truth

Chapter 4.13 – Friction

Chapter 4.14 – Following Throne

Fifth Generation Home

Chapter 5.1 – If You Say So…

Chapter 5.2 – Fast, Faster and Fastest

7 Responses to Chapters

  1. tipix7 says:

    I see you figured out how to make a chapters page! Look forwards to seeing how the legacy works out 🙂

  2. xcin100x says:

    Haha, yep, took a lot of time and pateince, i gave up a few times, but i guess after reading many legacies i just had to get a chapters page ! 🙂

  3. Okay, I just wanted to say this:


    Haha you totally deserve it though, you’re an awesome writer ^-^


  4. simsjunkey says:

    I really like the effects that you have added to the pictures.

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