The Heir

Founder of the Smith legacy

Hannah Smith

Second generation heiress

Miley Smith

Third Generation Heiress

Sapphire Smith

Fourth Generation Heiress

Ashley Smith

3 Responses to The Heir

  1. pineapple275 says:

    Oh, things make more sense now. BTW matriarchy and patriarchy are optional tasks to take on so the heir can be any gender! I think it doesn’t matter when you start writing either…and I don’t count points either. They’re just for fun I guess.

    Oh and, I don’t want to be mean, but it’s a little less annoying if when you type in a comment, something doesn’t pop up and say “Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation” To fix this go to your Dashboard and look at all the tabs on the left. There should be one labeled Discussion. Click that and look through the options until you find two options:

    Comment must be approved by blog writer (or something like that)
    Comment must be approved by moderator

    Make sure both boxes are unchecked and comments just pop up on the blog when they are written. Just something I wanted to throw in there. Sorry about the insanely huge comment!


  2. xcin100x says:

    Thanks for commenting, and i really dont mind the long comment haha 🙂 For the ‘awaiting moderation’ comments, i did as u said, im not sure if it worked, but i guess ill find out soon enough 🙂 I didnt even no that was possible to do with a comment, so thanks alot for letting me know 😀

  3. Reeba999 says:

    Love how you edited the the pics. Personally my favorite is Hannad (the foudner) because like, everything is black and white as if it was ages ago, yet he beautiful skin and eyes totally pop out.


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